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(CNN) NewsFlash Red Sox win, coming back from a 3-0 series deficit. History made in the most boring sport ever invented   ( divider line
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2004-10-21 01:50:03 AM  
Er enjoy. Dumb preview.
2004-10-21 01:53:13 AM  
As a die-hard ABTY ( anyone but the Yankees ) guy, I can say I was entirely pesimistic throughout.

Even in the ninth, with the Yankees down two out, I kept driving my friend nuts saying, "Watch, greatest two-out rally ever, Yankees will get 8 runs, you'll see."

What I've learned in my life is if I expect the worst I usually get the opposite. If I am optoimistic I LOSE! Every damned time. I don't gamble because I get optomistic and I LOSE! Always! It never fails.

I knew the Red Sox couldn't win. They did. biatchin' dude. I kept the anti-faith to balance the karmic plane and thus, so it is. Always!
2004-10-21 01:53:20 AM  
What a f*cking asshole the headline writer is.
If you think baseball is so boring, why is it you had a headline submitted within a millisecond of the game ending?
F you, go watch your cricket or whatever the f*ck you think is exciting. Stop announcing to the world that you have never actually watched a post-season baseball series, yet somehow you are declaring yourself an authority.
2004-10-21 01:53:24 AM  
I don't feel like reading through all these damn comments, so....

GO Redsox!
2004-10-21 01:56:19 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-21 01:57:08 AM  
Umass just went nuts a while back after the last out.

hundreds of cops, thousands of students, and even a helo!

and my damn cameras farked, all i got were cellphone pixs :/
2004-10-21 01:57:51 AM  

That said, I'd say the Astros are a lock now

i think its time to stop making predictions, wouldn't you say?
2004-10-21 01:58:33 AM  
You freakin' retards at fakr may have responded in different fashion had the yankees won?

I'm desperately trying to figure out why you shiat over us Sox fans in our glimmers of glory.

A lot of enjoyed time past has allowed us to come to this juncture, how dare you dampen our spirits by posting this cynical headline.

There's plenty of topics to pee on that don't involve family's/friends sharing in a moment of glorius enjoyment.
2004-10-21 01:59:36 AM  
You've shown more class than I was expecting, Smooky. Let this Pirate fan buy you a drink :) (p.s. Can we get back to the playoffs in my lifetime? Please?)


Haven't been here long, have you?
2004-10-21 02:00:27 AM  

The Yankees made history by being the first team ever to rally back from a 2-0 deficit in the ALDS (2001 series v. A's).

nice try, yankee troll, but the mariners were the first team ever to rally back from a 2-0 deficit in the ALDS (1995 series guessed it, the NEW YORK YANKEES).

so not only were the yanks the first team to ever cough up a 3-game lead in an LCS, they were also the first to ever cough up a 2-game lead in a DLS.

choke choke choke. i love it. and you just plain walked into it.
2004-10-21 02:00:32 AM  
Most boring sport? Well ... there's bowling, golf, tennis ... shall I continue? Maybe croquet?

2004-10-21 02:00:58 AM  
You know what the annual payroll for all NY Yankee players comes to? $200 Million. The highest paid team in baseball chokes after winning first three games. Lost last 2 in NY. Yankee fans showed themselves to be animals after last nites ARod incident. They deserved to lose.

/Go Astros!
2004-10-21 02:01:37 AM  
Fastest thread to infinity evar?!
2004-10-21 02:02:18 AM  

Damn man, who are you even talking to? I'd say 298 out of the last 300 comments have been by Sox fans, or even gracious Yankee fans. I think you need to relax.
2004-10-21 02:04:19 AM  
First time in history? Really? Still don't give a flying fark, baseball sucks.
2004-10-21 02:04:22 AM  
My respect for fark has plummeted, you guys are jerks for posting this.
2004-10-21 02:04:29 AM  
Oh yeah, one more thing-
It figures said inbred f*ckhead headline writer gets his sports information from CNNSI.
Smarten up or shut up.
2004-10-21 02:05:46 AM  
There is no debating the following facts:

1) This is one of the worst headlines ever.
2) The submitter is an ass for the horrible headline.
3) Baseball is obviously not the most boring sport. It is far more exciting than at least golf or soccer.
4) The Boston Red Sox beating the Yankees in game 7, after being down 3-0 in the series, is one of the greatest moments in sports history.
5) The submitter is an ass.
2004-10-21 02:05:54 AM  
eh hem... baseball?

When's the NHL coming back?
2004-10-21 02:07:00 AM  
honestly though,

coming down from 3-0 should have happened a LONG time ago. It's not that big of a deal. Everyone get off your ass and do some statistical analysis.
2004-10-21 02:07:23 AM  
Tonguedepressor sez: "I'm desperately trying to figure out why you shiat over us Sox fans in our glimmers of glory."

It COULD be because they're from Boston. Look at the absolute shiat Boston has put out recently for national consumption...the Sox, Kerry, et cetera. I'm not a Yankees fan, (You're all Damnyankees in my book) but Bahston SUCKS.
2004-10-21 02:08:17 AM  
Re: the submitter's headline:

Wait, the Red Sox play hockey now?
2004-10-21 02:08:59 AM  


2004-10-21 02:09:06 AM  

back from celebration in the streets, no more voice
hence posting. woooooooooooooooooooo

if anyone saw someone with a homemade damon t-shirt with "JESUS" instead of "DAMON" and a red plastic horn that was meeeeeeeee

2004-10-21 02:11:06 AM  

Oh yeah? Look at the last headline they posted RE: Sox and playoffs.
"Red Sox win Game Six. Now one game from gut-wrenching heartbreak"

What the hell, if you pimp them, then give em props when they win, no?
2004-10-21 02:12:47 AM  
Heh - Riots up @ UVM in Vermont. Huge crowds, window smashing, light poll taking, van flipping fun... Oh yea!
2004-10-21 02:15:30 AM  
You guys, I just got back from the celebration. It was absolutely farking crazy. An entire city just got together, and it was the absolute most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

You Yankees fans can absolutely shut your obnoxious beer-holes now about the Babe, and Bucky Dent, and your 26 World Series rings, and the whole bit. We just whomped your asses in the Bronx, and that's that. 3-0 and you guys couldn't even beat us.

If you think I'm being obnoxious now, it serves you right. We had to listen to it for DECADES, and now you know what it feels like. You said we would never do it, but we DID. History has been reversed, and you guys can rightly STFU.

You got PWN3D.

2004-10-21 02:15:52 AM  
As I am drenched with happiness, I just want to say something to all the Cubs fans:

We feel your pain, so this isn't just for the Red Sox, it's for the Cubs too. I know many of you were rooting for us, and now you can celebrate with us as well. Have a beer, and we hope you'll root for the Sox in the World Series
2004-10-21 02:16:07 AM  
Bottom line, we play on Saturday, Yanks don't. We just switched places in the suck dept. No excuses.
2004-10-21 02:17:11 AM  
Sorry, robsul82, I was away. You did come back, and you did keep your word. You are a very gracious Yankee fan, and I salute you for it.
2004-10-21 02:17:18 AM  
I'm hoping a National League team will win the World Series. Don't get me wrong, I hate the Yankees and I'm glad they're out, but the Red Sox or Cubs winning a World Series is the first sign that armageddon is near. It's just something we don't need.
2004-10-21 02:17:28 AM  

Lighten up, Francis. Next you'll be telling me that Fark is part of the eeeeevil liberal media. Sheesh. It is sort of annoying that this is the headline that got posted, but them's the breaks. Besides, I thought real Sox fans always held out the possibility of the team choking - I would guess that's part of the joke.

Don't like it? You could either leave, or pony up the $5 to get all the headlines . But I doubt whining to the admins will help you at all.
</cheap plug>
2004-10-21 02:17:32 AM  
Love the headline, most boring sport ever, right up there with golf and bowling.
2004-10-21 02:18:04 AM  
Those who think baseball is boring, are boring.
Good luck to the Sox.

(Dodger fan)
2004-10-21 02:18:23 AM  
To all you arrogant Yankee fans who I have had to listen to all the years, I just want to say "SHUT THE FARK UP, BIATCH"
You CHOKED! And another thing, I don't give a fark who you get to throw out the first pitch, Bucky "Farkin" Dent, Aaron "Farkin" Boone, Yogi, or dig up Joe Dimaggio, the Mick, or the Bambino. YOU BLEW IT!, YOU BLEW IT!!! The supposedly greatest lineup in baseball history and you couldn't hit more than .180 through games 4-7!

Here's the Steinbrenner Hit list in order:

Mel Stottlemeyer: Pitching Coach
Don Mattingly: Hitting Coach
Brian Cashman: GM who looks like someone killed his puppy every single moment of his life

Torre survives or quits: George doesn't fire Torre

It's time to take the crap you have dished out all your arrogant lives!
2004-10-21 02:19:31 AM  
2004-10-21 02:19:43 AM  
2004-10-21 02:21:07 AM  
2004-10-21 01:16:31 AM Believe_It_Or_Not_I'm_Not_Home

As a Yankee fan, I feel ashamed by this unprecedented choke. However:
-The Yankees made history by being the first team ever to rally back from a 2-0 deficit in the ALDS (2001 series v. A's).
-The Sox will crash to earth in the WS like the 2003 Yankees.
-The Yankees will undoubtedly be back in the playoffs next year.
-Even if the Sox win the Series, all it means is we can't use the 1918 chant anymore. That would be a shame, but we've used it long enough. Boston still has a very long way to go before it can catch up with 26 championships.

Good night.

Um...1999. Red Sox vs Cleveland. Sox come back from being down 2-0 to win the ALDS.
Live in the present my friend. What does 26 championships do for you today? Absolutely nothing.

Its so nice to finally be a step above Yankees fans. Face it. You guys are inferior as of right meow.

(SuperTroopers + Red Sox = $$$$)
2004-10-21 02:22:36 AM  
This sounds like a team that blew its wad and now will not be able to get up for the WS.

Also, Red Sox are not some loveable team. They are the uber rich of the sport as well.
2004-10-21 02:23:16 AM  
This would have been so exciting...if baseball didn't put me to sleep.
2004-10-21 02:23:55 AM  
I'm sorry,

I feel Fark has punked all Red Sox fans and I know of no reason other than pimp and flame fodder why they'd do this to us.

/revelry will still ensue
2004-10-21 02:27:06 AM  
Well, enjoy your revelry, tonguedepressor. I've had enough myself, so I'm getting the heck out of here.
2004-10-21 02:27:46 AM  
Q: What do you call 25 guys sitting around a TV on Saturday?

A: The New York Yankees.


2004-10-21 02:28:21 AM  
2004-10-21 02:29:07 AM  
Bill Buckner says "Meh. Been there, done that"
2004-10-21 02:30:53 AM  
The Red Sox: the most devestating thing to come out of Boston and hit New York since United Flight 175.

I'm so going to hell
2004-10-21 02:31:54 AM  
I'm SHOCKED at someone saying me apologizing makes me a sore loser. Seriously, I'm kinda speechless.

My saying "I'd say..." is my way of saying "I think." It's not "The Astros WILL DEFINITELY win." Relax. ENJOY your victory.

GuinnessDrinker - we argued most of all, and I hope you saw I kept my word. I DO accept the fact that the Yankees, quite frankly, got pwn3d.

As Ray Zalinsky said in Tommy Boy: "Savor the flavor, 'cause it sure as Hell won't happen again." ;)

As Joel Barish said in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in response to "What do we do now?": "Enjoy it."

As I'm saying right here, right now: Congratulations, Red Sox Nation. We'll see you next year.


2004-10-21 02:32:00 AM  
i love how everyone refers to the Yankees as the evil empire,but its funny how the Red Sox won the same way the Yanks do. The spent assloads of money in the offseason...but thats secondary,good to see Yanks fans hung in there and stuck it out,Sox fans would biatched and bailed after the 5th!
2004-10-21 02:33:01 AM  
Submitter posted this "Red Sox win, coming back from a 3-0 deficit."

But shouldn't it be coming back from an 0-3 deficit? Just wondering
2004-10-21 02:34:57 AM  
To all you Yankee fans I say: 2nd place is just another name for first loser.

To all you Bosox fans I say: It's about freakin' time, eh?
/Long suffering Indians fan/
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