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(Reuters)   Man crams pony in the back of his small hatchback for transport. Mr. Ed, spotted filing complaint with the SPCA, has no comment at this time   ( divider line
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6865 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Oct 2004 at 12:29 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-21 04:03:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 11:34:43 PM  
Damn...two morans stuff a pony into their VW in the same day. What are the odds?
2004-10-22 12:32:13 AM  
Was it a seeing eye pony?

2004-10-22 12:32:18 AM  
Thread: Useless without photos.
2004-10-22 12:32:54 AM  
"Police fined the 42-year-old German driver of the Volkswagen Polo 220 euros ($277.1) for improper transport of the animal, just bought on a local Dutch market."

So... it was a polo pony.
2004-10-22 12:33:20 AM  
stymie wins.
2004-10-22 12:38:12 AM  
Can't find my html cheatsheet so copy and paste- WV Polo​jpg
2004-10-22 12:43:21 AM  
mmm...that redhead has a nice hatchback
2004-10-22 12:44:07 AM  
The approved method is to lash the pony to the ski rack.
2004-10-22 12:50:09 AM  
It wasn't an ass, it was a pony... and it wasn't its idea to be shoved into a hatchback in the first place. Sheesh.
2004-10-22 12:53:35 AM  
Mr. Simpson, are you quite sure you know how to take care of a pony?

/a little late for the quote, I see
2004-10-22 01:05:52 AM  
Was it this guy?

Also, good one stymie
2004-10-22 01:06:34 AM  
"....and called it Macaroni..."
2004-10-22 01:29:22 AM  
You guys are missing the really farked up part. There was a woman in the backseat with the pony.
2004-10-22 01:38:52 AM  
crams pony in hatchback?

That seems like a dangerous task to undertake. Anyone ever been kicked by a horse? It hurts a lot as you can certainly surmise. Most horses / donkeys / show ponies/Budweiser draft horses dont like it when you just walk behind them.
2004-10-22 01:47:31 AM  
"The Force is quite strong with this one..."

"Really? How strong?"

"Uhhh... About as strong as a small pony..."

"Well, that is quite strong now isn't it..."

//Eddie Izzard iz da shiznit
2004-10-22 02:20:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
My lil pony
2004-10-22 02:37:47 AM  
you know, they used to put peanut butter in Mr Ed's mouth to make him talk.

/just sayin.
2004-10-22 03:14:52 AM  
The pony is probably happier riding than he would be pulling.
2004-10-22 04:11:34 AM  
When I first glanced at it I thought it said "Man crams porn in the back of his small hatchback for transport".
2004-10-22 04:28:43 AM  
I submitted this with a better headline, and all I got was this lousy cliche.

/No, but seriously.
2004-10-22 06:36:26 AM  
should have used a pinto
2004-10-22 07:14:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

No sir, I don't like it.
2004-10-22 07:20:28 AM  
Mr Ed Unavailable for comment? He was busy damnit!

<img src="" width="320" height="240"

Leave Ed alone!

/ Did anyone else notice that Wilbur's wife had some really bodacious ta-tas?
2004-10-22 07:21:57 AM  
Lets try that again.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 07:31:58 AM  
I want a pony.
2004-10-22 07:58:51 AM  
Simpson, you've done it again . . .
2004-10-22 08:04:58 AM  
I've been to plenty of horse shows where miniature horse owners use minivans instead of trailers to transport their little ones. I'd hate to have that cleaning bill . . .

SerovaJoe: Seeing eye pony? Like these seeing eye horses?
2004-10-22 08:23:41 AM  
Veruca Salt unavailable for comment...
2004-10-22 08:32:13 AM  
Oh that's right--ponies like--ponies like [to have room] dont they?
Wasnt in a closet, but close enough for me to use a family guy's better than the simpsons any way.
2004-10-22 08:53:21 AM  
"The small Shetland pony had no room to move and his head was pressed against the window," police said. A woman on the back seat held the animal by a rope.

What's the big deal? The pony was properly secured and tethered.
2004-10-22 09:21:10 AM  
2004-10-22 01:06:34 AM TheDumbBlonde

"....and called it Macaroni..."

Good one.
2004-10-22 09:36:04 AM  
When I was a kid, my sister joined 4-H and we went and picked up her 2 steer in our VW-Microbus. It was wintertime, and we were hit at an intersection by a guy in a pickup that just took off. Luckily nobody was hurt. They fit fine, but it's funny to think that it wasn't too much longer that they weighed over a ton between the two of them, and together they were about as big as that bus.

Good times.
2004-10-22 09:37:09 AM  
"... of the Volkswagen Polo"

Would that make the Shetland a Polo Pony?
2004-10-22 09:45:57 AM  
2004-10-22 11:08:22 AM  
Who would expect an immigrant family to have a pony?!
2004-10-22 11:17:17 AM  
"Amy, you're cute. So I cooked you a pony." - Bender.
2004-10-22 12:56:25 PM  
That is just so SAD.
2004-10-22 02:08:07 PM  

I heard they would shove a carrot up his ass to make him talk.
2004-10-22 06:09:32 PM  
Peruna does not like lil spaces. That and football.
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