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(JSOnline)   Nothing beats buying a nice cigar, pulling out your trusty Zippo lighter, flicking it on and HAVING YOUR ENTIRE ARM BURST INTO FLAMES   ( divider line
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21382 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2004 at 12:24 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-21 08:52:10 AM  
Argh had his entire arm burst into flames?
Sorry to hear that.
2004-10-21 09:55:21 AM  
I was reading of this Zippo recall this morning. Is a lighter recall for being a fire hazard ironic or not?
2004-10-21 11:00:07 AM  
That's a pretty good headline; I like it.
2004-10-21 11:17:23 AM  
Cigar afficianados use wooden matches.

Shoulda been a marijuana headline. Example:

"Zippo lighters defective, can turn your bong into a flamethrower. Whoa."
2004-10-21 11:19:02 AM  
But I do like the part of the headline where YOUR ENTIRE ARM BURSTS INTO FLAMES. Shade-n-freud, or something like that.
2004-10-21 11:42:57 AM  
Philistines who use a Zippo to light a "nice" cigar deserve a little burning. Of course, they probably think a nice cigar comes with a built-in wodden tip, too...
2004-10-21 12:27:42 PM  
But will I be ok if I just smoke cigarillos?
2004-10-21 12:28:55 PM  
"The Zippo MPL (multipurpose lighter) is 8 inches long and an inch wide and comes in black or silver metal."

Mutipurpose don't say.
2004-10-21 12:29:21 PM  
"Nice cigar"? Oxymoron?
2004-10-21 12:29:32 PM  
Nice to see that others are already jumping on lighting a cigar with a zippo. I make sure to stick to matches when I'm in the mood for a nice Romeo & Julieta.

2004-10-21 12:30:17 PM  
Headline made me laugh. Thank you submitter.
2004-10-21 12:30:21 PM  
Richard Pryor surrenders.

/hellbound train now departing station
2004-10-21 12:30:47 PM  
Zippos suck for tobacco water pipe use.

Bic rulez!
2004-10-21 12:31:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ouch...I say again...Ouch...
2004-10-21 12:33:10 PM  
You laugh until it happens to you:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 12:33:45 PM  
At least it was the new, big, stupid barbecue-lighter one.
They can't have my classic Zippos.
2004-10-21 12:35:05 PM  

Nice use of caps.
2004-10-21 12:35:15 PM  
yeah i actually laughed out loud, doesn't happen very much from just headlines anymore, i was too tired to see it coming.
golf clap for submitter
2004-10-21 12:35:45 PM  
Gricho, Hirpo & um, Checo surrender.
2004-10-21 12:36:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 12:37:01 PM  
....when they pry it from my cold dead......oh wait.
2004-10-21 12:37:26 PM  
Why screw with perfection? They had the perfect lighter 20 years ago.
2004-10-21 12:37:37 PM  
It was a butane Zippo - cigar safe.
2004-10-21 12:38:15 PM  
Proof that smoking IS dangerous to your health, and to the health of those around you.
2004-10-21 12:40:54 PM  

Zippo lighter in action:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-10-21 12:40:55 PM  
It's only funny 'till somebody gets hurt.

Then it's farkin' hilarious.
2004-10-21 12:42:17 PM  
8-inch lighter??
2004-10-21 12:42:33 PM  
Zippo has tried for years to find an alternate product to market.

An 8 inch lighter? Try taking that to the airport!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 12:43:59 PM  
Aside from the cigar affcinados using matches, who would light a cigar, cigarette, etc... with an 8 inch lighter?

Great headline tho.
2004-10-21 12:45:04 PM  
This once happened to a buddy of mine, he was using a lighter and suddenly his entire sweater had burst into flames. Luckily, hes a quick thinker and after a stop-drop-n-roll, he was fine. No noticable burns or marks anywhere, not even on the sweater in question.

I got him a beer. It was awesome.

I think it was just the lint/dust on the sweater, as the fire spread _really_ quickly.
2004-10-21 12:45:38 PM  
8 inch lighter?

Sounds like my husband.
2004-10-21 12:46:39 PM  
My Zippo butane works fine for cigars, etc. Matches of course are appropriate - but that naptha based fuel taste in a good cigar? No fsckin way...
2004-10-21 12:48:14 PM  
I prefer pulling out my cigar and my lighter and my billy clint' on a wet nursinghome day, whatever that means, and lighting my GENITALS ON FIRE
2004-10-21 12:48:19 PM  
Light an cigarette with an 8 inch lighter?

Hell, I had a friend who ran out of matches, and had to use his stove to light his cigarettes.

The funny part was that it was an ELECTRIC stove. He would stand the cigarette on end, turn the stove on, and wait for the cigarette to start smoldering, then shut off the stove, and go outside and have his smoke.

It was pure comedy to watch, especially for the 5th-6th time in a day.

//Screw matches for cigars - use cedar sticks...
2004-10-21 12:48:19 PM  
Tomorrow's news:

Lighter recall recall says do not remove black adjuster knob from recalled lighter as proof of purchase as explosion may occur.

/imagine people using screwdriver and hammer to remove knob.
2004-10-21 12:49:37 PM  
Is a lighter recall for being a fire hazard ironic or not?

I say it is not ironic, it'd be ironic if a fire extinguisher was recalled for being a fire hazard.

// miss ironic v. not ironic flamewars
2004-10-21 12:52:19 PM  
J Man

Light an cigarette with an 8 inch lighter?

Hell, I had a friend who ran out of matches, and had to use his stove to light his cigarettes.

we used the toaster.
2004-10-21 12:53:47 PM  
Make sure no cops were around. You can't go around waving around a firearm. People don't stand for that.
2004-10-21 12:55:25 PM  
that headline is definitely a winner.
2004-10-21 12:56:30 PM  

That would have made more sense. He had to wait for about a minute for the electric element to heat up enough to make the cig burn. At least the toaster would have been hotter quicker.

That and since he couldn't smoke in the house (roommates didn't like it), he had to run outside as soon as the thing started to burn...
2004-10-21 12:57:13 PM  
I light my cigars with my zippo all the time. I also light my pipes with a zippo. If I smoked weed, I'd probably light my bong w/ a zippo. Matches go out too quickly and Bic lighters just don't look as cool.

/Doesn't like "nice" cigars
//Will stick to Swisher Sweet Tequila Perfectos
2004-10-21 12:57:25 PM  
I had no idea Zippo even made butane lighters. Thought they were wick only...
2004-10-21 12:57:59 PM  
In the small, Eastern seaboard town I call home, it got so humid this summer that my wooden matches actually wouldn't light. They would ignite when struck, but then the wood wouldn't burn. Had to resort to lighting a Juan Jimminez from the stovetop. It was my darkest hour.
2004-10-21 01:01:17 PM  
Every expensive, reusable lighter I ever bought quit working. Not the flint. Not the fluid. Just quit working. It's the flick of the bic for me.
2004-10-21 01:02:51 PM  
Swisher Sweets? hahah

Mix those, clove cigarettes, and some milwakee's best and it's Party time!
2004-10-21 01:03:17 PM  
To quote Frasier Crane:
"There is nothing quite like a good cigar.... and this is nothing like a good cigar"
2004-10-21 01:07:54 PM  

Every expensive, reusable lighter I ever bought quit working. Not the flint. Not the fluid. Just quit working. It's the flick of the bic for me.

Same here, I have NEVER had a butane lighter that worked after I attempted to refill it. I am talking about some butt expensive ones too.
2004-10-21 01:10:17 PM  
That's karma. You deserve to be set on fire if you light your cigar with a Zippo. Zippo's are for cigarettes only. Butane lighters for pot. Wood matches for cigars.
2004-10-21 01:10:29 PM  

/Nobody's said it yet?
2004-10-21 01:10:31 PM  
In a sad turn of events, dude was arrested for...dare I say...yes I do....
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