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1276 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2002 at 5:53 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-17 05:55:47 PM  
And Jeff Gordon went wah wah wah all the way home.
2002-02-17 05:55:57 PM  
Mostly because he was the only person not to crash. That was honestly the most crashes I've EVER seen.
2002-02-17 05:56:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ugly a$$ car. Kudos anyway
2002-02-17 05:56:36 PM  
Now that we've had the big white trash event, can we please get to F1 and MotoGP...
2002-02-17 05:56:38 PM  
I thought the idea of using the restrictor plates was to make the racing safer?

I'm surprised Abra Auto Body isn't sponsoring all of the cars today.
2002-02-17 05:56:59 PM  
How did Dick Trickle do?
2002-02-17 05:58:24 PM  
Need, I think he petered out years ago
2002-02-17 05:59:04 PM  
haha, you said petered
2002-02-17 05:59:18 PM  
The results don't show Dick Trickle anywhere. Did he not qualify?
2002-02-17 06:00:41 PM  
Dick Trickle. Greatest name. Evar.
2002-02-17 06:01:06 PM  
racing is shat
2002-02-17 06:01:39 PM  
Richard "Dick" Mast has retired too, I think.
2002-02-17 06:02:21 PM  
NASCAR... *pftt* such a waste of time and $$

2002-02-17 06:03:45 PM  
WHOO HOO! Way to go Ward! I like the way he talks...reminds me Billy Bob Thornton in "Swing Blade".
2002-02-17 06:04:19 PM  
Stock cars.. go fast, turn left, a redneck will win. Ho hum.
2002-02-17 06:04:29 PM  
And throughout redneck land there was much rejoicing....

Yeeeeeeeeeeee haaaawwwwwww.
2002-02-17 06:05:23 PM  
Cobra"Boy", NASCAR's Daytona 500 is the "Super Bowl Of Auto Racing" unlike the whine and cheeeese of MotoGP AKA "Super Bowel Of Motorsports" Take your across the pond European crap and shove it up your prissy azz.Tp insiuate that NASCAR is "white trash" is an insult to the MAJORITY of fans who watch any motorsport in the world!
2002-02-17 06:07:25 PM  
It's Rick, not Dick, Mast and no he's not retired.
2002-02-17 06:08:05 PM  
Take a shower. Your white trash stink is wafting all the way over here in Tallahassee.
2002-02-17 06:09:53 PM  

F1 = NPR
NASCAR = Americans

End of discussion.
2002-02-17 06:10:56 PM  
NPR is a reason to wake up in the morning. it makes me want to be a better person.
2002-02-17 06:11:22 PM  
Swamptromp: Ignore comments from the likes of Cobratoy. The people who understand racing the least are the ones who immediately post comments with the word 'redneck' in them.
2002-02-17 06:11:58 PM  
Why don't you guys show a little respect for the sport, I knew as soon as this was posted it would draw people calling this "White Trash" or a "Waste of Time." Nascar is getting to be one of the most popular sports in the U.S, more and more people are attending races and more and more people are watching on TV. "White Trash" and "Redneck" are terms that refer to lazy, lowerclass white Americans, and if you watch one of these event, you know the drivers work All year round (a lot of times seven days a week) putting in 10 - 12 hour days, hell, they race from February to November 500 miles (sometimes 400 or 300) at a time week in and week out without a break. Like I said, show some respect for the fans and the sport.
2002-02-17 06:12:38 PM  
Hmm, interesting...
I heard they changed the rules like two days before the race to allow another 1/2 inch to be trimmed off the rear spoilers (I know dick about racing, so dont ask me what that means) because Ford and Dodge didnt seem to be cutting the mustard in the qualifiers.

Looking at the results, Ford and Dodge finished in 7 of the top 8 spots. I wonder if some people (namely the Chevy and Pontiac guys) are pissed about this.
2002-02-17 06:14:03 PM  
I don't give a damn about the redneck label some idiots slap on NASCAR...18 car pile-ups rock
2002-02-17 06:14:18 PM  
Dodge RULEZ!!!!
2002-02-17 06:16:05 PM  
There have been no "boobies" today. What's wrong with the world!?!
2002-02-17 06:16:34 PM  
I think Burton lapped Dick Trickle.


2002-02-17 06:17:22 PM  
would one of you heros post me up a video link to this 18 car pile up
2002-02-17 06:17:53 PM  
Was anyone really bothered by the first woman racer? I was hoping the interview would go something like this:
"NASCAR has never a woman racer in its history. Lets go to Bill"
"That's right Jim, and we're not about to start now, back to you Jim"
2002-02-17 06:19:09 PM  
Hell, I'd put in 10-12 hour days if I was being paid a mint to drive around in circles.
2002-02-17 06:22:14 PM  
If these guys are so great at building fast cars that get good mileage, why the fark aren't they working in Detroit?
2002-02-17 06:22:41 PM  
Dick Trickle is not retired. As always, he doesn't have a full time ride and will sit in if asked. Which is good or there would be more accidents.
WonderJew: Shawna is not the fisrt
2002-02-17 06:23:19 PM  
Maybe if I was married to my first cousin but still sleeping with my sister I'd like NASCAR too. Thankfully none of the above applies to me. NASCAR is the retarded cousin of racing. There is no real competition because it is legislated out - everything has to be the same. Stock car? What car today comes with a tubular frame and a carburetor? The best drivers in the world race F1. No ifs, no ands, and no buts.

Q: Who killed Dale Earnhart?
2002-02-17 06:23:49 PM  
And just to add a little more kerosene to the 'redneck' fire, the sports bar I was watching the race in was also hosting a baby shower. A baby shower in a neighborhood bar that was also advertising 'WATCH THE DAYTONA 500 ON OUR BIG SCREEN...$1.00 BOTTLES THE ENTIRE RACE' on the marquee outside

Smooth move, Ex-Lax
2002-02-17 06:24:58 PM  
#22 ... best. accent. ever
2002-02-17 06:25:43 PM  
Who killed spelling Earnhardt? Ouroborus.
2002-02-17 06:28:36 PM  
Rhiannon - Doesn't matter. Most of his fans were illiterate anyways.
2002-02-17 06:30:33 PM  
Call it what you want but I'd like to make this kind of money!

Driver Career Winnings :

1 Dale Earnhardt $32,355,169
2 Jeff Gordon $30,870,090
3 Dale Jarrett $23,568,458
4 Jeff Burton $19,684,385
5 Bobby Labonte $19,092,546
6 Rusty Wallace $18,405,094
7 Mark Martin $17,613,427
8 Terry Labonte $17,181,348
9 Ricky Rudd $14,117,395
10 Bill Elliott $13,289,818
2002-02-17 06:30:54 PM  
Nrfuznut -

I would too... But, would you, or I be any good at it? And remember, your payday determines how well you run, as much as their are wealthy drivers, their are also poor and struggling drivers - teams looking for sponsership. And for those of you who say "I can do it if you paid me the money, its just people driving around in circles." I ask you the question how come you see the same people at the track every weekend and how come you see the same people up front every weekend? Face it, these guys are good at what they do.
2002-02-17 06:32:56 PM  
I say do not bash NASCAR until you attend one. Camping out with 60,000 yokels is great. Bonfires, hootin and hollerin- plus, just as much beer and boobies as mardi gras but without beads!

but maybe that's just at the Texas race....
2002-02-17 06:34:26 PM  
FeBolas: Nope, that sounds like all of them. I lived an hour away from Daytona for close to ten years and it is like that even on qualifying days.
2002-02-17 06:34:36 PM  
the "white trash smell is coming from Doak Campbel stadium. Semem-holes suck!
2002-02-17 06:35:57 PM  
NASCAR is just a way to make lots of money off of rednecks.
2002-02-17 06:36:28 PM  
can't we all just get along? all the f1, nascar, moto gp, supercross, it's all the same..

'cept for valentino rossi.. he rocks..
2002-02-17 06:37:21 PM  
Hoosier: Strange, I thought that was wrestling.
2002-02-17 06:37:29 PM  
Thanks for the correction, Rhiannon...Earnhardt

Nomad: yearly salary for Michael Schumacher: $36 million. That's just from Ferrari. He gets more from endorsements.
2002-02-17 06:39:26 PM  
I now clearly understand why Winston Cup doesn't run Hoosier tires.
2002-02-17 06:41:17 PM  
2002-02-17 06:41:40 PM  
NASCAR = WWF. Both are popular but no one knows why.
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