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(Boston Globe)   Boy quits school at 7, hits the road with father, joins MIT faculty at 20   ( divider line
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10654 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2002 at 7:50 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-17 10:50:14 PM  
I sent this one in, I didn't even check in on it though, didn't think it'd make it. Thank you, Mr. Drew.

I weighed the hero tag... just didn't want to see another discussion on whether it was warranted or not. besides, if you like this dude, or hate this dude, the story is interesting (if a bit long).

I really wanted to make an origami joke too, but couldn't work it in right. 'salright Targhee did it for me.
2002-02-17 10:53:49 PM  
that's cool as heck.
2002-02-17 11:01:05 PM  
This kid needs a serious beating and a life. He may be the smartest lil prick in the world, but after looking at his self promoting web site, he's the most pretentious prick i've ever seen. Much better to have a life than to be some loser who's only friend is his right hand.
2002-02-17 11:03:26 PM  
see what I mean about "hero"...
2002-02-17 11:13:24 PM  
Dbeare why do you think that he's self promoting and pretentious? because his web page is useful? the fact is, people go to a person's personal web page for information about that person. his web page provides exactly that. what would you propose that he put on his web page, instead? maybe a few pictures of homer simpson and a "CLICK HERE TO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!!" tag? maybe he could include a "This page is under construction" logo, too.

judging from your post, you have a big inferiority complex, as evidenced by you making predictions about his future sex (?) life and suggestion that he get "needs" a "beating" for being better than you.

how old are you, anyway?
2002-02-17 11:25:50 PM  
What's with the set hippies, free thinkers, and jugglers? Is this some kind of Axis of Genius?
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-02-17 11:29:27 PM  
I was looking for Blade Runner origami ala Lt Graf (sp?)

[image from too old to be available]

but I got sidetracked:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-17 11:51:24 PM  
I don't think kids should be forced into homeschool lifestyles. It's a choice they need to make for themselves whether to be homeschool or not.
2002-02-17 11:51:49 PM  
Oh, wait. I'm getting homosexual and homeschool confused.

Never mind.
2002-02-17 11:53:11 PM  
homeschoolers rawk!
2002-02-17 11:57:05 PM  
Yes, we do.
2002-02-17 11:57:34 PM  
He's only a few months older than me, god that's depressing...
2002-02-17 11:58:51 PM  
Come and listen to my story about a man named Erik.
Poor mathmatician barely keep his interets fed.
Then one day his dad and this duuuuuude...
Showed up at MIT and threw 'em for a loop.
Hippie style
Oragami folders
Roman noodles and craft shows
(ensuing banjo music)
2002-02-17 11:59:43 PM  
Roman noodles?

Is that anything like Ramen noodles?
2002-02-18 12:10:26 AM  
Big deal. I have a degree AND a unique offer to try AOL for free for like a few months. Suckers. Plus I got some crap that bleaches my teeth white.
2002-02-18 12:11:24 AM  
Newspeak at Fark?

Goatfarkerunwrite fullwise?

Do tell, BB.
2002-02-18 12:11:56 AM  
It hurts though
2002-02-18 12:14:07 AM  
Liberal parenting works... I think! He was raised around fellow hippies, in a non-traditional manner which usually just teaches kids how to socially network or do the least amount of work possible for the passing grade.

It's not that this kid's specialty is in some bullshiat oragami something-or-other, it's that he is a mathematical 'genius,' and since he was brought up by hippies, only further proves my point that hippies are superior to common people in every way.

Jesus was a hippie, and everyone that went to college was a hippie.. don't you want to be a hippie too?

Aeonite: Roman noodles are young boys (or is that Greek? I always get those scamps mixed up).
2002-02-18 12:14:17 AM  
Oops! My spelling was incorrect and merely a guess.
Unfortunately I have never had "Ramen" noodles, my family is very wealthy and we never ate anything the "help" considered a meal. Sorry for the indiscretion.
2002-02-18 12:14:55 AM  
And I guess it doesn't really work. I still look like the scumbag I am, and not like a Turlington.
2002-02-18 12:16:44 AM  
So how many other people here go to Waterloo?
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-02-18 12:22:41 AM  
Third Bruce: How are you, Bruce?

Fourth Bruce: G'day Bruce.

Fourth Bruce: Gentleman, I'd like to introduce man from Pommeyland who is joinin' us this year in the philosophy department at the University of Walamaloo.

Everybruce: G'day!

Michael: Hello.

Fourth Bruce: Michael Baldwin, Bruce. Michael Baldwin, Bruce. Michael Baldwin, Bruce.

First Bruce: Is your name not Bruce?

Michael: No, it's Michael.

Second Bruce: That's going to cause a little confusion.

Third Bruce: Mind if we call you 'Bruce' to keep it clear?

I'm sorry, I thought it was the University of Walamaloo...pardon my confusion
2002-02-18 12:22:58 AM  
Michelin Institute of Tires.
2002-02-18 12:23:23 AM  
FifthColumn, you're right. I married a hippie chick and she's the most well-read person I've ever known. And I went to a 'better' school than she did.

I'm a valedictorian dumbass. As regards Jesus, if you like fairy tales I guess there's no better one.

2002-02-18 12:59:47 AM  
Fascinating. Dangerous for idiots to get ideas from something like this, but completely fascinating none-the-less.
2002-02-18 01:04:41 AM  
Wonder why he didn't end up fighting for the Taliban like all the other kids of liberals? Oh, wait, that was Newsmax. Sorry.
2002-02-18 01:10:10 AM  
This kid is amazing... I wish I had actually followed the plan I was supposed to follow and be out working on colleges when I was 18... of course, my family hated the idea so I was stuck in the hell that is public education... and I have found that I hate both education and my family for it...

Gifted Kids need challenges to not turn into people like me

2002-02-18 01:13:30 AM  
As regards Jesus, if you like fairy tales I guess there's no better one.

I like to use it to confuse the religious hippie bashers on threads. Think about this:

Jesus is depicted with long hair, wearing a robe, walking around in sandels or with bare feet, talking about peace, love, and forgiveness.

Works well in political threads, too.
2002-02-18 01:15:12 AM  
I also have a good "santa is a commie" one for the more flaming political threads.
2002-02-18 01:26:25 AM  
I'm too tired to read the comments so here is my 2 cents....

School sucks, and isn't very helpful, but his skipping school had nothing to do with his brilliance. He's just a genius, if he went to school he would have been just as smart.

2002-02-18 02:31:43 AM  
I wuz like him when I was 7.. except when my dad divorced we stayed in a motel eating sardines and he stuffed me under the bed when his 'dates' came to visit. I teach bums where to find empties.
2002-02-18 09:16:43 AM  
Not_Enginerd- No he wouldn't have because he would have been forced to learn at the same pace as the stupidest kid in the class and would have gotten bored and stopped bothering to listen or do any of the work, by 4th grade.

At that age, the direction you get is the very basis for your entire concept of education and learning. Not that I am by any means a genius, but take me for example, I almost flunked kindergarten, by my second week in 1st grade I was a A student, upon entering 2nd grade I was put in "Gifted and Talented" (which by the way was a joke), before 3rd grade my mom took us out because by the end of the previous year my older brother (4th grade) was bored to the point of suicide, I was starting to lose interest again, and my little brother, who had just finished kindergarten, didn't know his freaking alphabet.

We are a excellent example of needing personalized education. My older brother and I would have managed to learn wherever we happened to be stuck, if at a slower and more frustrating rate, but my little brother could give a shiat and apparently that was ok by his teacher. The only thing he managed to get out of his public education was a belief that learning was work and therefore should be avoided at all costs.
2002-02-18 11:15:54 AM  
Gifted and talented has always been a joke...
2002-02-18 08:02:14 PM  
yes for waterloo!!!
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