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(Click On Detroit)   If you have woken up to a huge jet engine in your front yard, call Detroit Metro Airport, there are some people looking for it   (clickondetroit.com) divider line 174
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2004-10-21 09:23:23 AM  
2004-10-21 09:36:28 AM  
28 : 06 :42 : 12
2004-10-21 11:13:06 AM  
Ohh, damn. I was hoping I could make it into a doghouse. Or a cell to lock people in.

All well.
2004-10-21 11:40:37 AM  

2004-10-21 12:03:28 PM  
Well my jokes appear to have been spoken for.

/Slowly backs out of thread
2004-10-21 12:24:05 PM  

there's some fat guy over there staring at us...
2004-10-21 01:01:59 PM  
This was just spotted on the streets of Detroit:

2004-10-21 02:13:10 PM  
Let me look out the front door. Lets see... Nope, no jet engines here. I'll keep my eyes open though...
2004-10-21 02:26:19 PM  
This thread really makes me wish I had watched Donnie Darko at some point during the two months that it was sitting on my coffee table. Alas, Netflix wins again.
2004-10-21 03:13:59 PM  
You're being controlled by your fear. You don't need to be afraid any more.
2004-10-21 03:14:20 PM  
Kalitta Air executives were meeting Thursday to review the plane's maintenance records and determine what caused the engine to fall.

Yikes! Not sure how it droppped off plane. Not sure where it is. Note to self. never fly Kalitta Air.
2004-10-21 03:14:41 PM  
I'm afraid I can't give it back - the wife is using it to power her new vibrator.
2004-10-21 03:14:42 PM  

This just spotted on the streets of Detroit.
2004-10-21 03:14:56 PM  
"Kalitta Air, which is based at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, began service in November 200 with three jets."

Not bad for a company started 1,804 years ago.
2004-10-21 03:14:57 PM  
"They are very big airplanes," said Hogan.

Well, sure. So it's totally understandable that they'll occasionally lose a piece here or there.
2004-10-21 03:15:28 PM  
That's why they named the company "Boeing"... it's the sound the falling parts make when they hit the tarmac.
2004-10-21 03:15:29 PM  
The plane's electronics warned of engine trouble just before midnight

Um... the "Check engine" light came on?

2004-10-21 03:16:16 PM  
Righty tighty - lefty loosey.

/not a mechanic

2004-10-21 03:16:29 PM  
Why are you wearing that stupid rabbit suit?
2004-10-21 03:17:39 PM  
Let's see how many Donnie Darko references/pics we can fit in one thread.

Also, let's see how many "I haven't seen Donnie Darko, WTFark are you all talking about?" comments we get too.
2004-10-21 03:17:48 PM  
Why are you wearing that toy on your head?
If I wear it anywhere else is chafes.
2004-10-21 03:17:49 PM  
Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?
2004-10-21 03:18:09 PM  
Yeah, I have nothing to add.
2004-10-21 03:18:30 PM  
Donnie Darko?

/Got nothing
2004-10-21 03:18:31 PM  
Kalitta Air, which is based at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, began service in November 200 with three jets.

Well of course the aircraft is falling apart, it's been in service for over 1800 years now... sheesh, reporters always miss the obvious.
2004-10-21 03:18:31 PM  
hehe, yes, the donnie darko reference had to be here
2004-10-21 03:18:43 PM  
I haven't seen Donnie Darko, WTFark are you all talking about?
2004-10-21 03:18:58 PM  
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
2004-10-21 03:19:02 PM  
2004-10-21 03:19:37 PM  
I haven't seen Donnie Darko, WTFark are you all talking about?

2004-10-21 03:19:49 PM  
"First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did. She was sent in as Gargamel's evil spy with the intention of destroying the Smurf village, but the overwhelming goodness of the Smurf way of life transformed her. And as for the whole gang-bang scenario, it just couldn't happen. Smurfs are asexual. They don't even have reproductive organs under those little white pants. That's what's so illogical, you know, about being a Smurf. What's the point of living if you don't have a dick? "
2004-10-21 03:19:58 PM  

I came here looking for DD references and you gave me an RG ref.

2004-10-21 03:20:03 PM  
2004-10-21 03:20:15 PM  
I haven't been able to find a picture of Frank's head bigger than, like, 200x200 pixels. Anyone have a high res one?
2004-10-21 03:20:17 PM  
---Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti---

Thats near Timb Buck Two!
2004-10-21 03:20:18 PM  
I submitted this with a funnier headline.....well, not necessarily funnier, but it had a DD reference...

I bet the conversations between pilot and ATC were amusing.
"Yeah, we've got an emergency situation here, I've lost engine 2..."
"Was there a malfunction or loss of power?"
"No, LOSS OF ENGINE. As in it isn't there anymore!"
2004-10-21 03:21:19 PM  
I loved the music in that movie. Especially the parts where everything went in slow-mo to the music. Great flick.
2004-10-21 03:21:31 PM  
(now with correct HTML tag goodness)

2004-10-21 03:22:05 PM  
The company is owned by local drag-racing legend Conrad Kalitta

You have got to be kidding me.
2004-10-21 03:22:08 PM  
Chut Up!
2004-10-21 03:22:40 PM  
Damnit altinos! I just had to read something while I was witing my post... heh.
2004-10-21 03:23:09 PM  
I thought Donnie Darko was boring. But that's just me.
2004-10-21 03:23:13 PM  
Here's the racing homepage

2004-10-21 03:23:50 PM  
2004-10-21 03:25:04 PM  

Brilliant! I looked right past that. Thanks for the chuckle
2004-10-21 03:25:26 PM  
Kalitta Air executives were meeting Thursday to review the plane's maintenance records and determine what caused the engine to fall.

My guess would be gravity, sir.
2004-10-21 03:25:50 PM  
Thanks. wickedMule!
2004-10-21 03:25:58 PM  
Plane obviously decided to commit suicide by dis-assembly rather than go to Detroit.

Understandable really.
2004-10-21 03:26:10 PM  
The engine isn't missing, Kallita is using it on a drag car.

//got nuthin
2004-10-21 03:26:10 PM  
How does an engine just fall off?
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