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(Pittsburgh Channel)   Men arrested for throwing pies at Ann Coulter; apparently were unaware that the only way to unmake her is to throw her back into Mount Doom   ( divider line
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18244 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Oct 2004 at 3:47 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-22 10:32:49 AM  
i wish she would throw her pie at me
2004-10-22 10:39:15 AM  
I like pie....

...but I really don't think I could enjoy hers.
2004-10-22 10:56:30 AM  
Silly noobs... don't they know that garlic is the only food that can drive her away?
2004-10-22 11:09:54 AM  
great headline!

Now, to the general public: stop throwing pies at people you don't like. It isn't funny, it's assault. Just because someone is famous and you feel like you know them doesn't mean that you actually know them well enough to throw a pie in their face. Famous people, as vile as they may be, are not here for your amusement.
2004-10-22 11:13:03 AM  
Yes they are.
2004-10-22 11:16:12 AM  
Pies in the face will always be funny.
2004-10-22 11:19:21 AM  
*golf clap for headline*

Yes, a pie in the face is always comedy gold!
2004-10-22 11:22:53 AM  
Maybe he thought the psychotic facist ramblings that come out of her anorexic mouth were due to low blood sugar and he was just trying to help.
2004-10-22 11:25:04 AM  
Your custard pie, yeah, sweet and nice
When you cut it, mama, save me a slice
Your custard pie, I declare, it's sweet and nice
I Like your custard pie
When you cut it, mama... mama, please save me a slice.

Save me a slice of your custard pie.
2004-10-22 11:44:01 AM  
Poor woman must be traumatized. Does anyone have her number? I'm available to comfort her 24/7 if necessary. Sweet, sweet comforting.
2004-10-22 11:52:56 AM  
does anyone want to live in a world where you can't pie someone with impunity?!


/looks like hell if coulter is a barometer
2004-10-22 12:02:35 PM  
You conservative types that keep implying that you'd hit it, you do know she's a tranny right?
2004-10-22 12:18:57 PM  
Holy water would have been my weapon of choice. But that's the only way I'd hit it.
2004-10-22 12:32:05 PM  
I'd hit it... with a baseball bat.
2004-10-22 12:53:39 PM  
Am I the only one who's getting the hilarious accompanying graphic at lower right?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 01:14:55 PM  
Bat-shiat crazy biatch
maybe she'll shut her pie hole
but then, maybe not
2004-10-22 01:27:21 PM  
Silly protestors it's "give her a sandwich" not "give her a pie".

I can't wait until an idiot throws a pie at someone who is allergic to the pie's ingredients and ends up dead beacuse of it. Then we will have to ban pies.
2004-10-22 01:30:53 PM  
2004-10-22 01:34:52 PM  
Since she is such a coont, does that make this a creampie shot?
2004-10-22 01:35:45 PM  
If pies are outlawed, only outlaws will have pie.
2004-10-22 01:56:29 PM  
Now, if this had been Michael Moore he would have ate the pie and demanded more. You need a harpoon to take that guy down.

/Lot harder to miss too.
2004-10-22 02:13:48 PM  
I hate Ann Coulter, and I don't know how anyone can find her attractive either. She looks very mannish.
2004-10-22 03:49:15 PM  
she's okay, she blocked the pies with her adams apple.
2004-10-22 03:49:20 PM  
lol priceless headline
2004-10-22 03:50:22 PM  
duppy - Nope. I'm getting this instead...

[image from too old to be available]

It seems like an even better fit, personally.
2004-10-22 03:50:29 PM  
These men are my Heroes of the Day(tm).
2004-10-22 03:51:16 PM  
I love Ann Coulter.
2004-10-22 03:51:30 PM  
I've said it before, but it bears repeating. No woman with an Adam's Apple this big was born a woman:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 03:51:48 PM  
Potential to cause harm with pie-throwing is high. I hurt the biatch where it counts in her bank account. She will never get one thin dime of mine. Besides she is so covered in slime the custard would just slide right off.
2004-10-22 03:51:55 PM  
I think this is the only time I've seen Ann Coulter and something sweet spoken about in the same sentence.

She scares even me, and I'm a moderately conservative woman.
2004-10-22 03:52:11 PM  
What a spiteful bitter little c---. (Sorry ladies, but she deserves that word.)
2004-10-22 03:52:29 PM  
Biff_Steel; lol....

yeah I'm a conservative but i don't find ann coulter particlarly bright and I definitely don't find him attractive.....
2004-10-22 03:52:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 03:52:51 PM  
Stupid people who can't debate so must silence opposition in other ways suck. Pie throwers and Ann Coulter aren't all that different. I just heard Coulter on Hannity revelling in the beating the pie throwers took. I bet it won't be long before she's calling for reeducation camps for Liberals (anyone to the left of her.)

Arbeit Macht Frei.
2004-10-22 03:53:17 PM  
Throwing pies are skinny chicks?

I'm gonna throw a salad at michael moore - with a brick in it
2004-10-22 03:53:41 PM  
Occams_Electric_Razor: to repeat a post of mine from the other a good friend once told me "No matther how hot she is no woman has an adam's apple"

words to live by...
2004-10-22 03:53:45 PM  
Yes, a pie in the face is always comedy gold!

[image from too old to be available]

I agree!
2004-10-22 03:53:56 PM  
She knew for sure that the perps were from John Kerry's campaign, because they threw the pies like Kerry threw his medals at the White House. LIBERAL CONSPIRACY !!!!

I'd hit it. I love transexuals, they don't charge as much as real women.

2004-10-22 03:54:34 PM  
Poor Skeletor.
2004-10-22 03:55:22 PM  
Bricks are far more effective than pies.

/Just kidding.
//Kind of.
2004-10-22 03:55:24 PM  
We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.
- Ann Coulter
2004-10-22 03:56:52 PM  
skinink: not in my experience....
2004-10-22 03:56:52 PM  
Headline funnie.
2004-10-22 03:57:07 PM  
I dig skinny chicks. Coulter = good.
2004-10-22 03:57:28 PM  
It's a MAN Baby.

Oh ya, who really needs a SAMITCH....
2004-10-22 03:58:22 PM  
That's Ok we'll get her cleaned right up.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 03:58:29 PM  
We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.
- Ann Coulter


wow.... you're kidding right? please tell me she didn't really say that
2004-10-22 03:58:31 PM  
Yes, because if someone says something you don't like, you should throw things at them.

Grow up. All this is going to do is get her face in the news even more. Yay for making your point.
2004-10-22 03:58:49 PM  
FOX HANNITY & COLMES, shown on June 22, 2001.

COULTER: I take the biblical idea. God gave us the earth.

PETER FENN (Democratic strategist): Oh, OK.

COULTER: We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees.

FENN: This is a great idea.

COULTER: God says, "Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours."

FENN: Terrific. We're Americans, so we should consume as much of the earth's resources...

COULTER: Yes! Yes.

FENN: ... as fast as we possibly can.

COULTER: As opposed to living like the Indians.
2004-10-22 03:58:59 PM  
I used to think she was hot before I saw the bony legs
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