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(CNN) NewsFlash Red Sox win, coming back from a 3-0 series deficit. History made in the most boring sport ever invented   ( divider line
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13235 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2004 at 12:08 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-21 02:35:14 AM  
I award 10 points to the red sox, for not being the yankees.

I'm just glad baseball is almost done so I can have my tv back from the roommates. Its EPL time baby!
2004-10-21 02:38:04 AM  
2004-10-21 02:32:00 AM mr0909

i love how everyone refers to the Yankees as the evil empire,but its funny how the Red Sox won the same way the Yanks do. The spent assloads of money in the offseason...but thats secondary,good to see Yanks fans hung in there and stuck it out,Sox fans would biatched and bailed after the 5th!

Apparently you have never been to a Sox game. Dont talk unless you know what youre talking about. Idiot.
2004-10-21 02:40:47 AM  

No you're not.

Johnny Damon died for your sins, remember?
2004-10-21 02:41:15 AM  

That was awful. Apologize.
2004-10-21 02:42:09 AM  
All I know is you Yankee fans next year will be hearing a new chants at Fenway next year. Want a hint? It will sound a lot like this:

CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE, or Lets go Chokees!!!!!

Can you hear it? Can't ya dig just dig it?
2004-10-21 02:44:09 AM  
but thats secondary,good to see Yanks fans hung in there and stuck it out,Sox fans would biatched and bailed after the 5th!

The RedSox sold out every home game this year. Every game!!! You know as much about baseball as the idiot with the headline. That said Millar said it best before this series "I think we are definetly 5 outs better than we were last year." Here's hoping that they have 4 more wins left in them! Go Sox!!!
2004-10-21 02:44:19 AM  

I hope you survived, because my buddy who goes to BU has some CRAZY footage via DigiCam from the riots, and WOW. People are ridiculous.
2004-10-21 02:44:41 AM  
shove it up your chizzos you red sox c-licks. If it wasn't for the fake wild card crap you'd still be pissing in your own slits watching it all on tv. Nobody says the yankees had to beat you in the standings every year then beat you in the playoffs too. Its a new-fangled invented construct. you still haven't won anything since 1918. what you did today was no better then beating the yankees in the standings in any given year.
2004-10-21 02:47:30 AM  
It's pretty unfair to call baseball the most boring sport ever invented. After all, what about soccer? The only thing exciting about that waste of perfectly good grass is that only afficianos of that horrendous diversion could have come up with something as ghastly as the "Dorito Piss Bag Bomb."

That being said, nuck the Fankees.
2004-10-21 02:47:44 AM  
Boston still has to win the World Series.
The curse isn't over, and the Red Sux will lose to the Cards or Astros.
Just remember, Boston has lost every World Series since 1918.

/Yankee fan
2004-10-21 02:48:17 AM  
I so wanted Ortiz to accept his MVP award and pull a Kurt Warner and say "THANK YOU JESUS!!!" and at that same moment have Damon pop his head in and say "You called?"

/How can we lose with Jesus playing center field for us?
2004-10-21 02:48:19 AM  

bitter much?
2004-10-21 02:48:57 AM  
I have done my best to stay out of this but....
2004-10-21 02:44:41 AM frank2
[image from too old to be available]

The yankees lost, and lost big. Have more class than that.
2004-10-21 02:49:01 AM  

yes, and drunk
2004-10-21 02:49:59 AM  
Say it walking son, cause this area is for winners.
2004-10-21 02:51:35 AM  
die u farking yankees DIEEE
2004-10-21 02:51:52 AM  
frank2: bitter?
2004-10-21 02:52:39 AM  

Then what you doing here cause you aint won anything since 1918 biattcvhhhhh! That shizzon aint change yet!
2004-10-21 02:54:08 AM  
Meanwhile, the Astros curse will likely live on, thanks to a moronic double switch that took our top run producer out of the game, and the decision to utilize Dan "JP5" Miceli.

The Astros never traded the Bambino... Is our curse the "curse of John McMullen only offering Nolan Ryan $1 to stay in Houston"?

Good God I hope the real Rocket shows up tomorrow night, and that he deals it like it's 1989.

I'd also like to thank fark for participating in the undeserved media-hype dedicated to the Boston/NYY thing. What a bunch of CRAP!!! Hanging the National League out to dry... the only league where real baseball gets played.

Down with the Yanks, Down with the Sox, Down with the DH, but more importantly, DOWN WITH ST LOUIS!
2004-10-21 02:54:32 AM  

So any change to baseball invalidates a win? How about the DH rule? How about getting rid of Spit Balls, how about letting players that aren't white play? Way to argue with the logic there. I'm sure you were also complaing after the umpires got together and got the homerun and Arod hand slap right. Enjoy your night of crying into your big pillow! Sputnick!
2004-10-21 02:55:43 AM  
Who let frank2 on the internet? Isn't it past your bedtime?

And please stop with the spewing of nonsensical words like "shizzon."
2004-10-21 02:55:49 AM  

That is all.
2004-10-21 02:56:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 02:57:05 AM  

Yes I shall enjoy it, and call your vicory illegitimate! ILLEGITIMATE!
2004-10-21 02:57:13 AM  
stupid drunk bitter Yankees fans. Go home, cry in the closet, or on the toilet. Your season is over. Learn to deal like us Bostonians have had to.
2004-10-21 02:58:12 AM  
Why are you Boston fans tearing up your own town?

I'll never figure you yankee types out.
2004-10-21 02:58:23 AM  
please consider my bolds closed at the oppropriate place.
2004-10-21 03:00:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 03:00:54 AM  
Hey what does 186 million dollars buy you in New York City?
Apparently, 2nd Place!

Steinbrenner Christmas list for his 2nd place New York Yankees

Jeter: Only Fat Chicks from now on!
AROD: You get what you hit in Game 7: NADA and I want a refund on my 25 million this year! Prick.
SHEFFIELD: A giant size tub of Sportscreme: Wink, Wink
POSADA: Wait, is the same catcher as the other POSADA I used to have, a couple of years back?
WILLIAMS: Jazz record, Make sure I break it before giving it to him
GIAMBI: The syringe on the left and some visine for those bloodshot eyes
CAIRO, SIERRA, CLARK, OLERUD: Who the fark are these guys?
KEVIN BROWN: Break his pitching hand, maybe that will help
BRIAN CASHMAN: A slap down beating and most humiliating tirade he has ever had. Forget it, I gave him that for his birthday and every other day of his miserable life.
JOE TORRE: A year supplies of DEPENDS for when he shiats his pants thinking about losing again
2004-10-21 03:02:52 AM  
how does a team win game 3 19-8 and then freakin lose it all?!?!? GO SOX!!!
2004-10-21 03:03:41 AM  
Why are you Boston fans tearing up your own town?

I'll never figure you yankee types out.

It's a sports-nut thing, not a yankee thing, though the combination seems particularly insane. No, I don't understand them, either. So, lemme see if I understand this... You watch other people play a game. You don't play it yourself, you just watch someone else, that you don't know, engage in a recreational activity. And their success or failure is somehow really important to you. *shrug* I don't get it.
2004-10-21 03:03:45 AM  

Well if thats what gets you through the winter till spring training, I guess enjoy! I'm sure Steinbrenner's mass firings over an illegitimate win will also bring a smile to your face. You'll get to enjoy it every time they show it over and over again on Sportscenter for years to come. Wow I sure wish my team wasn't going to the World Series. Your winter sounds like so much more fun. Last question? Are you a pothead Fauker?
2004-10-21 03:05:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 03:06:34 AM  
as a yankee fan i dont care that they choked big time and completely shut down after game 3. would i have liked to see them win their 40th Pennant? yes. do i care that they didnt? no. not at all. nothing will make me happier than seeing red sox fans all amped-up cus they beat the yankees to go to the WS and then sit back and watch the redsox lose the WS.

the redsox will let down boston yet again. and it will be magnificent.
2004-10-21 03:07:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
nothin' else to say.
2004-10-21 03:07:45 AM  
Hell yeah!

Considering the Seattle Mariners (my home team) lost 99 games this season, I rooted for the underdog!
2004-10-21 03:08:05 AM  

Really? We havn't won anything?
Hmm, seems to me like we just won the AL championship.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 03:08:46 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
wooooooooooooooo woooooooooo
2004-10-21 03:11:01 AM  
congrats boston redsox... however i'm a cardinal fan, and i'm predicting the cardinals over boston in 6 (assuming we win against houston... gulp)
2004-10-21 03:12:25 AM  
I think its time I build that bomb shelter I've been planning.

/expects horsemen to arrive soon
//Go BoSox. Farking Amazing.
2004-10-21 03:13:10 AM  
any real yankee fan knew back in june that without great pitching this team was completely f'd.

looks like george is gonna clean house....
2004-10-21 03:13:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 03:15:05 AM  
frank2 sounds like he had too many wine coolers tonight, hmmm?

/hasn't sunk in yet
2004-10-21 03:17:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

When that Phish Phreak "Slanthier" makes a call, he calls it right...

2004-10-21 03:17:30 AM  
My prayer

To the baseball gods, I thank you. Not for a Boston win, but for allowing us to have the opportunity to watch a game without incessant closeups of Derek Jeter.

For this I am grateful.

P.S. Mariano Rivera has acknowledged that the Red Sox are indeed his daddy.
2004-10-21 03:18:01 AM  
Well, the Bambino Curse may or may not be intact; we'll just have to see when the Series kicks off.

The Buckner Curse, however, is most definitely broken.
2004-10-21 03:18:23 AM  
Best headline ever
/obligitory end of post slash comment
//What's a red sox?
2004-10-21 03:18:46 AM  
Hey Frank2... is having a sale...

[image from too old to be available]

You can even pretend you won... Wont that be special

I love the line after it...
Celebrate the fantastic season for the New York Yankees with this 2004 American League Champions Authentic Collection T-Shirt from Lee Sport, the same one the Yankees wore in the locker room after clinching the game!

2004-10-21 03:20:58 AM  
I guess you can't ride frank2 to hard. He is in a place that he's never really been before. It must be difficult to always be given everything and protected from competition the way Steinbrenner has always done. I mean Yankees fans truly believe that all the other teams are just around for their amusement. A person that is always takes and never gives is really a one dimensional lost soul. I pity him, soon it will hit him that he has nothing left. Sad really. Maybe he can grow from this? Nah.....
2004-10-21 03:21:45 AM  
Hey Yankees...

[image from too old to be available]

Who is your Daddy now?
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