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(The Sun)   Mozart was a foul-mouthed yob -- partly due to a kind of Tourette's that makes you compulsively write rude words   ( divider line
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12524 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2004 at 9:02 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-20 04:19:39 AM  
Ah! Author of such famous works as "The Marriage of WANKER!" and "The Magic ASSHAT!"
2004-10-20 04:25:32 AM  
This piece is called "lick my love pump"
2004-10-20 05:44:21 AM  
"F**K! SH*T! C*NT!"


2004-10-20 06:27:50 AM  
But of course he did.
He was one of the biggest rock stars ever.
They all have potty mouths.

You forgot "Cosi fan FARKING BUTTSEX tutti", Scaryduck.
2004-10-20 09:07:38 AM  
Remember people, it is BREAKING WIND, not merely "breaking wind."
2004-10-20 09:08:01 AM  
Anyone who has seen Amadeus would know this.
2004-10-20 09:08:45 AM  
'compusively makes you write rude words'

does it farking bollocks.
2004-10-20 09:08:54 AM  
Did I just read that correctly, and the sun had the words "Mozart" and "Eminem" together and they were loosely connecting the two ideas by their use of music and foul langauge.

Oh wait. It's the sun. Where the words "shiate" and "Wipe" go together on a daily basis.
2004-10-20 09:09:16 AM  
Oh, I can't wait until the first person gets his composer reference wrong - "How about Ode to FARKING Joy? LOL11L!"
2004-10-20 09:10:18 AM  
bonus points for using "yob" in a sentence.
2004-10-20 09:10:19 AM  
This coming from the site that routinely brings us celeb boobies and other meaningless garbage.
2004-10-20 09:11:16 AM  
When did we as a society begin to degenerate to the point where we could even begin to comprehend how the names Mozart and Eminem could be written in the same sentance?
2004-10-20 09:11:35 AM  
L*** out my a*******, L*** it till its good and clean.

I challenge Farkers to fill in those blanks! (Besides the obvious)
2004-10-20 09:12:20 AM  
"And there are too many notes. Just cut a few and it'll be perfect."

"Which few did you have in mind, thou puke-gutted asslicking majesty?"
2004-10-20 09:12:40 AM  
Mozart != Eminem. In other words, Mozart != suck.

That is all.
2004-10-20 09:13:38 AM  
2004-10-20 09:14:49 AM  
cheese hammer
2004-10-20 09:14:49 AM  
lick is a swear word?
2004-10-20 09:14:59 AM  
Not surprising.

I thought he he was just a wacko musical genius who liked his liquor and the ladies.
2004-10-20 09:15:14 AM  
Who knew Mozart liked tossed salad.
2004-10-20 09:16:02 AM  
Okay, GCD how about, Loan out my armadilo, Lube it till it's good and clean (had to take out the other "L" to make it fit.)
2004-10-20 09:16:54 AM  
His best symphony was of course "Milk Force 9 in D Major"
2004-10-20 09:17:54 AM  
Eat me Bailey!

//anyone read books anymore?
2004-10-20 09:18:03 AM  
Lend out my Amexcard, Lend it till its good and clean.

/got nothing
2004-10-20 09:19:26 AM  
Oh wait. It's the sun. Where the words "shiate" and "Wipe" go together on a daily basis.

shiat and wipe don't go together for you then?
That's disgusting.
2004-10-20 09:20:44 AM  
Or, Lean out my automobile, Land it till it's good and clean.
/automobile is too long :(
2004-10-20 09:21:05 AM  
The Magic Skinflute?
2004-10-20 09:21:18 AM  

Okay, GCD how about, Loan out my armadilo, Lube it till it's good and clean (had to take out the other "L" to make it fit.)

Or how about Armadildo
2004-10-20 09:21:49 AM  
How on Earth, can someone mention Mozart and eM&Ms in the same sentence? OMG LOL WTF AHA! SUXX00rz
2004-10-20 09:22:31 AM  
People fart backwards!
2004-10-20 09:22:48 AM  
Or, Lift out my armpits, lift it till its good and clean

I know, none of these are making sense.
2004-10-20 09:24:25 AM  
This actually isn't bullshiat, there are many scholarly biographies of Mozart that have the same information without the pointless comparisons to modern-day rappers.
2004-10-20 09:24:52 AM  
Leap out my airplane, Land it till its good and clean.
2004-10-20 09:24:59 AM  
Mozart died in 1791, not 1792.

/music geek
//thank you, I'm here all week
///Leck mir's Arschloch aus, leck bis gut und sauber, se vuol ballare signor contino
2004-10-20 09:25:15 AM  
Yeah, I kind of doubt Eminem will still be popular 213 years after he dies.
2004-10-20 09:26:14 AM  
limp out my aswhole.
live out my ageolds?
leap out my angina?

I'll stop now.
2004-10-20 09:27:47 AM  
What a piece of crap article.

[image from too old to be available]Eminem also is profane
2004-10-20 09:29:27 AM  
I dunno. The Sun is often so right about their articles and are dedicated to the truth and all.

What I want to know is if a******* was even a legitimate swearing term in those days.
2004-10-20 09:32:30 AM  
Eminem is more like Count what's-his-name who tried to pawn off a Mozart Requiem as his own.

Walsagg also pulled this on other composers.
2004-10-20 09:32:46 AM  
Lick is now a profanity?

Personally I think 'Moist' is a filthy, filthy word, and should be banned.
2004-10-20 09:33:40 AM  
LaughingGremlin said "moist"!
2004-10-20 09:35:06 AM  
Er... yeah, there was meant to be more to that last comment... I appear to have used some sort of voodoo HTML to make my punchline disappear.

As it wasn't funny anyway, I'll just skulk off and sit in the corner now.
2004-10-20 09:36:46 AM  
I must say,

2004-10-20 09:38:53 AM  
Eminem is more like Count what's-his-name who tried to pawn off a Mozart Requiem as his own.

2004-10-20 09:39:51 AM  
Yeah, arsehole was used as a word back then. So was its German cousin Arschloch, which Mozart would have no doubt known.
2004-10-20 09:40:44 AM  
I hear he wrote dirty limericks under the pen name Roger Arseways.
2004-10-20 09:42:23 AM  

C'mon, tell us the joke?
2004-10-20 09:45:25 AM  
Mozart was a foul-mouthed yob, who swore like a drunken sailor,
and Schubert couldn't stop his gob, he'd even cuss out his tailor.
Rachmannoff would often spout off, obscenities to make you shudder
And Brahms would howl, in language most foul, opinions from the gutter.
2004-10-20 09:47:17 AM  
"Mozart was a foul-mouthed yob ..."--

Or a chav, if you prefer...
2004-10-20 09:49:23 AM  
Nickels Dimes Quarters!
/next to nothing

Yob tvoyu mat
/almost something
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