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(Some Guy)   The Traffic Cone Preservation Society: Preserving and studying those "Helpers of Humanity"   ( divider line
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1495 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2002 at 2:50 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-17 02:52:16 PM  
Good old kibology.
VYV [TotalFark]
2002-02-17 02:52:41 PM  
coneheads rule
2002-02-17 03:00:36 PM  
i'd adopt one of those baby cones, but i'm afraid my girlfriend would molest the little tike
2002-02-17 03:03:31 PM  
I wish I had that much free time.
2002-02-17 03:07:56 PM  
"A neon-orange menace stalks our unsuspecting planet. Boldly flaunting themselves on our streets and sidewalks, they pass unnoticed. Their evil handiwork is everywhere, yet human beings "choose" to ignore them rather than confront a truth so terrifying it would surely render them insane. Sure, you can laugh about the UFOs, the Illuminati, the Mafia, or the secrets of the Hollow Earth-it's all "funny" to our corrupt society, sagging into its final lap before the millennial finish line. However, there is a real and secret struggle going on that no one should be laughing about: the eons-old war the cones have waged against us. The cones are out there, and they've got us dancing like marionettes."
2002-02-17 03:09:09 PM  
"What the fark?"
2002-02-17 03:25:33 PM  
And if you think that's funny, try Kibo's Virtual Reality Tour: Orange Cone Division, which gets more hilarious the farther it goes. Be sure to check out typical deployment and creepy cones.
2002-02-17 03:35:59 PM  
2002-02-17 03:52:20 PM  
I must join ROBO-Jesus in saying, "WTF?"
2002-02-17 04:14:47 PM  
Gaboo and ROBO-Jesus got it right... some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands...
2002-02-17 04:24:02 PM  
To protect the cones, we must place larger cone-protecting-cones on top of them

Then, in case a hole appears in the cone-protecting-cone, we must cover it with a cone-protecting-cone-protecting-cone
2002-02-17 04:28:33 PM  
Even at work at a lousy telephone tech support job, I'm not THIS farking bored.
2002-02-17 11:08:09 PM  
Hey it's not a good night unless you get a traffic cone! It's the policewoman's helmet and the suspenders I'm worried about!
2002-02-17 11:55:49 PM  
"hey, kids watch out for ditches. hey, kids watch out for holes"
2002-02-18 02:08:44 AM  
Guvnor: Hey it's not a good night unless you get a traffic cone! It's the policewoman's helmet and the suspenders I'm worried about!

"The only thing is, Mr David sir, as my adopted owner, you have to die with me." "What the smeg?" "A little android humor sir. Deadpan mode."
2002-02-18 02:55:14 AM  
I stole a cone when i was in the 7th grade.
Now it just sits in my room.
But I got a cool story to tell.
Any decorating ideas?
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