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(New York Daily News)   Guy amazed people are questioning his production of dolls of famous Nazis.   ( divider line
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2002-02-15 01:38:15 PM  
but.. are they action figures? can we use GI Joes and other toys to beat up on them?
2002-02-15 01:38:26 PM  
2002-02-15 01:38:44 PM  
Ah, but do they have the patented Kung Fu Grip?
2002-02-15 01:39:12 PM  
France surrenders.
2002-02-15 01:39:40 PM  
I want to make my Jesus and Hitler action figures fight. Not like those crappy LJN WWF figures either.
2002-02-15 01:43:32 PM  
If he had started the series with Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower etc he probably would have been ok.
2002-02-15 01:45:53 PM  
I wonder if he will make any Holocaust survivor dolls
2002-02-15 01:46:41 PM  
Someone tell me when this guy makes a figure of Erwin Rommel. Then my GI Joe George Patton figure can have someone's guts to step on.

You're never too old for a GI Joe!
2002-02-15 01:47:04 PM  
boo farkin hoo.

I bet a lot more people find whoopie cusions offensive, maybe those should stop being produced.
2002-02-15 01:47:39 PM  
Isn't this the same guys who made/marketed the Great Jewish leader dolls a few years back? Have he no shame?
2002-02-15 01:49:44 PM  
Malibu Hitler!!!
2002-02-15 01:50:02 PM  
I can't remember the movie, but...

We're going to the Barbie museum!

Ohhhhhh, Klaus Barbie....
2002-02-15 01:50:22 PM  
I am coming out with a line of action figures based on famous serial killers.
Charles Manson
Jeffery Dahmer
Andrew Cunanen
Green River Killer
Ted Bundy
David Berkowitz.
2002-02-15 01:52:45 PM  
Be the first on your block to own the new "Tickle Me Himmler" doll!
2002-02-15 01:53:23 PM  
I would buy serial killer dolls, they would go great with my serial killer collector cards I have had for years.
2002-02-15 01:54:23 PM  
$ 170 dollars what redneck white supremist can afford that,

Oh well time to sell the Camaro to get me sum of them dollies.
2002-02-15 01:54:57 PM  
I am coming out with a line of action figures based on famous farkers.
2002-02-15 01:57:33 PM  
Bass555: That was Rat Race....Jon Lovitz doing a Hitler impersonation to WWII vetrans was hilarious.
2002-02-15 01:57:40 PM  
2002-02-15 01:59:03 PM  
LUPA: you mean they won't call it 'Tickle Me Hitler'?

2002-02-15 02:00:40 PM  
Boo hoo! Someone might be offended so we shouldn't do this!
While we're at it, let's not even talk about Hitler and the Third Reich. Let's forget about the holocaust so everyone can feel good. Those bad things never really happened. It was just a story to scare people. It's a doll; not a clone of Hitler.
2002-02-15 02:00:58 PM  
I think he should expand the line to Col Klink and Sgt Schultz dolls. Now THOSE I would buy!
2002-02-15 02:01:10 PM  
must close HTML tag.....
2002-02-15 02:03:16 PM  
maybe they could adorn them with a gentle swastika, not racist swastikas, make it ok for the kiddos.
2002-02-15 02:04:26 PM  
I would LOVE a Hitler doll.

More specifically, I would use an overly endowed Billy Doll to love that Hitler doll up the butt.
Again and again, with only the rough, rough lube of hatred.
Oh yeah, work that Fuhrer.

2002-02-15 02:05:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-15 02:06:14 PM  
There already are mass market SS troopers and other types of WWII soldiers in the 12" range, with highly detailed uniforms and equipment. They even make some Vietnam era soldiers, including Viet-Cong.
And, I've seen Rommel, Ike, Monty, Patton and even STALIN with a big old "I had 20 million of my people murdered" grin on his face. These were all in a Toys-R-Us!

What this guy is doing is putting a new head on a pre-fab body and making/modifying some uniforms for them, big deal. Its not like they are kids toys, whats next, will the History Channel be barred from showing color film of Hitler cause it makes him to 'real'?
2002-02-15 02:06:47 PM  
2002-02-15 02:08:18 PM  
" comes Goring in his 1944 Beetle! Ready for another racy weekend at his Fantasy Frau Dream House." Beetle and Beetle Batteries not included. Fantasy Frau does not actually scream........
2002-02-15 02:12:03 PM  
I was looking for that picture of Jimmy Page in the SS uniform from the '77 Led-Zeppelin North American tour.
No luck.
2002-02-15 02:13:27 PM  
What exactly will someone with "sinister intentions" DO with one of these? Which lead us to our next question: Does the come with the battery pack conversion kit to make it into a Hitler dildo?
2002-02-15 02:14:50 PM  
Tatoo Billy and Carlos

[image from too old to be available]

Ok the now how bad do those Nazi dolls look?
2002-02-15 02:14:57 PM  
Yes, the sooner we forget about WW2 the better off we will be.
2002-02-15 02:15:06 PM  
Probably easier to find a picture of Keith Moon in his...
2002-02-15 02:16:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
BruiserX-holocaust doll?
2002-02-15 02:17:24 PM  
If you've got Barbies around, it'll be easy to do some crossdresser Hitler poses...
2002-02-15 02:18:11 PM  
Someone is going to make stop motion film with these over-articulated monstrosities and bring back the third reich! It's going to be World War III! Oh dear, I think I've got the vapors!
2002-02-15 02:19:24 PM  
Rommel would be great, I have a copy of his book on tactics "Attacks", that sits by my copy of "The Art of War". That reminds me, I need a new copy of Von Clausewitz.

2002-02-15 02:32:10 PM  
"Look, he's even got socks on."
Well now that he mentioned that I'll take 2.
2002-02-15 02:35:09 PM  
Probably a disturbing question, but will this guy be making Bin Laden dolls sixty years from now?
Well his grandson anyway.
2002-02-15 02:35:52 PM  
slayer- found some
2002-02-15 02:51:12 PM  
I tell you, if he had made Stalin dolls now one would have shiat. And Stalin killed way more people then Hitler.
2002-02-15 03:03:18 PM  
ShamelessPlug: Thanks, now my monitor has the contents of a can of Coke all over it.
2002-02-15 03:04:48 PM  
Coming soon -- the Kurt Waldheim doll. He valkz! He talkz! He roundz up Jewz! He remembers nothing!
2002-02-15 03:06:49 PM  
I bet if you put the dolls with an EASY BAKE OVEN you'd have a pretty cool play set!

(waiting for the jerk feedback on this comment...)
2002-02-15 03:11:40 PM  
Hey, didja hear about the new German microwave?

It seats twelve.
2002-02-15 03:12:53 PM  
Hey id love to see a photoshop of action figure farkers!
Oh and trading cards.
2002-02-15 03:21:57 PM  
Heil Led-Zeppelin (Kudos to Halpas),
2002-02-15 03:21:58 PM  
i wAs wOnDeRiNg mOrE aBoUt tHe pRodUcTiOn oF hOlOcAuSt uN-sUrViVoR uN-aCtIoN fIgUrEs, cOmPlEtE wItH cOoKwArE!
2002-02-15 03:21:58 PM  
art my ass.
this guy has some serious issues.
I hope someone beats him with a hitler doll.
Wouldnt that be ironic?
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