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(Ben Maller)   Bobby Knight keeps promise he made 19 months ago to return a year's salary to Texas Tech   ( divider line
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11986 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2004 at 2:21 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-23 01:06:51 PM  
Knight is a dumbass
much like George W. Bush
but Knight keeps his word.
2004-10-23 01:39:06 PM  
farkin' a Bob!
2004-10-23 01:49:48 PM  
Well at least that settled. Good for him, and good for Tech
2004-10-23 02:26:17 PM  
I thought haikus were 5-7-5 not 5-5-5
2004-10-23 02:28:06 PM  
That was 5-7-5

"double u"
2004-10-23 02:29:45 PM  
I thought haikus were 5-7-5 not 5-5-5

"W" is three syllables.

Nice to see someone keep their word. That is an enormous sacrifice, regardless of how much money he already has.
2004-10-23 02:30:47 PM  
One letter is three syllables?

That just blew my mind.
2004-10-23 02:32:02 PM  
I think Haiku is going off the idea that W is said "dubya". I suppose that would be acceptible if his haiku wasn't retarded.
2004-10-23 02:33:14 PM  
People arguing about Haiku's is retarded.

Way to go Coach.
2004-10-23 02:33:57 PM  

Since you are so quick to judge, why dont you give us a haiku that isn't retarded?
2004-10-23 02:35:16 PM  

'Dubya' isn't three syllables.
2004-10-23 02:35:38 PM  
I think as far as haikus go, its pretty good. Follows the rules and has a certain flow through the three lines collectivley.
2004-10-23 02:36:49 PM  
'Myers said the payback didn't happen until now for tax reasons. He said paying Knight less, rather than having money already paid returned, will benefit both parties because he won't pay income tax on the returned amount.'

Figures he'd find a loophole out of paying his taxes. Not the first time either. But, I do like the fact that he kept his word. Hardly anyone in Lubbock does this, and I know that for a fact.
2004-10-23 02:37:12 PM  
My boyfriend went to IU, I told him the article title - his response:

"He's still a dick."

Of course IU is getting spanked by OSU right now - but then of course who takes IU football seriously?
2004-10-23 02:37:22 PM  
knight actually does tons of work to improve libraries and other facilities at the campuses he's on. he chokes kids, but he helps the school academically and athletically. bush just runs the country into the ground.
2004-10-23 02:39:56 PM  
Bush in '04
2004-10-23 02:39:57 PM  
Haiku war follows,
be ready for flame war in
all 5-7-5
2004-10-23 02:40:37 PM  

'Dubya' isn't three syllables.

Of course it isn't! What did you think going off an idea meant? It means that you dislike that idea, and are changing to a new one, in this case, back to "double yew".

/Reading that over, it might come over as slightly agressive. It isn't meant that way.
2004-10-23 02:43:58 PM  
Took one post to turn it into a Bush v. Kerry flamewar! Woohaa!
2004-10-23 02:44:25 PM  
I am from Lubbock
dirty, dusty, smelly place
Shiathole on the plains

/Been in Austin for 6 yrs
2004-10-23 02:45:04 PM  
Appointed by God
Mix ignorance and power
Don't mess with Texas
2004-10-23 02:45:39 PM  
Whoops, miscounted syllables. I still stand by my claim that haikus are retarded.
2004-10-23 02:47:08 PM  
Much like cross-dressing, don't knock it till you tried it.
2004-10-23 02:47:29 PM  
I like the idea of a haiku flamewar. It will keep out all the idiots who can't even compose a haiku. I predict a haiku flamewar would have %90 fewer idiots and be %100 more entertaining.

I, for instance, am to lazy to come up with a haiku, so I'll keep my damn trap shut.
2004-10-23 02:53:41 PM  

ath-leet is spelled athlete

Did you mean: athlete
2004-10-23 02:56:01 PM  
It's not a haiku anyway. It's a senryu. For it to be a haiku, it has to contain an allusion to nature.
2004-10-23 02:56:18 PM  
I have a lot more respect for Coach Knight. Say what you will about his temper, I won't argue. What can't be disputed is his love for the game. He obviously is not a coach in it for the money as he could command upwards of a million but does it for MUCH less.
2004-10-23 02:56:19 PM  
I've got my guns up.
The Knight thins is cool and all...
Just beat the longhorns.
2004-10-23 02:58:35 PM  
The mustard man
Domokun kills a cat
It's a trap

Fark cliches
Dynomite monkey
Voting enabled
2004-10-23 02:58:38 PM  
Haiku nazi sez
five then seven and then five
don't break the rules, punk


Invoke Godwin's Law
probability is one
Nazi's are invoked
2004-10-23 02:58:52 PM  
I am from Lubbock
dirty, dusty, smelly place
Shiathole on the plains

God I hate Lubbock so much. I can't wait to escape this shiathole.
2004-10-23 03:06:03 PM  
I got me a ranch
I like clearin' that scrub brush
All hat, no cattle
2004-10-23 03:07:21 PM  
There's nothing like a good haiku!
2004-10-23 03:13:18 PM  
Flame wars are lame-o
You guys need to get a life
Begun this war has.
2004-10-23 03:14:48 PM  
"Figures he'd find a loophole out of paying his taxes."

I don't know if you could qualify this as loophole. If I understand the situation correctly, it could be better described as double taxation on the college's part.

Scenario if Knight returns the money
money comes into college and is taxed (college tax)--->money goes to Knight and is taxed (Knight's income tax)---> money is returned to college and is taxed (college tax).

Scenario if Knight takes a pay cut this year
money comes into college and is taxed

In the scenario that's actually playing out, Knight doesn't have to pay taxes on money he never actually benefits from. Further, the college doesn't pay a 2nd tax on money it had to begin with.

To break it down another way, let's assume that every time money moves between entities, it's taxed a flat income tax rate of 10%.

In the first scenario (Knight pays money back), the college receives $333,333 from the alumni. That money is taxed $33,333, leaving $300,000. That money is payed to Knight, who pays an income tax of $30,000. This leaves him with $270,000. When he pays the college back the $300,000, they get taxed $30,000.

Also keep in mind that Knight has to come up with an extra $30,000 (to cover the money taken out by income tax). That money had already been taxed $3,333, so to pay the college the $300,000 actually would cost Knight $333,333.

Scenario 1's overall tax bill (both Knight and the college) is $96,666.

Scenario 2's overall tax bill is $33,333.

By using the 2nd scenario, the college saves $30,000 in tax on money had in the first place, while Knight doesn't have to pay $30,000 on money he won't benefit from.


This post turned out far longer than I expected, and I hope it makes some sense.
2004-10-23 03:15:59 PM  

Worst. Haiku. Evar.
2004-10-23 03:18:52 PM  
Knight is a badass
Students best recognize that
Or die at his hands
2004-10-23 03:18:57 PM  

If you've got any movies from Hastings you haven't returned... take the damned things back already. I just called and they've got absolutely jack shiat to rent.

I wanted to grab some Leals and then rent a few in a little bit.
2004-10-23 03:23:53 PM  
I love Knight.

He's the best thing that's ever happened to Texas Tech University.
2004-10-23 03:24:29 PM  
I like sandwiches
They are really quite yummy
Make me one now, please.

//Mopes and goes off to make a sandwich.
2004-10-23 03:27:28 PM  
Knight honors his word
but chokes kids; Bush chokes on words
he never honors

/wouldn't vote for either
2004-10-23 03:29:54 PM  
Knight does this every year. He always finds an excuse to give money back to the school.
2004-10-23 03:35:10 PM  
Lubbocks not so bad. Quit yer biatchen. It only stinks when the wind changes :-)

I'll be across from Jones SBC Stadium in less than an hour. There is a keg with my name on it.
2004-10-23 03:35:58 PM  
guess it goes to show
that "going off of something"
can mean many things
2004-10-23 03:40:49 PM  
People arguing about Haiku's is retarded.

People pluralizing a noun ending in a vowel by adding "'s" is retarted.
2004-10-23 03:42:31 PM  
Football is awesome.
Cheerleaders bouncing around.
Bom Chikky Bom Bom.
2004-10-23 03:42:51 PM  
I take it as an act of a stand up guy. Way to go, General!
2004-10-23 05:53:48 PM  
I winned the debates
I winned the debates real good
I beated Carrie
2004-10-23 06:30:26 PM  
I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and my dad was a professor at Indiana University. Knight is an asshole... Knight was always an asshole... Knight's SON is an asshole... but the kid that claimed he was "choked" by Knight is a monkey-farker who stole our prize.

Goddamn I miss that asshole - IU sucks now.
2004-10-23 06:53:21 PM  

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