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(Eugene Register-Guard)   College student dies of LSD overdose, manslaughter charges to be filed against party-thrower   ( divider line
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2004-10-18 02:38:59 AM  
heh, reiminds me of this one time we were tripping HARD with one of my brothers friends at my apartment. We were really in to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and knew the script and all the added dialogue(?), yeah, we're losers. Anyway, one of us decided to pop it in for some added entertainment, and proceeded to talk back to the movie in sync at every part. Meanwhile, my brothers friend has no idea what is going on and has never even heard of the movie, let alone the audience participation part. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and was pretty much on the virge of freaking out when one of us geniuses figured out that he may not know. It took a while to calm him down.

nothing too funny, but I got a kick out of it.

/then I went to pee and the toliet bowl starting growing.
2004-10-18 02:39:21 AM  
Determining dosage was always experential and after the fact: 80-100mic euphoria, trails. 150-250mic overlying pattern shifting, stomping on ground and watching the ground wave out in concentric circles from the focus like a pebble dropped in a pond. 300-500mic standing in front of a mirror and seeing only the reflection of the towels on the rack directly behind one's supposed position.

Melville's Ahab was right: It's all about the little lower layer. Every so often it's useful to strike through the mask...
2004-10-18 02:40:35 AM  
caddycompson: That's not really true. You can have a seriously heroic trip without it being "bad," per se. It's a matter of how you interpret what's going on that makes it bad or good. What one person finds delightful may scare the hell out of the next.

And if mushrooms make that happen easily, you really want to watch your step with acid. It definitely has the ability to send you to another universe, and you might not expect it. Make sure you're in a comfortable setting with people you know well.
2004-10-18 02:40:53 AM  
I think someone is having a refreshing time.
2004-10-18 02:43:49 AM  
Girl takes 12 hits of acid.

Girl dies.

Gene pool is cleared of clutter.

Darwin wins again.

2004-10-18 02:45:11 AM  
It is my opinion that many people who think they have done LSD have in fact not, even many who claim to have used it hundreds of times. The first thing is that most people who make it don't know how to purify it correctly, only one type of the molecule has the effects, so if you are one of the people who think that the effects of LSD are minor then you have probably never had the right stuff.
Then, there is no good way to know what it is your dealer is giving you; he probably doesn't even know himself. Unless you made it yourself, you are very likely getting something completely different.
2004-10-18 02:46:09 AM  
A friend of mine and I got a ton of Purple Jesus acid in 1997, when you could find acid practically anywhere. We tried to stay tripping for a month and a half. We would wake up, eat a hit or two, stay up for 24-30 hours, go to sleep. Rinse repeat. Now, we had to eat a little more acid each time,since you build up a short term tolerance. Anyway, by the time the acid ran out, we were eating 5-6 hits each time. It was an absolute blast, and we didn't suffer a single ill effect.

So, i really doubt that a few hits of acid would kill someone, unless they had some sort of nasty pre-existing medical condition.
2004-10-18 02:47:21 AM  
I'm from North Idaho (and yes, I'm rather ashamed to admit it) and this doesn't surprise me a goddamned bit. Several of my friends attend this school and PASSING while all getting drunk 5 to 6 nights a week. I had one friend show up to 3 different finals drunk and still manage to get a 3.5 gpa. Chris Rock once said that a Junior College is a disco with books; this one is a kegger, rave and Amsterdam "Coffee" shop all mixed into one.
2004-10-18 02:49:19 AM  
here ya go: Cameron jester's (the guy in jail) webpage the glory of it makes me wish i didn't drop out of the Devry Institute's html course.
2004-10-18 02:50:46 AM has been linked to several times in the comments, but if you're not aware, they have "trip reports" where people wite about their experiences with various drugs (every drug I've ever heard of and many more).

I highly recommend reading the bad trips section of datura. Datura is jimson weed/locoweed, and anyone with any common sense knows it can kill you. Many of the bad trips start with "I had heard it was dangerous, but...". It's fun to laugh at other people's stupidity.

The bad salvia trips are fun to read too-- though a couple of them gave me the willies for a few weeks after I read them.

It is also startling to see how many of the reports are reporting on a drug cocktail rather than a single drug. Some people don't think things through.
2004-10-18 03:10:27 AM  
Alex Chilton

Long story short, I though I had to take out my dog's brain to continue time.
(crazy thing is somehow I can see thinking that while tripping, which I haven't done forever but did wayy too much as a 17 year old)
Hail! Immortal soul of Jerry....

Yep, LSD itself won't kill you. There's more to this story for sure.
2004-10-18 03:11:33 AM  
Heh...reminds me of a cheesy elective I took once in college - "Personal Health." On the test dealing with drugs, a question asked which was most toxic:

a) Vitamin C
b) Caffeine
c) LSD-25
d) Dihydrogen monoxide

So i put (b), when the "correct" answer was (c). I had to pull the MSDS's of LSD and Caffeine to prove my point, and I thought I had proven my point. Until the teacher had to explain to the rest of the class why they got that question wrong. I hate it when farking SEC football coaches teach cornball electives.
2004-10-18 03:14:54 AM  
Sounds like an updated version of the following fake story.

Four LSD Users Suffer Serious Eye Damage
Exclusive to The Times from a Staff Writer

SANTA BARBARA -- Four college students have suffered permanent impairment of vision as a result of staring at the sun while under the influence of LSD, according to a spokesman for the Santa Barbara Ophthalmological Society.

One of the youths told his doctor he was "holding a religious conversation with the sun."

Another said he had gazed at the sun "to produce unusual visual displays."

The students, all males, suffered damage to the retina, the sensory membrane which receives the image formed by the lens.

In the same way that a piece of paper will burn when bright light is beamed through a magnifying glass, a pinhead-size hole was burned into the retina of each eye of the students as sunlight passed through the lens.

What this has left the students with is not total blindness but a blind spot in the center of their vision.

As a result, the victims have lost their reading vision completely and forever, the ophthalmological spokesman said.

"For example, if you wanted to read," he said, "you might see all of the corners of the page and most of the print -- except you wouldn't be able to see that one word you were looking at.

"If you were to look at a traffic stoplight, you might see the pole and trees and cars -- but you wouldn't see the stoplight itself.

"That little black hole always moves directly where you want to see," he said.

Solar burns of the retina, the spokesman said, are not uncommon, particularly among children watching eclipses of the sun. But he knew of no previous cases which resulted from someone being under the influence of LSD.

In the cases here, the victims admitted they were users of LSD.

Three of them attend UC Santa Barbara, the other goes to Santa Barbara City College. Their ages range from 18 to 24.

The spokesman said it was his impression that each of the sun-staring incidents occurred separately. He did not know whether the students knew each other.

The four had no awareness of pain or discomfort while the sun was burning through the eye tissue, the spokesman said. The damage is permanent, because tissue so damaged does not regenerate itself.
2004-10-18 03:15:26 AM  
Calling BS on LSD overdose...

possible other reasons (heart/lung problems)... ass failure... soemthnig like that
2004-10-18 03:17:26 AM  
Just Ignorant

Then one night I entered the movie "Hellraiser" for eight hours. Except it was personal. There was no escape. My skull was repeatedly peeled off and my brains raped.

I have never ever even considered taking another hit again.

I know what you mean, except I was in forest part of "Army of Darkness". We were camping at the time. Good set, bad setting.
2004-10-18 03:23:12 AM  
The truth emerges.

The girl died because her parents took her off life support.

I don't think the manslaghter charges will stick somehow...
2004-10-18 03:26:28 AM  
Whether or not LSD was the cause of death, let's be real. I've done more than my share of acid over the years (and yours, and yours too....). My record is 9 hits in one night some years back, and I nearly lost my shiat. I didn't know which way was up or down, my vision was a complete technicolor blur, I got became very paranoid, the walls were melting, and it became so intense that wasn't having a good time anymore and I thought I was going to die. I'd usually been able to take around 3 or 4 hits in a night and be happy...but 12?!!! That said, I believe that there's a certain etiquette involved here. No one in their right mind would ever ingest 12 hits all at one time, and I have to believe that this dude was less than forthright with her about how much acid she was about to take when he handed her the cup. He broke party law, and negligently put her in harm's way. Let this farker rot.
2004-10-18 03:29:16 AM  
The stuff people sell kids as "Acid" or "Mesc" these days tends to be research chemicals with long names (5-MeO-AMT and whatever) that are purchased on the internet. Those are very possible to overdose on.
2004-10-18 03:31:05 AM  
Anyone? Know what the going rate is for good 'cid now?
2004-10-18 03:45:45 AM  
I have done at least 3 times the amount in question here and lived to tell the tale. I seriously doubt that it was the LSD that killed them.
Dude this isn't LSD this is E.P.T.
2004-10-18 03:48:26 AM  
Wow, just like that guy who died from a marijuana overdose. I read about that in the newspaper.

/loves hypnotoad
2004-10-18 03:58:01 AM  
The damn ergoloid suppliers have all gotten tighter and tighter in recent years. As recently as 2000 you could get all the ergocristine you wanted from the Czechs. It was odd really, egocristine is one of the most predominant ergoloids obtain from the cultures they use, so it would seem as obvious target for regulation. Any ergoloid can simply be lysed to give LSA+whatever group was attached. Subsequent separation of the LSA and amination with ethylamine (watched but not hard to synthesize on your own) followed by formation of the tartrate or other salt and you had your crystal reading for gelling. Now those some Eastern European suppliers are under increased scrutiny. HWBR seeds have exceedingly low concentrations of LSA, cultruing your own, while conceivable is a major undertaking. Furthermore, the reaction is difficult to scale-up beyond the 100-200g range. Pilot optimization would be time consuming, and equipment costs to setup a multi-kilogram synthesis operation would be quite staggering. Futher the nature of acid, and it's distribution system are cubersome. If you synth a few 100g batches, and come up with say, half a key of crystal, you're now sitting on a quarter million high-power doses. You need significant distribution network to get that out, serious head who will be loyal to your cause. Because you want good depth on your network to avoid detection you are going to need to sell wholesale crystal at $0.25-0.10 a dose. So for all your massive effort you will only be receiving a $50,000-$100,000 retun if you are lucky. I'm afraid the days of widely available doses are lost forever.
2004-10-18 03:59:20 AM  


and she drank some of his "drink" too, she must have really wanted to get effed up.
2004-10-18 04:02:58 AM  
A lot of people intentionally take a lot more than 12 "doses" of acid and enjoy it. There's plenty of other psychodelics that will punish your mind a lot more than that, and people still do them willingly. Your mileage may vary.
One of my many problems with this article is their mention of "12 doses" as if it came prepackaged in a metered, labeled FDA approved capsule. To refer to how much acid someone takes in terms of "doses" is useless, given the way it is prepared and distributed and diluted. It's like saying you just had one drink tonight, when you may have had a bottle of moonshine, a Zima, or anything in between. It would have been accurate for the article to say, "it seemed like a lot, but we can only speculate, given the lack of any real information."

Uninformed, hysterical, scare-mongering reporting. Shameful.
2004-10-18 04:02:58 AM  

wow, you know a lot about acid
2004-10-18 04:03:50 AM  
Uh, drugs are bad. I don't like 'em, I don't like what they do to people, and I don't do them.

That being said however, I think they should be essence...personal responsiblity. Here's a good example:

"...after willingly drinking orange juice spiked with the hallucinogenic drug."

Where's HER complicity in her own death? Where's the personal responsibility. If he had held her down and poured the LSD-spiked O.J. down her throat, then yes...he should be charged....but she willingly did a hallucinogenic drug.

I'm farking tired of of people carping over all of the "victims" of drug abuse when the so-called "victims" willingly ingest narcotics. Take some farking personal responsibility already!

Use drugs at your own risk. Much like the Ecstacy commercial with the coronor reading the report of the pretty young lady that died from using lays it out this and you may die. It's a personal responsibilty issue...not a goverment issue.

I'm just going to let this go before I go on a long rant about "The Drug War."
2004-10-18 04:15:38 AM  
Personal responsibility surrenders.
2004-10-18 04:24:43 AM  
farking retarded. as people have pointed out, acid itself can't kill you.. but but BUT, people can have a negative reaction to just about anything, and that can put them in the morgue. fark, this dumb biatch coulda taken Sudafed and died, the only difference is that police wouldn't drag a corporation to court over something like that. Family lawyers on the other hand...

/still tripping from the 90s.
2004-10-18 04:26:32 AM  
Great one Aias!
2004-10-18 04:28:21 AM  
. <- Bill Hicks spinning in his grave.
2004-10-18 04:32:39 AM  

fark man, is that why there's no acid around anymore? we used to get it by the book and made farking sick profit from it... a book was like 1250$ in '99 which came to 1.25$ a hit. If you could manage to sell it for its street value you were making 400% profit... of course no one I've ever met could sell 1000 hits individually, you'd sell a sheet here, a ten-strip there.. and of course you cut urself a head sheet from the book before u even cut the rest of it.

i hope this kid learned his lesson.. don't sell drugs to dumb ass college kids if they know ur name

/Berklee kids used to pay my rent.
2004-10-18 04:47:46 AM  

Same here, man.
Same here.

although for some reason, this place is as dry as a bone.
2004-10-18 05:02:31 AM  

The stuff people sell kids as "Acid" or "Mesc" these days tends to be research chemicals with long names (5-MeO-AMT and whatever) that are purchased on the internet. Those are very possible to overdose on.

Bingo! You win the thread.

As has been noted, the 'real thing' has a LD50 dose which is unknown, but even the most conservative estimates put it at several thousand 'doses'.

... and all the comments saying that the 'real thing' is difficult to come by these days. Is that true? When I came across the stuff 10 years ago it was *everywhere* and cheap as hell.
2004-10-18 05:29:44 AM  
LSD is a biatch to find in Seattle, where the fark did a kid in IDAHO get a bunch, damn kids.

I too am skeptical about her death by LSD, unlikely.
2004-10-18 05:30:01 AM  

how did you find that site?!? That is farking hilarious!

from the arrested dude's website:

My name is Cameron Jester
I am originally from Lincoln, Nebraska
I am currently at a school called Rocky Mountain Academy
It is part of the cedu schools and is a WWASP afiliate
It is in the middle of Idaho and is an emotional growth boarding school.
I would much rather be at home with my friends.
I am about half way through the program and will be home around next may.

I don't think Cam's going home next may!

2004-10-18 05:36:56 AM  
oh man! the kid's site gets even better!!!!!

info about me

So heres the scoop
I was at home and used to many drugs and then one night i decided to
run away with my best friend. It dosn't work out and i end up up getting escorted
to a place called rocky mountain accademy. As i have stated rocky mountain is a
emotional growth bourding school. This means that in addition to the normal schooling
there are emotional growth exercises called raps and propheets. There are raps twice a
week. raps are a place were you can just say how you are doing or talk about anything that
is on your mind. Propheets are all day workshops where you discuses different issues you
have.The propheets/workshops are

* the truth
* the childrens
* the brother
* the dreams
* the i want to live
* the values
* the imagine
* the i and me workshop
* the summit workshop

so far the most helpful one was the i want to live. It helped me deal with issues about suicidal
thinking and helped me focus on liveing. More recently i made a big decision. It was to finaly get
I cant wait to get home and see all my friends from home graduate high school.
That is another one of my big goals in life right now.
2004-10-18 05:39:47 AM  
The truth behind this story notwithstanding, I'd just like to say:

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

/no really. They are.
2004-10-18 05:54:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-18 06:10:44 AM  
we need a follow-up on this one..............

I too am a veteran of a thousand pshycic wars, no personal freak outs, but I have seen it happen with hilarity and jailarity. Nothing like being handcuffed in the back seat of a sheriffs car while tripping your ass off, because your buddy freaked out and took all his clothes off and ran up and down a rural highway knocking on peoples doors.
2004-10-18 06:12:46 AM  

There is no lethal dose of LSD. I'm sure toxicology will prove the irresponsible journalism wrong.
2004-10-18 07:35:36 AM  
LSD? she died from an overdose of a Long Stiff Dick?
2004-10-18 07:38:28 AM  
Unlike landmines the ld50 for LSD si so high as to be unattainable
2004-10-18 07:46:32 AM  
its lsd25. what are yout alking abou this 50 shiat. lsds over dose ratio is extreamly high. like 12000 the normal dose.

2004-10-18 07:46:55 AM  
the closest thing you can do to od'ing on cyd is much too much more then you can handle mentally and then maybe throwing yourself out a windows in effort to get the trip to stop. All a higher dose will do is make the duration longer and more reactionary. I know people who have taken 1 tab worth I know people who have taken a half sheet accidentally. They all survived.
2004-10-18 07:47:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Bob : So, you see any land around here?

Sean : Nope, just water.

Sean : I can't get off this chair or I'll drown, wanna know why, Bob? 'Cause I can't swim.

Sean : Satan is in the house. He killed my mom... and turned her into a bull.
2004-10-18 07:56:44 AM  
When she wakes from the coma she will be an orange deathly afraid of everyone wanting to drink her...
2004-10-18 07:58:24 AM  
Didn't RTFA, but you can't OD on acid.
2004-10-18 08:08:35 AM  
I also call bullshiat. LSD is not a physically dangerous drug. You might as well try to have a lethal overdose on marijuana.

What's more likely is that the student was consuming something(s) else along with it - perhaps cocaine or amphetamines - or even that the student had an allergic reaction to something along the way.

Of course, you'll never hear the truth on this one. Even if an objective autopsy is performed, no M.E. that wants to keep his/her job is going to risk a public outcry by saying that something OTHER than an illicit drug killed someone. Which is unfortunate, but it's where medicine and politics meet, and politics wins.
2004-10-18 08:15:34 AM  
Sounds like GHB to me. Girl + drink + passed out = Date Rape. It won't show in the normal ER tox screen, but I think they would have done a full one by now.
2004-10-18 08:23:33 AM  
LSD is such a time commitment. 15 hours is a long time, but those were fun time back in the day.

I used to hang out with some guys in the Navy. Who of course tested for drugs. There is no test for LSD, so bingo, they just tripped all the time.

My theory, is that drug TESTING leads to harder drugs.
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