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60596 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2004 at 8:44 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-20 02:24:44 AM  
That is the weirdest thing I've seen all day.
2004-10-20 04:20:16 AM  
Anna Nicole stop taking her TRIMSPA"
2004-10-20 04:20:50 AM  
At least something SUN related seems to be inflating.
2004-10-20 04:22:15 AM  
(dude Zedrek, we both made 420!)
2004-10-20 06:43:22 AM  
Poor ugly round fish!
2004-10-20 07:52:29 AM  
If its dead and washes up in New Zealand, it's going to get greenlighted.
2004-10-20 08:47:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

this is the monster i'm thinking about today
2004-10-20 08:49:14 AM  
He looks so sad, like it's no fun being a big dead rotting sunfish.
2004-10-20 08:50:16 AM  
Where's the Gorton's Fisherman when you need him? Fish sticks for everyone!
2004-10-20 08:50:34 AM  
reminds me of an STP song ;)
2004-10-20 08:50:55 AM  
Wow, nothin like clickin a link and seeing your ex-girlfriend sunning on a beach in New Zeland.....
2004-10-20 08:52:03 AM  
Hey, Cleetus...them New Zealand folk have bigass bream that weigh a ton. No shiat, lets go on down there, bring your night crawlers!
2004-10-20 08:52:41 AM  
More bait?
2004-10-20 08:55:17 AM  
Sigmund, we hardly knew ye.
2004-10-20 08:55:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not exactly 'lookers' are they?
2004-10-20 08:56:58 AM  
In today's issue of "Where Are They Now?": Roseanne Barr
2004-10-20 08:57:19 AM  
Jeebus, and I thought I looked bad in the water...
2004-10-20 08:58:41 AM  
There was a sunfish sighted in the English Channel last year (a live one) - they normally inhabit tropical waters.

/I like tits fish
2004-10-20 08:59:08 AM  

The name of the place is "Farewell Spit". Coincedence?
2004-10-20 08:59:44 AM  
Anyone for fish fingers downunder?
2004-10-20 08:59:55 AM  
New Zealand? That's that fat fark who directed all those gay D&D movies with the midgets.
2004-10-20 09:01:11 AM  
they had a couple of them at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for awhile, they're quite huge.
2004-10-20 09:02:36 AM  
It looks like an enlarged Billy Bass (link contains a bit of swearing).
2004-10-20 09:03:00 AM  
Sunfish Fry
Almost any favorite sunfish will make a great fry. Make sure you have enough filleted fish for a substantial meal.
(I think we're ok in this situation)

spices: salt, pepper, thyme, tarragon
vegetable oil

1. Dip the fillets into whipped egg, then into flour to which you've added the spices.
2. Fry in a light vegetable oil until flaky.
3. Serve immediately.
2004-10-20 09:03:45 AM  
Holy Shiat.......that thing looks like one of those pet rock thingies that you win at the fair.
2004-10-20 09:04:07 AM  
I, for one, welcome our giant dead bloated fishy-the-hutt overloards.
2004-10-20 09:04:21 AM  
I've never seen a sunfish before. In fact, I've never even heard of a sunfish before. Weird looking things, aren't they?
2004-10-20 09:06:27 AM  
It's yo momma!
2004-10-20 09:07:08 AM  
sure it's ugly and rotting on a beach, but when you look with your heart instead or your eyes... ... @#$%, I've got no sympathy for dead fish
2004-10-20 09:09:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Looks drunk ...
2004-10-20 09:10:14 AM  
Very surprised that nobody's already said this, but:

I'd hit it.
2004-10-20 09:11:28 AM  
el nino harbinger?
2004-10-20 09:13:10 AM  
what's a tonne?
2004-10-20 09:13:15 AM  
Mola Mola

2004-10-20 09:13:40 AM  
I think it's drooling. And it appears to be looking at that guy. It's a trap! Get out of there man!
2004-10-20 09:13:51 AM  
Is it a flatfish? I mean, clearly it's flat now, but are those holes on top its eyes, and the one on the side its mouth?

At 3m, probably that's a 'maw'.
2004-10-20 09:15:05 AM  
Originally posted by: CabinBoy

I think it's drooling. And it appears to be looking at that guy. It's a trap! Get out of there man!

Guy? Isn't that a girl?
2004-10-20 09:15:28 AM  
Jesus. I've just realised where Grandfather Flump has been all these years...

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
Grandfather Flump
2004-10-20 09:15:46 AM  
That is one ugly fish.
2004-10-20 09:18:22 AM  
"Nemo...the Later Years. A tale of Pills, Pandering and Pescadore Fame"

/got nuthin'
2004-10-20 09:19:19 AM  
Photoshop op? Eh eh?
That thing is Fugly! DAMN!
2004-10-20 09:19:55 AM  
usrid0, those sunfish are still there. took my kids to the aquarium earlier this year.
2004-10-20 09:20:19 AM  
Looks like the punch line to a '... priceless' parady.
2004-10-20 09:20:19 AM  
Link seems to be farked. May I 'ave anotha'?
2004-10-20 09:21:19 AM  
I thought maybe it was Rover from The Prisoner...
2004-10-20 09:21:41 AM  
nevermind, it's back up.

/stoopid compewters...
2004-10-20 09:22:00 AM  
Once when I was a kid, I was running along a beach without a care in the world, I jumped over a rock and when I landed it was right onto the rotting, bald and bloated carcass of a calf that had been in the water a LONG time. My foot went right through the flesh and inside to the gooey parts.

Theres nothing quite like the feeling of putrid calf entrails between your toes and all over your legs. mmm! Good times.
2004-10-20 09:25:03 AM  
Mola Mola... hoping to see one in Bali next week.

/scuba geek
2004-10-20 09:27:08 AM  
Looks like billy bass because largemouth bass are sunfish, as are bluegill,etc. This is an ocean sunfish which looks just like the pic while alive and swims with its dorsal fin and what I've assumed is its anal fin. Really weird to watch, but cool none the less.
2004-10-20 09:30:51 AM  
I thought it was this big round...
[image from too old to be available]
/asshat tag where are u?
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