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(Some Guy)   Shirt Police arrest women at Bush rally. Thought Police coming soon   ( divider line
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53116 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2004 at 2:32 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-18 12:08:46 AM  
Damn liberals that'll learn em.

Protect their civil liberties indeed. The root of the damn word liberty is LIBERAL.

We all know America's better off without that.
2004-10-18 12:08:47 AM  
Women get arrested for wearing shirts that say Protect Our Civil Liberties. I would point out the irony in this situation but I am busy looking for jobs in Canada right now.
2004-10-18 12:11:07 AM  
President Bush taught three Oregon schoolteachers a new lesson in irony

Was their sense of irony the same sense of "irony" that plagues Fark submitters?
2004-10-18 12:11:52 AM  
I was so hoping the shirt police required the women to remove shirts. And then I was hoping to get that job.
2004-10-18 12:12:14 AM  
Let's hear it Bush apologists - come tell us how nobody's civil liberties are being infringed upon.
2004-10-18 12:17:28 AM  
Damn liberty has no place at a Bush / Cheney Republican rally.

Everyone knows if you have to protect your LIBERALities that you already must think they're in jeopardy. If you think they're in jeopardy, you obviously don't think that keeping America STRONG is important. If you don't think keeping America STRONG is important, more important than some non important LIBERALities, then you must be one of the terrorists or terrorist sympathizers, and have no business being at a Bush / Cheney Republican rally.

God Bless Republicans.
2004-10-18 12:17:52 AM  
"The U.S. Constitution was not available on site for comment, but expressed in a written statement support for the freedom of speech and of the press among other civil liberties," a Democratic news release said."

Sounds like a classic Fark comment to me.
2004-10-18 12:17:53 AM  
This is a truly scary article.

If it's all true I might be on the job hunt as well....
2004-10-18 12:19:39 AM  
Dear Undecided Voters:

Please decide.

Yours truly,
2004-10-18 12:20:38 AM  
dudes, seriously, what the fark is with this? whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly? in what kind of farking country can you be threatened with ARREST for a farking T-SHIRT?
2004-10-18 12:24:38 AM  
I'm always wary of articles like this. I know cops. My friends are cops. Cops tend not to want to arrest you for stupid crap, too much work. Off-duty rent-a-cops, maybe. That being said, there's a pretty steady stream of stories like this coming out.

While there may or may not be more to the story, I'd like to point out that when I went to an Edwards rally the night after the VP debate, he pointed out that we didn't even have to sign loyalty oaths or nothing. Much less Which was a good point, I thought.

We were asked not to bring signs. Couple of people in the back did, and they were just ignored by everyone, including the cops. I didn't even see if they were pro or anti Kerry.
2004-10-18 12:26:26 AM  
bleargh.... time for bed.

Should read... Much less have our clothing screened.
2004-10-18 12:29:09 AM  
I'd just like to point out that since they were arrested for wearing shirts asking to protect civil liberties, and this presumably because the people working for the Bush campaign assumed (correctly) for these shirts to be anti-Bush, we have a pretty reasonable idea where the Bush administrations stands.

Please vote these bastards out of office.
2004-10-18 12:33:33 AM  
I got kicked out of a concert for singing along too loud.

I got kicked out a movie theater for having sex in the back row.

I got kicked out of a bar for being drunk.

I got kicked out of somebody's house for making a rude comment.

None of the above actually happened. My point? The orqanizers of a private event can ask anyone, anytime to leave the premises for any reason. Or no reason at all. If they refuse to leave, the police will remove them.
2004-10-18 12:34:56 AM  
What kind of man actually reads the text on a woman's t-shirt!?
2004-10-18 12:35:07 AM  
"orqanizers" ?? Wow. You know what I meant.
2004-10-18 12:38:53 AM  
Were they Bush supporters? It never really says, but says a lot about the DNC's response. Something tells me there's more to the story since the DNC seems pretty well aware of what happened to these ladies.
2004-10-18 12:39:02 AM  
I'm on to your tomfoolery Generation_D.
2004-10-18 12:45:30 AM  
Everyone knows freedom of speech isn't protected under the Ten Commandments. Jesus, when will people get this stuff?
2004-10-18 12:52:05 AM  
The point is not were the organizers within their rights to ask these people to leave.

The point is the organizers put the cops (and by the way, Bush 'tards, rent-a-cops have no power to arrest)up to arresting these people.

They didn't ask them to leave. They just ARRESTED them. That is what you call intimidation.

And you know what? I seriously doubt the off-duty cops they hired for this event were left-wing liberals, if you catch my drift..

These ladies, in fact, have one hell of a lawsuit against these organizers. Not only did they have tickets, and not only did they not cause a commotion, but they were arrested without just cause and forced to leave an event they were legally INVITED to.

And why did the cops want their tickets back? Simple: No proof they actually attended the event. No proof = no lawsuit.

Well, one ticket made it out. SUCKERS.... SEE YA IN COURT!!!!!
2004-10-18 12:58:57 AM  
luxdsg -

They weren't arrested.
2004-10-18 01:04:07 AM  
according to the article, another lady was for saying "no" when cheney said that bush had made the world a safer place.
2004-10-18 01:32:29 AM  
If you asshats re-elect this man, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET.
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-10-18 02:40:26 AM  
one of the women arrested was named Tania Tong.

that's the hottest name i've ever heard.
2004-10-18 02:40:35 AM  
collapsing shrooming hippies are so funny!
2004-10-18 02:41:27 AM  
Well in Eugene, if you show up to a kerry rally with bush apparell on you get assaulted, so it goes both ways​l
2004-10-18 02:41:32 AM  
Damn liberals that'll learn em.

Protect their civil liberties indeed. The root of the damn word liberty is LIBERAL.

We all know America's better off without that.

Looks like you prefer a fascist government. Hail to your fascist chief is your motto as we can tell. Typical Repub. They speak about freedom and liberty, but put down everyone.
2004-10-18 02:41:59 AM  
My favorite paragraph in the article, for those who never read it:

"When Vice President Dick Cheney visited Eugene, Oregon on Sept. 17, a 54-Year old woman named Perry Patterson was charged with criminal trespass for blurting the word "No" when Cheney said that George W. Bush has made the world safer. "

2004-10-18 02:42:13 AM  
why does Bush hate civil liberties?

why the FARK does anyone actually support this asshat?
2004-10-18 02:42:42 AM  

2004-10-18 02:43:18 AM  
Yes, I would love to hear the rationale for this

pssstt!! he must be a liberal-- he used the word "rationale"

damn libbys!!!!
2004-10-18 02:43:27 AM  
Damn... forgot something.

Why isn't this all over the "liberal biased" news? I've had CNN Headline News on for like the last hour and haven't heard a single mention of it.

This should be a Kerry campaign ad... played everywhere...
2004-10-18 02:43:39 AM  

If you'd followed the rules of Rocky Horror Picture Show, you'd have been okay!

From the theatre that I used to go to:

Rule number one:
There is no sex in the theatre unless it's in the aisle or on stage, so everyone can participate.

Rule number two:
Anyting to be thrown needs to be thrown up and back. This applies to things like rice, toast, your girlfriend's legs, though if the latter please remember rule number one.

Rule number three:
If you're a bit excited and need somewhere to relieve that, please use the back row.

Rule number four:
Despite the popularity of the raining scene, there is to be no squirting in the theatre, unless you're participating in rule number three, in case please remember rule number two-- up and back, so we only have to clean off one wall...
2004-10-18 02:44:04 AM  
Why bother wearing t-shirts with political slogans? All you need to do is staging an assault on your 3-year-old daughter at any Bush rally...

/low jab
//wondering if anyone remembers that news story
2004-10-18 02:45:26 AM  
Sure, since in the second debate Bush said that PATRIOT didn't infringe on anyone's rights, and he couldn't understand why someone would feel that way...
2004-10-18 02:46:15 AM  
a7bat might want to consult his sarcasm detector, it appears to be broken.

Waiting for Bush supporters to explain how this represents a positive view for America -- especially the woman kicked out of the Cheney appearance.

If we're now being arrested for attempting to witness our elected leaders' personal appearances while maintaining our own personal political views, this is fascism. Pure and simple.
2004-10-18 02:46:41 AM  
I'm pretty damn liberal, but even I recognize that this press release is not entirely an objective source.
2004-10-18 02:47:26 AM  
Points and laughs at a7bat
2004-10-18 02:47:26 AM  
The idiots forget to report the facts, AGAIN. No surprise there.

A) The required attire for the dinner/gala was formal.
B) About the woman that blurted "NO" at Cheney and about the woman that interupted Laura Bush; the tickets specifically state that any interuptions in the middle of the speech or whatever is considered to be unlawful. Basically the same rules apply here as they would if I went to a church service and decided to tell everyone that they are all going to hell and they are all wrong. That was not a limit on free speech it was following a written law.

Before you argue the law please have a clue about it.
2004-10-18 02:47:45 AM  
The Planet of Plork

I'm building you a farking moment for that simplistic yet beautiful post

2004-10-18 02:47:58 AM  
Another article on the same story:

Republican officials said they weren't exactly sure why a volunteer at the event demanded that the three women leave the rally. But a Bush campaign spokesman, Tracey Schmitt, said: "It is not the position of the campaign that wearing a T-shirt that says protect civil liberties is enough to conclude someone is disruptive."

So Bush and his campaign didnt have much to do with it, it sounds like a lone volunteer who had this done. They made it through 2 other security points and werent stopped so it wasn't policy. Funny how the fark linked article states:

President Bush taught three Oregon schoolteachers a new lesson in irony or tragedy...

like he ordered it...

/flame away
2004-10-18 02:48:00 AM  
Bush surrounds himself with only true believers. His campaign speeches aren't rhetorical attempts at preaching to the undecided, because before being able to hear Bushy live, you have to sign A LOYALTY OATH swearing that your name can be used by the campaign as a Bush supporter.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, it happens at almost all of his large public appearences (and I use the term "public" loosely).

One time a teenager got kicked out of a Bush rally because when the guard checked his ID on the way in a Kerry sticker was spotted in the kid's wallet. Evidently Bush has no interest in convincing Kerry voters to vote for him, he would rather threaten to have them arrested.

This man is not my President, he is a criminal.
2004-10-18 02:48:42 AM  

Dissent is criminial trespass?

War is Peace
Slavery is Freedom
2004-10-18 02:48:55 AM  
Why do those women hat America so much?
2004-10-18 02:49:06 AM  

yeah, that "incident" sounds real guy said it happened so it must be true...i wonder if the assailant ripped a sign out of his daughter's hand while he was at it...if such a thing were actually caught on tape I might care...
2004-10-18 02:49:07 AM  
You'd think that people who weren't being overly loud or confrontational would be welcome at a presidential speech, after all, they may be influenced. There quite literarily was no reason to eject them, other than what Alexis pointed out...

"Hey! I don't like civil liberties! Get out of our presidents campaign speach"

Seriously, if this article is 100% factual, someone is going to need a scapegoat. Or stop being a traitor to the ideals of a country. A republic is ran by it's citizens, taking their power seems traitorous to me.
/Always assumes at least 50% of media is bullshiat.
2004-10-18 02:50:16 AM  
Americans: If you want to come to Canada, we'd love to have you. Wanting to leave the US over stuff like this is strong evidence that you're not an asshat.
2004-10-18 02:50:18 AM  

Yea.. a small airplane traveling from Hayward California into somewhere in northern Oregon got grounded when traveling over Ashland (very southern oregon). Apparently, when Air Force One is at an airport (which I saw at Medford International) there is like a 30 mile restricted air space set up. So this guy is flying over.. with clearance from Hayward, and F-16's decided to take off, SHOOT flares at the guy and then force him to land in Ashland. Pretty cool!
2004-10-18 02:50:38 AM  
Know what's even worse? Here was the response by Jackson County Republican Chairman Bryan Platt:

"I wish (the women) would have just dressed in a way that was without that kind of intent to incite any kind of incident."

Article here
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