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(Mainichi Daily News)   Desperate women use pumpkins in cute little hats to get pregnant   ( divider line
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20783 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2004 at 9:08 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-18 09:13:01 AM  
Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

2004-10-18 09:13:32 AM  
ok then.
2004-10-18 09:14:21 AM  
The power of positive thought in action....

2004-10-18 09:14:21 AM  
Wow, not even the TFers saw fit to comment on this.
2004-10-18 09:14:22 AM  
Do you have to get them drunk first? Yes...must buy pumpkins

/so lonely
2004-10-18 09:14:30 AM  
Some use a good dickin'
2004-10-18 09:15:52 AM  
Somehow the short headlines on the left of that page were more interesting than the story.

"Suckling Sugar Moms"? I was too afraid to click that one.
2004-10-18 09:16:12 AM  
Slow news day, eh?
2004-10-18 09:18:36 AM  
They're out of their gourds!

2004-10-18 09:18:48 AM  
and this was greenlit because....
2004-10-18 09:19:08 AM  
it's like a chain email only in article form and with pumpkins
2004-10-18 09:19:46 AM  
"When I gave a woman having trouble getting along with others and struggling to overcome a failed relationship, it went wrotten within a week."
So "a woman" remains the subject of the quote. Good writing, you wacky Japanese!
2004-10-18 09:20:06 AM  
Warranty Booooooooooooo
2004-10-18 09:24:06 AM  
When there's frost on the pumpkin it's time for "peter dunkin'"
2004-10-18 09:24:48 AM  
2004-10-18 09:25:04 AM  
Oh my God, put me down for ten of these.
2004-10-18 09:25:12 AM  
Assahata says its true!
2004-10-18 09:25:21 AM  
Good writing, you wacky Japanese!

Actually gaijins are translating Japanese news & articles on this site for our eye-widening edification.
2004-10-18 09:26:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/didn't RTFA
2004-10-18 09:26:28 AM  
I think that instead of a pumpkin, they need a good pumpin'
2004-10-18 09:26:28 AM  
Darkhop - how about this one?

Sex Volunteer Corps kindly share
expertise with desperate virgins
2004-10-18 09:28:21 AM  
Worthless with out pics...

(had to be said)

2004-10-18 09:29:39 AM  
The domain is spelled incorrectly in TFA.

[image from too old to be available]
2500 yen for the big one, 2000 yen for the smaller one.

I don't see any hats, just a gourd with pair of wings pinned to it.

They're also selling some boquets with tougarashi (hot peppers) in them.

/this parrot gourd only had wings on because they were nailed there
2004-10-18 09:30:26 AM  
Ryann Connell did for racial bullshiat what Stonehenge did for rocks.
2004-10-18 09:31:42 AM  
Asako Kawahara, the 46-year-old housewife with the magical pumpkin touch

The Great Pumpkin was unavailable for comment.
2004-10-18 09:32:57 AM  
OK, OK, I'll sign up for TotalFark, just stop greenlighting these stupid things.
2004-10-18 09:33:12 AM  
If women just want to get pregnant I wouldn't mind helping. So long as they ain't too homely.

/too low for fat hoes
2004-10-18 09:35:54 AM  
It's good to know that America doesn't have a monopoly on stupid, gullible people.

"I did X, and 3 months later, Y happened. Without any further evidence, I have assumed a causal relationship between X and Y."
2004-10-18 09:36:44 AM  
w00t! Tenshi no kabocha! Kawaii ne
2004-10-18 09:37:04 AM  
Keep my wife the hell away from the pumpkins!
2004-10-18 09:37:45 AM  
Pumpkins, the amazing new fertility deity, also wards off evil and promises of marraige.
2004-10-18 09:38:40 AM  
I suppose I should be casting about for stupid things people might buy. That's the way to get rich; don't try to make anything useful to the world, just make something stupid for the hard-working laborers to squander their savings on.
2004-10-18 09:44:40 AM  
A couple tips to help increase chances of pregnancy:

1. Put the pumpkin down.

2. Have a man insert his hoo-haw in your cha-cha.

3. Repeat if desired.

/Expecting first child in December.
2004-10-18 09:49:08 AM  
wow- this could very well open up whole new industry of love foods;

love unagi. love shrimp. love dove. love natto.

they need all the help they can get... what with their upcoming population crises, lack of humping, etc.
2004-10-18 09:49:11 AM  
I'll help them get pregnant. I won't give up until they are! (I'm dedicated)
2004-10-18 09:49:23 AM  
"Another bachelor who really hated being around people got one of my pumpkins and his life turned for the better. He became a different man, trying his hand at whatever challenge was thrust up before him."

Dear god in heaven, somebody stop the mainichi translators!
2004-10-18 09:56:52 AM  
Yeah, I noticed someone had a little too much fun with that one.
2004-10-18 10:00:29 AM  
Here's my take on the whole pumpkin preggie thing:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-10-18 10:02:12 AM  
Although I never wear a hat and certainly have no wings, I vow to do my best to aid in the plight of these poor women.

Fatties need not apply.
2004-10-18 10:16:40 AM  
OK, OK, I'll sign up for TotalFark, just stop greenlighting these stupid things.

Hehe. I guess their membership drive didn't go as well as they had hoped, and this is how they take it out on us.
2004-10-18 10:17:09 AM  
Forget the pregnant part but I'd take on if it would would give me even one night with this incredible woman I work with.
She's so drop dead gorgeous that every time I see her it's like seeing her for the first time. She's tall and lithe with blond hair. Not only that but she's smart and has a good sense of humor.

Sadly, I'm married and she probably wouldn't be interested even if I weren't
2004-10-18 10:20:08 AM  
It's a superstitious thing -- and the reason it works is because it makes the 'user' subconsciously enter a more positive state of mind, hence a more healthy pregnancy and hormones working differently.

Same as people who believe a black cat crossing their path is a bad thing... they will be in a negative state of mind if it happens to them, meaning the chance of something bad happening is increased.

And triskaidephobics get all nervous on 'the day' and loads of bad stuff happens...

Stay positive - a positive attitude = success and happiness
2004-10-18 10:29:34 AM  
Isnt there or should be a story about a pumpkin humper by now? There is atleast one that gets caught a year.

/laughed hard at last years.
//amazing what useless crap i store in my brain
2004-10-18 10:54:41 AM  
I'd laugh, but I have a horseshoe on top of my front door for good luck.

Hey, it works whether you believe it or not. ;)
2004-10-18 11:02:06 AM  

Especially when it drops on a burgler's head huh?
2004-10-18 11:22:00 AM  
I hope this doesn't apply to Jack'O Lanterns as well. We've got a pumpkin sitting outside ready for Hallowe'en and I sure as hell don't want to be pregnant. In fact... it's even sitting right outside my bedroom window, the same bedroom where my boyfriend and I...


I think I better take a baseball bat to it, just to be on the safe side.
2004-10-18 11:30:47 AM  
OK, OK, I'll sign up for TotalFark, just stop greenlighting these stupid things.

And once a TotalFarker, you won't care what's greenlighted! (or shouldn't care)
2004-10-18 11:35:24 AM  
SO DESU NEE ^_________^
2004-10-18 12:19:17 PM  
If a woman has had a hysterectomy, does this thing force her to adopt children "from rustic Kagoshima"?

/Stayin' away from those pumpkins
2004-10-18 12:34:16 PM  
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