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(CNN/SI)   CNNSI to "unveil" swimsuit photos this Tuesday evening   ( divider line
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2002-02-17 03:06:42 PM  
2002-02-17 03:08:26 PM  
So glad the media covers all the relevant issues of today. No, really.
2002-02-17 03:11:52 PM  
Is it just me oris the comments thingy being farked up today? Look @ "People build house like munsters" thread... Look @ times.
2002-02-17 03:12:50 PM  
Um this is last year!
2002-02-17 03:13:17 PM  
For release: Feb. 16, 2001
2002-02-17 03:18:38 PM  

MEDIA ADVISORY Unveils Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

For release: Feb. 16, 2001 Will Unveil Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover on Tuesday, February 20 at 9 a.m. ET to Provide More than 100 Exclusive Images, Sports Illustrated's home on the World Wide Web, will reveal the much-anticipated 2001 Swimsuit cover on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9 a.m. (all times Eastern). Also on Tuesday at 6 p.m., will unveil a gallery of more than 100 photos. Additional swimsuit coverage is available on America Online featuring exclusive chats with swimsuit models. All swimsuit content on will be available FREE to users. The complete schedule for the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue on is as follows:

Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9 a.m.: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover is unveiled on

Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 6 p.m.: Photo galleries of the models will be available. The site will feature more than 100 images, exclusively available on The site will also feature exclusive 360-degree iPIX panoramas from select Swimsuit shoots.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 12 p.m.: Broadband video footage from MTV's Uncensored Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special is released. The video features footage of the models during their Sports Illustrated photo shoots around the world. The clips will also be optimized for narrow band users.

Swimsuit 2001 on includes five years of archives featuring online coverage of the annual issue including hundreds of additional photos and video clips.
2002-02-17 03:59:53 PM  
Dammit, I missed it! Sooner or later I'll figure out how to program that damn VCR and this will never happen again!

By the way, does anyone know when the Luke and Laura wedding airs? Or the final episode of M*A*SH*? And have I missed the Super Bowl? I'm pulling hard for the Bills.
2002-02-17 05:24:25 PM  
Stupidest link ever.
2002-02-17 08:14:30 PM  
I feel like that frozen guy on South Park.
2002-02-17 08:16:45 PM  
Check this out!They have come up with a standard for 56k modems!!
2002-02-17 08:41:11 PM  
I'm soooo glad I didn't bother reading the article for this one. Thanks everyone (all 8 of you at this point).
2002-02-17 09:08:27 PM  
First the N'SUCKBALLS article that is like a 4 month old repeat, and now this...?

And you retract the Starwars one... while this is a year old... OKAY!
2002-02-17 09:23:36 PM  
Star Wars? I missed a Star Wars article in favor of year-old crap about swimsuit sluts?
2002-02-18 12:56:19 AM  
Astra: The old repeat about N'SYNC that's what I was referring to...
2002-02-18 01:53:21 AM  
Yea this is old. I like painted on suits. And cliche kitties.
2002-02-18 02:20:28 AM  
You know what?
As beautiful as these S.I. women are, I'd still take a good looking FARKette anyday over any of them.
Just take a look at Vtgoddess, FLA Chickie, SweaterGirl, Metalstill, Mytwocents, Mme. Mersault, LuckyGirl, GirlyGirl, or any other FARKettes I'm missing. Beautiful women who are down to earth.
Supermodels would give me an ulcer because it just would become too much of a job IMO. I'd be constantly nuts.
Gimme a FARKette that can tolerate me and I'll die content.
I really mean that too.
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