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(AZCentral)   Canadian reporter at Olympics kicked out of hotel after locking himself out of his room while naked.   ( divider line
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4375 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2002 at 12:22 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-15 12:24:10 PM  
Let me be the first to say "Blame Canada"...
2002-02-15 12:25:33 PM  
It was Alex Lifeson looking for that man-love
2002-02-15 12:25:34 PM  
Silly humans! Seriously though, how many hotels DON'T have this happen periodically?
2002-02-15 12:25:35 PM  
that almost happened me one night *cringe* got disorientated ended up out in hallway ..hilariaty (sp) ensued
2002-02-15 12:25:50 PM  
what was he doing out of his room nekid? nevermind.
2002-02-15 12:26:03 PM  
Finally! Not as good as hash toking or coke snorting, but it's a start.
2002-02-15 12:26:09 PM  
It's cold out here, eh?
2002-02-15 12:26:59 PM  
Happens all the time on TV
2002-02-15 12:27:09 PM  
What a hoser.
2002-02-15 12:27:20 PM  
Maybe it's the fake platic medal he had hanging on his penis?
2002-02-15 12:28:29 PM  
Should have been in Germany, then it would have been art!
2002-02-15 12:29:06 PM  
I'm telling you, it was the Russians fault.
2002-02-15 12:29:20 PM  
...oh wow! that happened to me in Vancouver in '83 whilst sleep walking!!!!
2002-02-15 12:29:45 PM  
Alex Lifeson isn't gay. Keep your homosexual fantasies to yourself.
Although maybe Bryan Adams wouldn't mind being in that fantasy.
2002-02-15 12:30:08 PM  
I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
2002-02-15 12:30:22 PM  
Good day eh
"....Hey Doug is that a naked Canadian running through the lobby of the hotel?
"Shut up and get me another Molson you hoser"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-15 12:30:39 PM  
manly B00bies!
2002-02-15 12:32:08 PM  
...and the french judge surrendered...
2002-02-15 12:32:20 PM  
curling or girling???
2002-02-15 12:33:37 PM  
The hotel manager is in cahoots with the Russians, France surrenders.
2002-02-15 12:35:08 PM  
Bloke i know got stuck in his hotel room shower cubicle - naked, obviously. couldn't open the door, ended up yelling for help until a maid came in; she ran out (scared of the screaming naked guy) and got the manager - who came and pulled the door open. my colleague had somehow assumed the hinges were on the other side. boy did he look like a terrifying mentalist pervert. hmm...
2002-02-15 12:35:14 PM  
Canadians win the gold in the 500m public humiliation event!
2002-02-15 12:38:23 PM  
I got locked out of my hotel room once wearing nothing but my boxers...on my head.

Long story.

Suffice to say, sometimes you can't trust hookers.
2002-02-15 12:40:23 PM  
I hope that was'nt a teeneged hooker from Baltimore...
2002-02-15 12:43:32 PM  
At least the laugh's on Gagnon. He says now he's the joke of the games.

Wow, this guy has a high opinion of himself. I'd have to say that French judged is the joke of the games.
2002-02-15 12:46:21 PM  
hey what can i say, we Canadians like to be free!
2002-02-15 12:47:26 PM  
BTEzra420 - I love you!
That pic is classic canadian television.
Us silly canadians eh? Always at it.
2002-02-15 12:49:09 PM  
I think France needs to surrender
2002-02-15 12:54:49 PM  
Wasn't that a Bud Lite commercial?
2002-02-15 12:56:36 PM  
I sort of know how this guy feels, I was staying at this upscale hotel in NM when I went for some ice with just my jeans on and I got locked out, I really felt like a moron going down to the front desk looking like Homer J.
2002-02-15 12:58:36 PM  
ur welcome DirtyGirl
Happy Birthday, eh
2002-02-15 01:00:55 PM  
Thanks, eh? ;)
2002-02-15 01:02:02 PM  
2002-02-15 01:03:18 PM  
Happy 23'rd! Have a few Molsons and send me the tab!

(Now let's see how long before someone brings up threadjacking even though you're not the one who brought your birthday into this thread.)
2002-02-15 01:04:43 PM  
Oh yeah, as for the reporter, I thought that this stuff only happens in movies. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
2002-02-15 01:05:30 PM  
2002-02-15 01:12:29 PM  
Best thing Canada ever produced was:

5 Neat Guys
2002-02-15 01:16:58 PM  
Bass555: We are in disagreement, Cheese! Moxy Fruvous gets my vote!
2002-02-15 01:21:02 PM  
SLH: I'll see you and raise you "The Happy Wanderers"
2002-02-15 01:22:10 PM  
Does the reporter like meatloaf?
2002-02-15 01:24:14 PM  
I haven't seen Canada get this much news coverage uh...hmmm...rr...well ever!
2002-02-15 01:25:54 PM  
I think there was a Mr. Bean episode like this. He should have hid his genitals with an exit sign.

What kind of stick was up the managers ass anyway?
2002-02-15 01:26:51 PM  
I'm thinking it was a Mormon stick.
2002-02-15 01:32:51 PM  
Diogenes: Sadly though it was only a bronze; and there's concern that he was using performance enhancing drugs.
2002-02-15 01:50:35 PM  
Speaking of nekid canadians - I'd love to see that Julie Sale chic in the buff. (fyi - she's the figure skating chic who got robbed of a gold medal by the russians)
2002-02-15 02:09:03 PM  
As of like 1:00 today she no longer got robbed.
2002-02-15 02:19:10 PM  
French judge gave him a quatre--didn't measure up.
2002-02-15 02:33:11 PM  
full story

Jamie Sale should get into a catfight with that French judge. I'd pay to see that.
2002-02-15 02:35:05 PM  
What was going on in this guys mind?

"Here I am, naked in my room, eh? Maybe I should put some clothes on... no no i MUST MUST have the newspaper NOW! No time for clothing!"

or maybe

"I've never understood those stupid Americans and how they can read with their clothes on." ... click.
2002-02-15 02:39:20 PM  
Hotel manager was pissed when the naked guy asked, "Is it just me, or is it mormon here?"
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