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(   How Miss Cleo's operation works, as told by a former employee.   ( divider line
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15369 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2002 at 9:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-14 09:34:43 PM  
I predicted this link days ago...
2002-02-14 09:34:59 PM  
i saw this coming
2002-02-14 09:35:10 PM  
hahaha, good thing she doesn't know about The Filter
2002-02-14 09:35:21 PM  
no NDAs?
2002-02-14 09:36:33 PM  
Miss Cleo is Oprah's black sheep sister.
But they both brainwash the female population.
2002-02-14 09:37:54 PM  
And obvious
2002-02-14 09:40:26 PM  
Reminds me of a friend who used to work at one of those other psychic lines - the place had her switch between psychic and phone sex depending on the call load.
2002-02-14 09:46:12 PM  
Biggest scam ever
2002-02-14 09:48:55 PM  
For being out of work and only considering other jobs such as the fast food industry, this person sure can write well. Makes you wonder why they just didn't become a writer in the first place. Yeah, I know it was edited by someone else, but from the sound of it they really "edited= rewrote the enite article" it.
2002-02-14 09:49:04 PM  
several 18 year-olds are tellin' their friends right now... "And in 12 months, I become trainer!"
2002-02-14 09:49:58 PM  
Dude...this is weird. I've been to all the places referenced in the article...I spend a good amount of time at the Rivergate Mall... weird.
2002-02-14 09:51:38 PM  
Call me now for your free REAMIN'!!!!!
These cards predict that you will be required to do taxes within the next year and that sometime in the next century you will die! Have a farkalicious day!
2002-02-14 09:56:51 PM  
Yeah, I tried to read the whole article, but I have a friggin life to lead. ***I Fark's future...Bullet pointed articles...Fark long and boring...***
2002-02-14 09:56:59 PM  
I want my money back!
2002-02-14 09:57:41 PM  

okay, so we all knew Ms. Cleo was a con, but hell, that's a nicely written piece, there, isn't it?
2002-02-14 09:57:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Proof again that a sucker is born every minute.
2002-02-14 10:00:42 PM  
LOL LordVger
2002-02-14 10:02:28 PM  
okay...WTF is "The Filter"?
2002-02-14 10:06:45 PM  
If I ever spend $80.00 on the phone talking to someone who not only do I not even know, but it wasn't even the person I don' t know who I was expecting to talk to, I need someone to disconnect me. Immediately.
2002-02-14 10:11:58 PM  
GatorO - The life of a writer is often without work.

Great article, but it's quite
img.fark.netView Full Size
. Telemarketing jobs suck! Worst farking job I've ever had. Collections for Blockbuster. bah.
2002-02-14 10:15:51 PM  
"Wekare Coporation"? I know I've been watching too much TV, but that sounds like the name of some massive company you would expect to have bioweapons devisions.
2002-02-14 10:16:17 PM  
I have a prediction.........Anybody who actually calls Ms. Cleo in the first place is a FARKING IDIOT who will live a poor, penniless, worthless life on the street, and they deserve it.
2002-02-14 10:23:05 PM  
The Filter is Knighty21's website. Everytime he posts, he has to put in a link to The Filter.
Of course you are supposed to click it and check out anything new he may have put up since the last time. Usually it is stuff already seen here on - but don't let that stop you! If enough people keep visiting... He just might get some advertising offers and make enough bucks to pay for broadband.

So please... Go check out the Filter. Because when you do - your bolstering the American Economy!

[Insert shameless plug for here]
2002-02-14 10:30:07 PM  
I'll stick with my Magic 8-ball, thank you. Of course, I could also play with my friend's magic Chinese Fortune Sticks. Those are fun, too.
2002-02-14 10:41:06 PM  
Don't you think if miss cleo (refuse to capitalize) was really a psychic she wound have known she was a farkin fraud. Who knew? Oh, that's right she knew.....
2002-02-14 10:45:17 PM  
How does Miss Cleo's organization make money?

By getting gullible, brainless, unquestioning fools to talk to other people on the phone for $12 an hour while collecting $288 an hour, net.

You tell me who's getting screwed.
2002-02-14 10:47:13 PM  
Get over it, Miss Cleo is an actress. An employee. You have to be especially dim not to understand that all the things you hate about TV psychics is just business as usual in some office. Nice way to blame the little guy while the executives rake in the cash.

Oh she's fake too? Next, there will be a news flash tag that wrestling may not be completely real.
2002-02-14 10:52:44 PM  
I love this. The Wekare Corperation. You have no idea how glad this makes me, to see our capitalist and legal system being used to so efficiently bilk the common denominator of their cash. Saving these pathetic, brainless losers from taking their money to McDonald's for breakfast/lunch/dinner and increasing the overall bovine factor of America. I only wish that logging over 20 minutes with a friggin' telephone psychic was grounds to be shot. We'd all evolve so much faster that way.
Anyone who calls these mindless sheep victims of a scam is waaaay to liberal. They deserve it.
2002-02-14 10:57:34 PM  
Skwidd: You remind me of Bun-bun, but only a little. You have more compassion.
2002-02-14 11:03:22 PM  
Anyone else reminded of the "WeSaySo Corp." from that TV show "Dinosaurs"?
2002-02-14 11:09:42 PM  
Cahll me now for yar free raedin...
2002-02-14 11:10:59 PM  

>Anyone who calls these mindless sheep victims of a scam is waaaay to liberal.


The conservative political machine wrote the book on conning people into doing your bidding. How else could billionaires get millionaires to pay campaign contributions to hand-picked lobbyists running for congress but by letting them think they're getting a slice of the scam that convinces Joe Sixpack that he is a Republican who will benefit from less regulation and more plutocracy just like Ken Lay?

Miss Cleo is a crusty nutsack next to that.
2002-02-14 11:16:31 PM  
Whoa! That's bleak.... Kinda like being the designated driver with your drunken buddies at a peeler bar.

**leaves the computer to bathe**
2002-02-14 11:23:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-14 11:25:19 PM  
Is it just me, or is that site made for people who use 640x480? I'm in 1280x1024 and only 7 words can fit in that column at a time...
2002-02-14 11:27:03 PM  
Very well written editorial.
2002-02-14 11:32:43 PM  
Kukuman: Same here.. it looks like this to me:
She is large, she is loud, she is
imperious. She has the power to divine
2002-02-14 11:42:06 PM  
I was pleasantly suprised at how well done that was.
2002-02-14 11:43:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Strong, is the Force with this one....
2002-02-14 11:57:37 PM  
That was




2002-02-15 12:14:00 AM  
I've had so much fun with a Ouija board, I'd never call a psychic. My Ouija board was home-made too: I drew on the back of a Monopoly board and used an aerosol can cap as a planchette. It was a riotous good time; especially when we asked what my friend was in a past life... the answer was "APE". Absolutely hilarious!!
2002-02-15 12:43:00 AM  
I read this article months ago.
2002-02-15 12:43:33 AM  
I'm going to be at rivergate mall tommorow...maybe i'll see miss cleo!
2002-02-15 12:48:48 AM  
2002-02-15 12:50:35 AM  
12 bucks an hour? Sitting on my ass in my house and talking BS on the phone? Sign me up! I'm not kidding. Send that biatch to my local mall and I am there!
2002-02-15 12:50:35 AM  
12 bucks an hour? Sitting on my ass in my house and talking BS on the phone? Sign me up! I'm not kidding. Send that biatch to my local mall and I am there!
2002-02-15 12:51:51 AM  
wtf? oh yeah I predicted I would make a double post. CALL NOW!
2002-02-15 01:07:15 AM  
$12/hour for a 19-minute call (that's ~ $4 for you non-math types). Maybe 1 or 2 of these calls per day. Yeah, money's rollin' in!
2002-02-15 02:01:02 AM  
I wanna' grow up and be just like Miss Cleo!!!!!

Gonna' be tuff, though, me being a white male-type person.

Wanna' touch my tarot????
2002-02-15 02:10:13 AM  
No frikkin way did that happen in my home town. I don't wanna hear jack about people not being able to find work in Nashville!

BTW, it kinda figures it was at "Rivergate Mall," although "Hickory Hollow" is just about as likely.

You'd never see something like that in Green Hills :-)

***sorry for those of you not familiar with Nashville, I know I lost you.
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