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(Eugene Register-Guard)   College student dies of LSD overdose, manslaughter charges to be filed against party-thrower   ( divider line
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2004-10-18 01:15:24 AM  
Heh... Never done acid but I've done shrooms many a time.

They'd always been some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. This past summer even I tripped over the 4th of July weekend on a "mountain" overlooking Lake Superior at sunrise in Marquette, MI (in da up eh :p)... was the best trip I ever had.

Then about a month ago I tripped by myself... and basically went places in my mind I never want to go to again. Was the first time I actually wanted to die. My mine and being was being shredded by every personal demon my mind could conjure up. It sucked. :|

Haven't tripped since... just herb, alcohol, and the occasional pill, heh.

So yea, you won't die from the drug (lsd especially since it's impossible) but the experience can make you want to die...

And yea, sometimes it only takes someone talking to you, interrputing your line of though, or an unexpected event to send you off and over the cliff.
2004-10-18 01:15:58 AM  
They didn't have any Allman Brothers Albums to put on so she could come down?

/'nother old SNL reference
//suspects t'warn't really acid those kids had. Poor parents.
2004-10-18 01:16:04 AM  
Washington state is mushroom season. I know a couple of places that have _FIELDS_ of actives.

Acid is a too powerful _chemically_ feeling drug, shrooms are mother nature's way of stepping back.
2004-10-18 01:16:19 AM  
damn id give my left nut for a hit of acid ...wonder if anyone in oregon accepts paypal
2004-10-18 01:16:59 AM  
If this was an LSD overdose, it's the first one in recorded history. No death has ever been definitively linked directly to LSD. A few deaths are suspected overdoses, but I call bullshiat on those too, because no drug as widespread as LSD would have only a few overdose cases if it was actually possible to do it. It's a hell of a lot more likely that a few anti-drug doctors made bad diagnoses (and that's probably what happened here too).

I suppose you can probably technically "overdose" on anything if you take enough of it. Drink enough water and you'll probably die of something; a ruptured bladder, mineral poisoning or who knows what. I think you'd have a better chance of rupturing your stomach from ingesting too many bulk sheets of acid than of dying from the drug's actual effects, though. This story is just not credible.
2004-10-18 01:17:15 AM  
2004-10-18 12:58:57 AM AntonSzandorLaVey

We are the SmileCorp-corporation
We bring smiles a-cross the nation
We bring smiles to young and old
We smile all day, though it's cold


2004-10-18 01:17:46 AM  
10 drops of liquid should not produce a reaction of vomiting and loss of consciousness, nevermind an IMMEDIATE reaction, as is described in some articles.

Whether or not the kid who gave her the drink put something ELSE in it, like some kind of date rape drug or even heroin, is another matter.
2004-10-18 01:21:21 AM  
Badasscat-- There have been cases of people OD'ing on water. Too much will dilute the sodium levels in one's body. Some stupid frat kids proved that by forcing newbies to shotgun 2 gallons at one time.
2004-10-18 01:21:59 AM  
Acid is up to $20 bucks a hit now?

I remember back in my day, back in '01, the dealers paid you to take it.

I guess I'll stick to cigarettes and booze. That'll never kill me.
2004-10-18 01:22:15 AM  
there probably wasnt anything else in the acid. i bet she took a lot of something else and the combination killed her. her family is looking for someone to blame. the poor guy that gave it to her is fuxored now.
2004-10-18 01:23:31 AM  
does no one remember the Beavis and Butthead Incident in the 90's, quite a few people died from that batch. It was the strycnine that did it btw. That is why Liquid or gel was all I did, except for maybe 4 times.
2004-10-18 01:25:10 AM  

Is that from the Bill Plympton cartoon?
2004-10-18 01:26:03 AM  
We are the SmileCorp-corporation
We bring smiles a-cross the nation
We bring smiles to young and old
We smile all day, though it's cold

Brain Candy?
2004-10-18 01:26:42 AM  
YAY RedSox!!!

(and that's NOT a hallucination)
2004-10-18 01:29:08 AM  
"Please don't eat the brown acid"....

/anybody remember woodstock??
2004-10-18 01:30:24 AM  
I am not anti-drug at all, but I have a true story to relate.

I knew a guy back in Maine who did like shiats the first (and only) time he ever did acid. (first mistake) Then he got separated from his friends. (second mistake) He was found later by federal park rangers. He was naked and he was diving headfirst from a bolder into a parking lot. He thought he was dead and that he needed to kill himself to get back into life.
2004-10-18 01:31:31 AM  
Not sure if Bill Plymton was the cartoonist's name, but it was from the animated movie "So I married a Strange Person," I highly recommend it. Farking hilarious!

/Go Red Sox!
2004-10-18 01:34:45 AM  
Oh, yeah, Bill Plympton, good call.

2004-10-18 01:36:12 AM  
motherwell and Just Ignorant
Some people just cannot get high from acid or shrooms. I have given confirmed real acid shroms to them and they got NOTHING. Other drugs like ether and salvia work fine for them.

You can order salvia here. You will need a blowtorch to do it properily.

If you want ether go to a gas station and get some starter fluid. You'll need a rag and brain cells you don't want.
2004-10-18 01:36:49 AM  
I will join the chorus of "this article is BS".
2004-10-18 01:40:06 AM  
There is not way she OD'd from acid. I had 1/2 sheet once. I was fine. Mind you it took three days for me to be fine. But I was ok. I know many of you think that it was not good 'cid but I sold 2 1/2 sheets and had the rest and everyone else was dosed as well. Only down side is that I could not trip again. 10 strip would not even phase me anymore. In summary acid is good fun you just outgrow it.. or something.
2004-10-18 01:41:31 AM  
stick with the sillycibin
2004-10-18 01:43:31 AM  
Wow, so many "free minds" here on FARK. Whatever happened to the old way to have some fun? A case of PBR, some lawn-chairs, and mostly-made-up stories about sleeping with hot, unattainable girls...
2004-10-18 01:44:47 AM  
Alright, seeing as the article is godawful slow to load I won't read it. However I will say, as many already have, you cannot OD on LSD. Back in my teen years I ate 'cid like candy, taking up to eight hits (two hits of 'Windowpane') at a time. Sure I tripped for a couple of days straight and wondered if I'd ever come down, but I'm still here typing right.
I suppose the lightweights out there that take a few hits thier first time out may trip hard and do something to cause massive injury or death, but it isn't the actual drug causing the death.
2004-10-18 01:45:14 AM  
In summary acid is good fun you just outgrow it.. or something.

That sums it up exactly.
2004-10-18 01:47:04 AM  
I once dropped so much acid the entire universe dissolved and I had to mentally reconstruct the whole damn thing, from stars to bacteria. I apologize to everyone here for having done such a bad job of putting everything back together.
2004-10-18 01:48:27 AM  
Entire article for those that can't get to it:

Student dies of suspected LSD overdose
The Associated Press
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - A North Idaho College student, who went into a coma after an apparent overdose on LSD, has died.

Gloria Discerni, 18, of Cottage Grove, died Friday, said police spokeswoman Sgt. Christie Wood. She had been in a coma since Tuesday night after willingly drinking orange juice spiked with the hallucinogenic drug.

Wood said prosecutors would most likely file manslaughter charges Monday against the student who gave Discerni the drug - 18-year-old Cameron James Jester, of Lincoln, Neb.

``It's up to the prosecutors what level of manslaughter, voluntary or involuntary,'' said police Lt. Don Jiran.

Jester, who was arrested Wednesday when he tried to visit Discerni in the hospital, is being held under suicide watch at the Kootenai County jail on $100,000 bail.

He originally was charged with felony distribution of LSD and misdemeanor possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

Records show that Jester told investigators he gave the woman a dozen doses of the hallucinogen in a drink and then let her have some of his drink, which also had a dozen doses.

She quickly became ill and friends took her to the hospital.

Police are awaiting toxicology results to determine if the drug was actually LSD or if Discerni had taken any medications or had any other medical conditions which might have contributed to her death.
2004-10-18 01:49:24 AM  
I was 15 the first time I ingested LSD; I ate 8 hits of "White Sun" blotter, supposedly triple-dipped. It was the real deal and definitely the singlemost terrifying, revelatory, and fantastic experience ever. Thats all
2004-10-18 02:00:38 AM  
for the record,
it is possible to overdose on lsd though damn near impossible. there is one documented case:
2004-10-18 02:01:49 AM  
the stories I could tell about trippin' on

/VERY old hippy....
2004-10-18 02:02:11 AM  
Wow, I just jotted down a nice anecdote about one of my past LSD experiences, but due to FARK'S SERVERS BEING POSSESSED, you shall not hear it. Ah, it was a good story... it even included a reference to the illusive Abdul from this very site. I'll let on one little tidbit.. if he had made it to my house like 10 minutes earlier than he did, I wouldn't have been arrested on 10 hits of acid. Don't get me wrong, it was the best day of my life.
2004-10-18 02:02:33 AM  
LSD death? not by OD... LSD is my olny vice... It calls to me daily...

Summer of 95, I started with 25 hits on Friday, and finished #50 off by Saturday afternoon.. did I die? I had the best farking 6 days of my life!!!!
2004-10-18 02:02:33 AM  
Didn't the guy who discovered/invented/synthesised it take a mega dose as his first trip accidentally?
2004-10-18 02:04:48 AM  
Platinum: Oy brotha! How's it going?
2004-10-18 02:06:35 AM  
That was Ablert Hoffman.
2004-10-18 02:08:33 AM  
worked for Sandoz in the 30's. He took a killer dose. Yes, LSD is measured in mics. Dosage in humans peaks out after 750 mics.
2004-10-18 02:08:41 AM  
Back in "the day", a certain person I know, perhaps me, perhaps not, dropped four tabs of four-way windowpane.

Well, that person got ridiculously goofy, going so far as to snatch cigarettes from the mouths of football players. But that person is still alive. I have never heard of an overdose from LSD or marijuana.

Media hype, government BS, pure bucketswag.
2004-10-18 02:10:09 AM  
For all you Americans, that's thousands of a gram.
2004-10-18 02:11:32 AM  
Sorry, Albert and Thousandths
2004-10-18 02:13:13 AM  
Follow up ---

Four tabs of Fourway equals sixteen hits. In micrograms, don't know. Blame Owlsley.
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  
yep, calling bs on the coma charge. Sure, maybe insanity but never death. It's been ten years since I have done it but would like to again. email is in the profile
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  
I always read Dr. Albert Hoffman ( sp? ) was looking for a way to relieve the effects of a cold, and he got ahold of ergot. Now ergot was supposed to be good. Dr. AH synthesized it, got some on his hands, went home on his bike and freaked.

There's a book out there he wrote but I ain't lookin' it up. I think it's called My Problem Child.
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  
CrazyCurt: That's how I got the mega trip I mentioned in my first.. entry.. up there. It was supposed to be cut in fours, but I just took three whole hits. It was fun.
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  
Never exactly figured the idea that if you don't take a drug, you're closed minded. Shinning a light into your mind by shutting down receptors... right. Like a drunk who believes they know the solution to all of life's problems, people often have no clue how little sense they make while farked up. But can be damn entertaining.
2004-10-18 02:24:18 AM  

yes, apparently he was riding his bike home when it happened. the buildings started to morph out of reality.

2004-10-18 02:31:38 AM  
Server is up and running fine. You guys hit it during a service window.

/don't ask
2004-10-18 02:32:31 AM  
yep.....the mods must be out trippin......too many repeats.
2004-10-18 02:34:08 AM  
"Oh dag!!"
"I ain't mean for you to eat the whole bag!"
2004-10-18 02:37:20 AM  
I can't wait to do acid. Really. Someday soon, some awesome party boy/gal's gonna hook me up. I've had mushies but those can really destroy you even if you aren't much of a negative and tortured soul . . . they are the most unforgiving chunks of god's flesh. Pass me an experienced Shaman to guide me through those miserable trips.

but I've heard on a Fark Forum, "if it isnt a bad trip, you're not doing them right" and besides, on every continent of this earth, through all ages in history, there have been native indians using them for religious rituals. So you know its as old as the earth and its served some evolutionary purpose to be still around.
2004-10-18 02:38:22 AM  
For all you Americans, that's thousands of a gram.

A microgram (ug) is one-millionth of a gram, nimrod. I normally don't correct people, but considering you had to bash American education (which I agree is generally poor) and then be incorrect was just lame. End flame.
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