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(   Tucker Carlson thinks he won the debate with Jon Stewart; is still a dick   ( divider line
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48378 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2004 at 6:50 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-18 06:50:31 PM  
Pshh, loser
2004-10-18 06:50:45 PM  
Subscription required?
2004-10-18 06:51:03 PM  
must register.

2004-10-18 06:51:20 PM  
Can't read the article but I don't know how he could think he won since he was obviously scrambling in the video to defend is pathetic show.
2004-10-18 06:51:30 PM  
Work to see it?

Pfft, nuts to that
2004-10-18 06:51:47 PM  
He wears a bowtie. End of discussion.
2004-10-18 06:52:12 PM  
Does Mr. Carlson also think W. won any of the three debates?
2004-10-18 06:52:16 PM  
Tucker Carlson is a whore.
2004-10-18 06:52:23 PM  

Castrate the submitter.
2004-10-18 06:52:40 PM  
One of the things that really makes me hate that guy is that he would insult Jon Stewart right before the break and not give Jon a chance to respond. Then he'd come back from the break as if nothing ever happened.

It's A-Holes like him that give republicans a bad name. (Im an independent)
2004-10-18 06:52:56 PM  
Won? Won what exactly? I haven't RTFA, gimme some cookie and i'll do so.
2004-10-18 06:53:04 PM  
Well said submitter, well said.
2004-10-18 06:53:17 PM  
I thought CNN requires drug tests.
2004-10-18 06:53:17 PM  
first off, the submitter is a dick because i can't read the article without first becoming a slave to the Kansas City Star.

secondly, Carlson is just being a typical right-winger: he's just maintaining his ignorance to the truth.

thirdlly, Jon Stewart rules all and should run for office.

/Counting in sentences can be fun
2004-10-18 06:53:45 PM  
His wife was my middle school religion teacher, no joke.

She is very cute too.
2004-10-18 06:53:51 PM  
does anyone have a login for the site?
2004-10-18 06:54:11 PM  
Posted on Mon, Oct. 18, 2004
Senior Housing Information

CNN's Tucker Carlson, Jon Stewart Feuding


Associated Press

NEW YORK - How's this for a feud that straddles the line between politics and entertainment: CNN's bow-tied conservative Tucker Carlson vs. "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

Carlson on Monday fanned embers still hot from their "Crossfire" confrontation, saying Stewart looked ridiculous during his CNN appearance and was a sellout for publicly backing Democrat John Kerry for president.

Stewart, appearing on the debate show Friday, angered Carlson by saying "Crossfire" is "partisan hackery" that does little to advance the cause of democracy.

And that was the mild stuff.

"You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably," Stewart said.

Responded Carlson: "You need to get a job at a journalism school, I think."

"You need to go to one," Stewart shot back.

Carlson complained that for a comedian, Stewart wasn't being very funny.

"Come on," he said. "Be funny."

"No," Stewart said. "I'm not going to be your monkey."

Carlson chided Stewart for lobbing softball questions when Kerry appeared on "The Daily Show" last month.

Later, Carlson told Stewart he was "more fun" on his Comedy Central show, and Stewart called him a jerk - although he used a more vulgar term.

"I thought that he looked ridiculous," Carlson said in an interview Monday, "and I think the tape makes that clear."

Carlson said Stewart continued lecturing the "Crossfire" crew after the show went off the air. "I wasn't offended as much as I was unimpressed," he said.

Stewart wasn't talking about the confrontation on Monday, a spokesman said. Comedy Central executive Tony Fox said there may be some regret over the vulgarity, but that Stewart has been a longtime critic of cable news networks and their political argument shows.

The comedian hasn't gone out of his way to endorse Kerry. In a public forum last week in New York, he was asked who he would vote for, and he said he'd back the Democrat.

Carlson noted that many of the great comedians kept their political opinions to themselves, not for fear of offending anyone, but because it could hurt their art.

"You're selling out," he said. "If you are a satirist or an acute social observer, and he is, and all of a sudden you suspend disbelief on someone or suck up rather than prod or poke someone, people will look at you and say, `Even if I agree with you, I don't like it,'" he said.

Fox said "The Daily Show" poked fun at people in power, regardless of their party. Most people who watch Stewart are aware that he leans to the left politically.

"I don't think it really impacts the show at all," he said. "The show does what it does regardless of Jon's political persuasion."
2004-10-18 06:54:35 PM  
Spooky, without that bowtie, he woulda just faded into obscurity.
2004-10-18 06:54:45 PM  
Only a dick would think that he won that exchange.

Are there any shows anywhere that feature intelligent debates? I can't think of one. Maybe C-SPAN could televise university debates.
2004-10-18 06:55:01 PM  
"I'm not going to be your monkey."
2004-10-18 06:55:01 PM  
Aww I was beaten.
2004-10-18 06:56:15 PM  
It wasn't a debate. It was theater.
2004-10-18 06:56:29 PM  
I owe Tucker one punch in the stomach
2004-10-18 06:56:38 PM  
2004-10-18 06:56:41 PM  
Tucker Carlson looks like a pedophile with an Orville Redenbocker fixation.
2004-10-18 06:57:03 PM  
I'm independent, slightly right/libertarian and in the past have found Tucker Carlson to be pretty sharp, despite the bow tie.

But this time, Stewart just smacked him down and it was hilarious.
2004-10-18 06:57:11 PM  
There are some comments I need to make regarding Mr. Tucker Carlson. As a preliminary, I want to operate on today's real -- not tomorrow's ideal -- political terrain. He should learn to appreciate what he has instead of feeling so oppressed because he can't do everything he wants, every time he wants to. The most fatuous losers I've ever seen can go right ahead and convict me for saying that at the end of this journey, I want to be able to say that I tried my best to advance a clear, credible, and effective vision for dealing with our present dilemma and its most prodigal manifestations, but History, acting as the goddess of a higher truth and a higher justice, will one day smilingly tear up this verdict, acquitting me of all guilt and blame. Let us not sink to Tucker's level. Let us combat expansionism by exercising our right to speak out, to denounce Tucker's lectures as totally unrepresentative of the values of this society.

I myself cannot believe how many actual, physical, breathing, thinking people have fallen for Tucker's subterfuge. I'm entirely stunned. Tucker would have us believe that his obiter dicta provide a liberating insight into life, the universe, and everything. Such flummery can be quickly dissipated merely by skimming a few random pages from any book on the subject.

Common-sense understanding of human nature tells us that my dream is for tired eyes to open and see clearly, broken spirits to find new energy, and weary arms to find the strength to throw down the gauntlet and challenge his hired goons to make this world a better place in which to live. Tucker's fixation on autism is nothing more than camouflage for a lack of original ideas. Likewise, if Tucker can't stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen. While I can't speak for anyone else, I assert that if he bites me, I will bite back. And that, in my view, is our real problem.
2004-10-18 06:57:17 PM  
Republicans should eat penis.

/And I will fart in their soup
2004-10-18 06:57:24 PM  
Tell me this man/boy is not a dick

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-18 06:57:28 PM  
"Mr. Carlson,you're a dick."

[image from too old to be available]

2004-10-18 06:57:30 PM  
Tucker Carlson: "You should be teaching at a journalism school."

Jon Stewart: "You should go to one."
2004-10-18 06:58:07 PM  
Jon Stewart made several great points on Crotch-fire and Tucker didn't know how to react to an educated journalist who's not wrapped up in truth distortion like other journalists.

continue flame war...
2004-10-18 06:58:44 PM  
Wow, i read it three times and it didnt change :-P

Thanks for lettin the rest of us be lazy
2004-10-18 06:59:02 PM  
Who? From where? What? It's a TV show? In America?

Yeah, way to keep your name in the press, Captain Bowtie.
2004-10-18 06:59:11 PM  
I watched the "debate", and it wasn't nearly the slugfest all the fanboys said it was. That said, Stewart clowned Bowtie pretty handily.
2004-10-18 06:59:23 PM  
And after seeing Team America, we all know what happens to dicks.
2004-10-18 06:59:54 PM  
Stewart was a prick. Gotta love how he hid behind the veil of "I'm just a comedian!".
2004-10-18 07:00:14 PM  
1- It wasn't a debate so there can't really be a 'winner'.

2. Stewart leveled serious charges of failing in their duty to advance the public understanding at both Carlson AND the left-sdie Paul Begala-yet bowtie-boy acts like it was just he who was under the gun by making it a lib-con thing, which it wasn't.

3. Stewart made some valid points and neither guy had much of a comeback to them

4. Carlson is a dick.
2004-10-18 07:00:23 PM  
Jon Stewart is an entertainer/Comedian. People seem to forget that.
2004-10-18 07:00:27 PM  
Liebowitz is a vulgar a-hole.
2004-10-18 07:00:32 PM  
Jon Stewart made several great points on Crotch-fire and Tucker didn't know how to react to an educated journalist who's not wrapped up in truth distortion like other journalists.

Jon Stewart, while in my opinion is a great comedian, is not a journalist.

Please don't go around saying that he is because he certainly isn't.
2004-10-18 07:00:37 PM  
Jon, you are a great american, and perform a service to us all.
2004-10-18 07:00:45 PM  
Heh, with Tucker denying the obvious, he's moved past dick and now he's a full-fledged cock.
2004-10-18 07:01:06 PM  
Yeah Tucker reminds me of all those repugs who thought bush won the debates. Losers
2004-10-18 07:01:12 PM  
Glad I registered to read a freakin' AP article...

/Didn't really register
2004-10-18 07:01:19 PM  
Stewart: Your show sucks because its premise is that all political discourse must be reduced to a talking-point-driven pissing contest between democrats and republicans.

Carlson: Your opinion sucks because you support John Kerry.

Stewart: See?

Carlson: Yes, now leave me alone to practice my douchebaggery.
2004-10-18 07:01:22 PM  
Bow tie boy won the exchange? On what planet? Oh yeah, the bizzaro GOP one.
2004-10-18 07:01:32 PM  
Gotta love how he hid behind the veil of "I'm just a comedian!"

But, he is a comedian. I don't get it, when were comedians supposed to become journalists?

The only reason he decided to speak out was because he was on a show he thoughts was that point, he was not being a comedian (he was still funny), just a concerned citized.
But on his show...all comedian. I don't get how it is confusing.
2004-10-18 07:02:21 PM  
Why would anyone register to see the recycled tripe from that paper?
2004-10-18 07:03:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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