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(Some Prince)   Prince of Liechtenstein suffering from Alec Baldwin syndrome and threatening to leave country if people don't do as he says.   ( divider line
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2429 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2002 at 9:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-17 09:36:50 AM  
look at all the links
2002-02-17 09:40:30 AM  
Did he marry someone that slept with Prince, too?
2002-02-17 09:57:23 AM  
What will they do without a leech making the rules?
2002-02-17 10:03:45 AM  
He only has to walk about twelve feet to leave the country.
2002-02-17 10:11:29 AM  
Like anyone else would have him...
2002-02-17 10:36:25 AM  
Leichtentein surrenders.
2002-02-17 10:38:30 AM  
On 7 February, the Democracy Office published the results of additional interviews with 428 citizens who had been quizzed on the issue of the Constitution already in November 2001. The additional interviews were conducted between 23 and 31 January 2002. Again, political scientists Frank Marcinkowski and Wilfried Marxer evaluated the data.

When I read this, first thing I thought was... Licthenstein has 428 citizens?!
2002-02-17 10:38:52 AM  
What an interesting writing style. "The Parliament will be faced with a lot of broken glass."
2002-02-17 10:49:53 AM  

I thought this link was for the Prince of Luxembourg.

'Full country name: Principality of Liechtenstein
Area: 160 sq km (62.4 sq mi)
Population: 32,000
Capital city: Vaduz
People: Germanic 87.5%, Italian, Turkish, other 12.5%
Language: German
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant
Government: Hereditary constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Sovereign Prince Hans Adam II
Head of Government: Mario Frick'

Frick! what a cool name for a leader.

'Major industries: Dental products, hardware, pottery, specialty machinery, stamps.'

and they make stamps.. and dental products.

and they have the lowest unemployment in the world. 'Its 1998 unemployment rate of 1.4% (311 people) is indicative of the economy's health.'

2002-02-17 11:03:19 AM  
They have a pretty high population density. 200 peeps for every km.

Also, wouldn't you hate to be one of those 300 unemployed people?
2002-02-17 12:09:13 PM  
Liechtenstein? That's next to Grand Fenwick, right?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-17 12:33:07 PM  
Yes, I'm still waiting for "Rocky" Baldwin (and BS and Cher) to leave. Just goes to show that you can't trust what a liberal says.
2002-02-17 01:46:36 PM  
Prince Albert, right?
2002-02-17 01:50:37 PM  
Dear GOD people! We simply CANNOT let the prince leaving destabilize the entire Liechtenstein Empire! The entire region would be lost in anarchist chaos! Next thing you know, similar world powerhouses like Luxembourg and Angorra will themselves split into rival factions! The end is nigh, fear the horsemen of the apocalypse!

It's like when the President of Cyprus moved to develop a peace agreement between the allies and Serbia during the bombings a few years back. Whew. It might have been really bad had the great nation of Cyprus not stepped in. I mean, you can scoff at powerful nations like the US or China or something, but when Cyprus steps up to the plate, you don't mess around.

Tiny, insignificant countries are fun.
2002-02-17 02:15:31 PM  
I wonder how many of those 32,000 'inhabitannts actually live in Liechtenstein. It's a favorite country to place your mail adress in for tax reasons, which incidentally should be put up as the #1 product of the country 'tax evasion assistance'.
2002-02-17 10:54:10 PM  
Looks like he's already abdicated; the Royal Homepage is no more . . .
2002-02-18 03:30:16 PM  
It's Lichtenstein. He probably leaves the country every time he walks out to the curb to pick up his newspaper. Hell, I could stand in the center of Lichtenstein and piss into about 4 other countries.
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