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(NYPost)   Woman finds condom in her half-eaten muffin. NYC Health Department tells her not to bother reporting it, to throw the muffin away   ( divider line
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20877 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2004 at 11:35 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-24 04:51:07 PM  
thar what 'comes' of eating in bed...(yes, i RTFA and know it was office sex)
2004-10-24 05:27:46 PM  
few things can affect my gag relfex, but that is farkin disgusting
2004-10-24 06:42:46 PM  
Man finds condom in his girlfriend's half-eaten muffin, reaches for the Listerine.
2004-10-24 07:02:32 PM  
said she was eating a carrot-nut cream-cheese-topped muffin from her office building's bodega

That wasn't cream cheese...
2004-10-24 07:11:54 PM  
"Well Theresa, when two muffins love each other, the male muffin puts his penis inside the female muffin's...."
2004-10-24 09:30:41 PM  
LandoGriffin wins.
2004-10-24 10:57:42 PM  
She probably planted it. That is how that shiat usually works out.
2004-10-24 11:37:55 PM  
gross...........but high in protien
2004-10-24 11:38:31 PM  
All together now,
2004-10-24 11:39:18 PM  
What the heck is a bodega, anyway?

I Googled it and got 'a bar or wine shop, especially in a Spanish speaking country' Are they common in NY office buildings?
2004-10-24 11:40:17 PM  
Gross, but oh well. No one was hurt. Move along, nothing to see here.
2004-10-24 11:40:27 PM  
Am I missing the part of the article that says it's a condom? I read it as "peice of latex." Like, that could have come from a rubber glove or something. In any case... eww.
2004-10-24 11:41:07 PM  
She was probably a fatty anyway.
2004-10-24 11:42:25 PM  
"only to find what seemed to be a condom baked inside. "

can u not read?
2004-10-24 11:43:19 PM  
"Top of the Muffin to you!"
2004-10-24 11:43:50 PM  
They make gloves out of latex..

You know, those gloves that they use all the freeking time in the food industry?

No doubt, she will sue for $500 million and win, putting this small buisness out-of-buisness for a minor minor mistake.
2004-10-24 11:44:29 PM  
And the thumb-part of those gloves may look like a resivour tip...
2004-10-24 11:44:30 PM  
Bodega is what a New Yawker calls those little mom-and-pop convience stores. Perhaps at one time they were run by Spanish-speaking people, so the name made sense. And it stuck.
2004-10-24 11:44:58 PM  
a bodega is a ghetto version of a 7-11 or circle K
2004-10-24 11:45:53 PM  

What the heck is a bodega, anyway?


It's basically fancy New Yorker-speak for a supermarket or a corner convenience store. They got the name because many of them are run by Spanish-speaking folk, for whatever reason.
2004-10-24 11:46:05 PM  
"...carrot-nut cream cheese top..."

Yeah, pretty much...
2004-10-24 11:47:09 PM  
"Carrot" "nut" indeed, cream cheese, lol.
2004-10-24 11:47:42 PM  
Pretty wierd 'tho, when Anglos call a store owned by Dominicans with a Korean kid working there a bodega
2004-10-24 11:48:17 PM  
You can also buy weed in bodegas, but you always have to do something crazy to prove that you are cool.

/"Hey! Blackass!"
2004-10-24 11:48:38 PM  
"bodega" = technically it is the Spanish word for a wine warehouse (like a storage house for fermenting wine) but Ive seen it aplied to stores/clubs/bars too.
2004-10-24 11:49:01 PM  
I still remember one night, a bud and I were riding home from downtown Hamilton, Ontario. We had a good ride ahead of us, so we stopped at the nearest Tim Hortons. It was quite late, so we were the only ones in there. We ordered a Bagel Toasted with Butter. What we ened up getting was a HUGE House Fly on the inside of it..... We were too tired to care and just split the other half...
2004-10-24 11:49:03 PM

Or something like it.
2004-10-24 11:49:15 PM  
So reports the NY Post at least. Not a very credible source.
2004-10-24 11:55:20 PM  
Kinda like Cracker Jacks, a free prize inside.
2004-10-24 11:56:43 PM  
Say it with me now..Bo-De-Gas
/half baked
2004-10-24 11:57:01 PM  
" I'd like a hot muffin with a side of nut butter please."

/licks lips ;)
2004-10-24 11:58:02 PM  
bodega is a small food kiosk, sells coffee tea, cookies, donuts, muffins and some small snack foods
2004-10-24 11:58:26 PM  
I'm sure there's a rule that says you can have one part condom per 1 trillion something or others.
2004-10-24 11:58:54 PM  
Sensible Edibles "is wall-to-wall inspected every two months," Moarsi said. "We haven't had one small complaint since 1992," when the bakery opened.

Looks like you have one large one, now.
2004-10-24 11:59:21 PM  
Wow, I totally thought that the "NYC Health Department tells her not to bother reporting it, to throw the muffin away" part was a joke. Here in California, we have a proposition on the ballot that would prevent anyone but the government or people who had been hurt from suing in situations like this. If there's a better example as to why that's a bad idea, I sure haven't heard it.

/Vote no on prop 64
2004-10-24 11:59:39 PM  

How do you think I got my name? :(


I think you're on to something

"Two International Delight employees contacted by The Post confirmed that the company does not make cream-cheese-covered muffins."
2004-10-25 12:02:30 AM  
2004-10-25 12:02:44 AM  
Sorry about that guys, I'll try not to let that happen again. ;)
2004-10-25 12:04:32 AM  
Yet, she is never surprised when she finds a condom in her buns, farkin horny boyfriend ...
2004-10-25 12:04:38 AM  

You must be crazy.

(yeah i know)
2004-10-25 12:07:03 AM  
2004-10-25 12:08:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-25 12:09:41 AM  
smell my finger
2004-10-25 12:10:46 AM  
Sticky Buns
2004-10-25 12:12:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Rupert unavailable for comment.
2004-10-25 12:14:48 AM  
What's she biatching about? I mean, even if it WAS a condom, and it WAS used, extra protein, right?
2004-10-25 12:15:38 AM  
She should think of it as a prize, like a crackerjack toy. Hell, they should market them that way --

A Condom in Every Muffin(tm)

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-25 12:15:50 AM  
shiat, the NYC health department is too busy scooping up huge corn-eyed buttsnakes dropped by the multitude of homeless bums and scooping dead hookers out of dumpsters to work with a relatively minor complaint. Probably just two horny bozos in the bakery whacking off with the dough. The second one didn't want sloppy seconds.
2004-10-25 12:17:12 AM  
I thought Bodega was the planet Yoda was from.
2004-10-25 12:17:35 AM  
Theresa VanHorn, a 29-year-old writer at MTV Networks...

VanHorn called the Health Department to report it, but was told not to bother.

"Go ahead and throw away the evidence," a representative told her over the phone, VanHorn said.

[image from too old to be available]
"Sorry gang, the NYC Health Department didn't buy our prank. Let's see roll it over to the Post and see if they bite..."
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