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(Washington Post)   Pilgrims get air rage - beat Afghan air minister to death   ( ) divider line
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3636 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2002 at 9:59 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-15 10:01:38 AM  
I fail to see the humour in this.
2002-02-15 10:02:10 AM  
What's amusing about this, you sick farkin' bastard?
2002-02-15 10:04:14 AM  
Nice to see that Afghanistan has returned to peace and prosperity under their new government. :)
2002-02-15 10:04:59 AM  
Oh my. It's RobbieFal.
2002-02-15 10:05:29 AM  
What's next, playground rage? 3 year old bludgeons sister, 2, with tricycle handlebars.
2002-02-15 10:06:03 AM  
Not funny. Tragic, actually.
2002-02-15 10:06:03 AM  
Nice going, Pilgrim !
Ya' made me proud !
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-15 10:06:08 AM  
Oh lord, it's VandalBob

Vandalbob Squarepants, I'd assume.

2002-02-15 10:07:05 AM  
Hey, calm down. A year ago they woulda dragged him into a soccer stadium & summarily shot him in the head
2002-02-15 10:07:45 AM  
Oh man... First the express-lane beating, now this. I think we need an "IMPATIENT" tag. Jeebus!
2002-02-15 10:08:05 AM  
Ah, humanity. Once you stop worrying about just keeping yourselves alive, there is no end to your degenerate behavior.

Give these people a few years, and they'll be turning over cars in celebration of their local sports team's win, or throwing beer bottles in the stadium after a loss, just like their more 'civilized' bretheren.
2002-02-15 10:09:37 AM  
We've already spread porn channels to Afghanistan.

They have a good enough reason for their 16th century zealots to continue hating America. :)

2002-02-15 10:10:04 AM  
What is it with these people and airplanes?
2002-02-15 10:10:20 AM  
Come on, admit it, you've been pissed off enough to do this when dealing with the airlines.

This should have an 'obvious' tag. These are the people who break their wive's hands for looking at other men.
2002-02-15 10:11:48 AM  
Isn't this rather ironic, as they were impatient to go on a religious pilgrimage? I tell you, Mecca is getting to be as dangerous as Manhattan, these days!
2002-02-15 10:11:55 AM  
I think its 'funny' because its shows how ludicrous we are as a species. Its the same thing as me or anyone else shoving people out of the way on the subway because i won't get wherever as quickly, but on a much larger scale (obviously).

In order to start a more perfect flame war, I blame religion for everything and respectfully request that god be tried for crimes against humanity, along with elvis, 'crazy slobo' milosevic, and ray jay johnson. you can call me ray indeed.
2002-02-15 10:13:14 AM  
I thought Pilgrims came across on the Mayflower, which if my memory serves, was a boat.
2002-02-15 10:13:25 AM  
Yeah, SFOTW, think about it. If someone chucked a cinderblock at the cockpit window, you could honestly say you saw a building flying into an airplane
2002-02-15 10:14:20 AM  
What teh FARK is wrong with these people? Maybe we should just nuke 'em. Violence seems to be the only thing they understand. Nothing like killing while on a holy pilgrimage!
2002-02-15 10:14:43 AM  
"They were very, very upset," he said of the pilgrims.

2002-02-15 10:16:18 AM  
Little Bear: I somehow don't think these people are the same species.
2002-02-15 10:17:57 AM  
what a bunch of animals....isn't there an old saying that says people get the government they deserve (or am i just making that up)....
2002-02-15 10:21:28 AM  
Well, this quote: "This is so terrible, so illegal," IS kinda funny. Otherwise, tragic.
2002-02-15 10:21:32 AM  
Well they got some American puppets so perhaps you are right Tatasm

*waits for all the warhuggers to distance themselves from their noble allies of two weeks ago*
2002-02-15 10:21:38 AM  
Muslims are a kind gentle peace loving people..
obviously these where CIA moles trying to stir up Anti-Muslim sentiment</sarcasm>
2002-02-15 10:21:41 AM  
This was pretty sad considering they were preparing to take the most holy trip of their lives. But it's not like we don't have violence in the "civilized" world. I think we probably have our fair share of murders every day, which goes to show that human beings in general suck no matter what their political system.
2002-02-15 10:22:05 AM  
And what lunatic thought it was a good idea to give these people back air travel in the first place?
2002-02-15 10:22:06 AM  
hey, i've seen this movie. the primitives are thawed after years of being frozen in ice and they have to adapt to the modern world and learn how to be civilized...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-15 10:22:08 AM  
Hell, since we're on the subject of Pilgrims...

After the Pilgrims landed in the US they had a hard time getting crops to grow. That first winter was very hard on them and many people were starving to death. Because of this lack of food and growing hunger, there were a few incidents of cannibalism. After a family member would die, you then had food for sustenance.

If you want proof, pick up the book "Don't Know Much about US History" and look at early US history. It's there and it's a proven fact. *Yuck!*
2002-02-15 10:22:59 AM  
I believe that statement was made by Mullah Omar Obvious.
2002-02-15 10:23:03 AM  
Rhiannon, at the risk of sounding like an obnoxious american (god bless us all), don't forget that we were like that at some point to (you and i referred to it as 'the eighties'). perhaps one day they will achieve similar cultural heights, such as mtv, temptation island and behind the music: ted nugent.
2002-02-15 10:23:40 AM  
The security force "knew there was an ongoing incident, but it happened very quickly," Huh?
2002-02-15 10:24:23 AM  

Tastes like chicken
2002-02-15 10:24:39 AM  
actually, harmonia, i was talking about the taliban..(remember those guys?) :)
2002-02-15 10:25:45 AM  
Soon they will be beating people up in the express line for having one too many items!
2002-02-15 10:26:56 AM  
ArchStanton (love the reference, there - G,B,& U) - ...and here I am thinking the germans were a docile, peace-loving people...
2002-02-15 10:27:06 AM  
Wow... religion of "peace" in action... on their way to Mecca too... wait until Allah finds out what they've done.
2002-02-15 10:27:20 AM  
That's not very Christian of them...oh wait, never mind.
2002-02-15 10:27:46 AM  
Why is it everything that is beyond the norm (frog (I don't mean the French), rabbit,...) tastes like chicken?

Ironbar, they'll actually start chewing on people. Cannibalism is making a comeback. It'll become very chic to eat people.
2002-02-15 10:28:09 AM  
the Who Tatasm, oh yea I remember those evil ones who were to blame for all the ills affecting Afghanistan.


anyway, having a good afternoon?
2002-02-15 10:28:26 AM  
What the Hecka
Is the deal with Mecca?
2002-02-15 10:29:42 AM  
Little Bear: As a Canadian I can say yes you were. Things like that can't happen here. Hold on, darn I have to go. I think I forgot to thank the ABM.
2002-02-15 10:30:49 AM  
Cannabalism-Just Another Way to Tell your Friends How Much You Like Them!
2002-02-15 10:32:47 AM  
yeah harmonia, with that one-eyed fellah..what's his face...i'm hungover dude and works boring me to death, will to live is being hey, it's friday afternoon so it's not too bad...
2002-02-15 10:33:13 AM  
I think they just might have killed the last innocent civilian left in afganistan, so I guess that leaves the tree huggers and the jingoistic hawks with nothing left to argue over.
2002-02-15 10:35:58 AM  
America: Endanger everyone in the air with a shoe bomb and be subdued.

Afghanistan: Hold up "holy" pilgrims on their way to worship Allah for a few hours and be beaten to death.

Hmmmm. Where are them "evil ones" at?
2002-02-15 10:37:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
CNN is now saying it was an assasination attempt. This makes a little more sense. MOB is pissed off blocks plane for 5 hours. During that time anti-government afgans send a few hardcore guys with a knife to take advantage of the situation.

Of course this is CNN so they could be making this stuff up so it doesn't make the situation in Afgan look bad.
2002-02-15 10:37:36 AM  
'If you want proof, pick up the book "Don't Know Much about US History"'

Yeah, that book also did a hatchet job on Joe McCarthy that most truth and facts disagrees with. It was along the lines of this..

"He was the freshman Senator from Wisconsin, elected to the Senate in 1946 by lying about his wartime service record and smearing his primary and general election opponents. In a short time this scruffy, mean-spirited alcoholic was lining his pockets with lobbyist money and whas generally thought of as the 'Worst Senator' in Washington. By 1950, he was looking for the issue that would keep his leaky political boat from sinking.
McCarthy found that issue when he was fed some obsolete documents relating to old investigations of Communists in Government jobs. In February 1950, McCarthy told a woman's club that he held, "here in my hand", a list of 205 men in the state departmentment. named as members of the Communist party named as part of a Spy Ring. The numbers changed from day to day and even McCarthy wasn't sure where he had gotten them. His bulging briefcase of 'evidence' generally held only a bottle of bourbon."

It's a good thing for this author that you can't slander the dead. Or else this would be serious libel. Yes, calling somebody an alcoholic is grounds for libel. There was no recording of the Wheeling speech. McCarthy's job in the Senate was really underrated by this man. Joe did know how to use hyperbole.

2002-02-15 10:38:48 AM  
i think in order to me considered "Evil" ther must be an inherant and deliberate process or method to the "Madness"

these farks are just a bunch of monkies
2002-02-15 10:40:57 AM  
killing of innocent people, introduction of porn..theres no US presence felt here at all
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