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(Hoosier Gazette)   Three-quarters of straight men would marry a person of the same sex to have better health coverage   ( divider line
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2004-10-17 10:53:23 PM  
no, i dont think they would.

/i wouldnt
2004-10-17 11:24:14 PM  

2004-10-18 12:00:23 AM  
Ahh, Hoosier Gazette.

/Indiana's "real" news source.
2004-10-18 04:07:22 AM  
oh please let this get picked up by a wire service
The people need to know "legit" new like this
2004-10-18 04:07:50 AM  
Right now I'd marry almost anyone for health coverage.

2004-10-18 04:09:08 AM  
with the state of health care in the US, i always assumed this was actually a concern of the lawmakers in this country
2004-10-18 04:10:10 AM  
I am proud to be a minority.

/one quarter
2004-10-18 04:10:10 AM  
2004-10-18 04:10:37 AM  
Hey, anything is better than communist crap like affordable healthcare for everybody.
2004-10-18 04:11:51 AM  
Four quarters of this straight man says bull farking shiat.
2004-10-18 04:13:26 AM  
hell, i'd do it. and all i ask in return is a reach around.

/not gay... not that there's anything wrong with being gay...
2004-10-18 04:14:30 AM  
Speaking as a single guy, allow me to contribute to the informal Fark poll:


So far, it looks like zero-quarters of single farkers would marry a member of the same sex for better health coverage. Could it actually be that visitors to have more dignity than people from Indiana?

Who'da thunk it?
2004-10-18 04:14:45 AM  
Republicans should be feeling conflicted at this sort of news:

Socialize healthcare or encourage deviant lifestyle choices?

in other news, I agree with the bullshiat comments above this one.
2004-10-18 04:16:49 AM  
Surely everyone knows by now that the Hoozier Gazette is SATIRE?
2004-10-18 04:17:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Jerry, did you wash this pear? It looks like it hasn't been watched."
2004-10-18 04:19:19 AM  
I call shenanigans as well, and I'm already in a perfectly healthy hetero relationship - but I agree with nm, you know? I say, let's let this story play itself out and hope Reuters puts it on the wire.

/for those of you not playing along, the Hoosier Gazette has about as much journalistic integrity as the Onion
2004-10-18 04:19:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]ly [image from too old to be available]
2004-10-18 04:20:37 AM  
I think its 76% of men would watch lesbian porn for better health coversage.
2004-10-18 04:21:10 AM  
Just because you marry someone doesn't mean that you have to have sex with them, or even see them. I'm sure plenty of married men will attest to that.

So, I'd do it, as long as I didn't have to do put things in me, or vice versa.
2004-10-18 04:21:42 AM  
As long as the copays covered all the anal lube, I guess.

Isurance SUCKS right now. Thanks, Bush. May you get the next ass reaming.
2004-10-18 04:21:49 AM  
Not very likely.

But then again, hey. Who can afford health care now?

I've been thinking of moving to Canada just to leach off their health care system.
2004-10-18 04:23:47 AM  

No, this is not an argument against gay marriage lindseyp, this is an argument for universal health care.

Yea I did mention that, though I expanded it to include all financial policy.
2004-10-18 04:25:19 AM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust : Get a night job at UPS. Health insurance, dental insurance, a few other insurances, and they pay for your college tuition.
2004-10-18 04:25:43 AM  
Check out the most annoying ad in the whole world, courtesy of the hoosier's feature page.
2004-10-18 04:31:10 AM  
You know that old Woody Allan joke, how a bi-sexual finding a date has advantages.
2004-10-18 04:32:31 AM  
That's farking funny. If I was a young straight guy with crappy insurance and had a roomate that was willing to help me out...I'd pretend to be gay. Who'd know?

Here's the problem with the entire "gay marriage" debate. How will they know if you really are gay or not? Will they peer into your bedroom to ensure gay activities? What if I was "married" to another straight man...and they found out I was dating a woman? Could they pull my insurance or could I get away with "I was just having an affair." If I was a young straight guy with crappy insurance and had a roomate that was willing to help me out...I'd pretend to be gay. Who'd know?

WTF does the government have to be involved with marriage anyway (straight or gay)? That seems like more of a personal issue. As for the insurance companies, they could make it easier for everyone by allowing you to put cohabitants on your insurance (though your employer would charge your more).

Reminds me of a Drew Carey episode.
2004-10-18 04:34:00 AM  
If this is supposed to be some sort of argument against gay-marriage? How many percent of straight men would agree to a paper-marriage to a women just to get better health coverage?

What is the difference between being married to a man or a woman if you only do it for legal reasons?

Are there really so many people here that would not sign some rather meaningless pice of paper, that says, that they are married to their room-mate, if it meant saving a few bucks a month? Is marriage really still that sacred to you?

I personally would be willing to marry a dog if it meant more money for me. (As long as the dog understands that the marriage is only on paper and will not be consumated.)
2004-10-18 04:36:58 AM  
I know I'd marry a straight man for better health coverage!
2004-10-18 04:38:02 AM  
76% of farkettes demand PICS!

Well, provided you meet certain physical standards...
2004-10-18 04:38:04 AM  
Forgot to mention...


I was referencing the Drew Carey episode.
2004-10-18 04:38:46 AM  
I would do it, hell yeah. a friend of mine was going to get "married" to this chick just to get in-state tuition. people take this whole marriage thing way too seriously.
2004-10-18 04:39:01 AM  
I'd marry a straight guy for better health coverage.

Where I live, by law, you have to give it to gay couples, but straight men require so much less maintentance.
2004-10-18 04:40:48 AM  
along with this, what's to stop a gay man marrying a lesbian in order for them to share the benefits of marriage? i mean, they could still keep their respective homosexual relationships, but on paper, they'd be married.

/sanctiful? marriage? nah.
2004-10-18 04:42:44 AM  
Weakner: Considering how much non-resident tuition is at WOU, I'd marry just about anything to get the in-state rate.

And health care? I'd marry a hot cocoa sampler box for health coverage.
2004-10-18 04:57:31 AM  
Whoa whoa whoa, now. A hot cocoa sampler box? I think that's going too far, now.
2004-10-18 04:58:53 AM  
How about a dental plan?

"OH please don't send me to the dungeon duke"

2004-10-18 05:09:07 AM  
Yes, a hot cocoa sampler box. That's how far I'm willing to go.

And kryptin420: that's one fine reference y'got there. Best. Show. Ever.
2004-10-18 05:09:09 AM  
Like nm, I can't wait for a news service to pick this up. Hopefully one of the stations in my area (Las Vegas) will pick this up-102.7 happily retold the grandmother firecracker story a while back and last week, 94.7 told this story.
2004-10-18 05:18:42 AM  
As a divorced man, I figure if I get married again it would be to a man because I don't want to wait 10 year to find out I'm going to take it up the ass. No. I want to know on day 1.
2004-10-18 05:20:21 AM  
Marriage is already a joke, why not.
2004-10-18 05:24:47 AM  

Well isn't it obvious?

You mentioned ... ahem "UHC."

Those are dirty words.

The Fark/AMA filter got you.
2004-10-18 05:28:14 AM  
Where the fark is the "unlikely" tag that this bullshiat so richly deserves?

2004-10-18 05:35:31 AM  
Isn't our health care already the envy of the world?

/Got a flu shot yet?
2004-10-18 05:55:20 AM  
Well, sure. My husband and I are both straight, but the health benefits are incredible. And the sex isn't actually that bad, get kinda used to it.
2004-10-18 05:56:52 AM  
Those Hoosiers sure have pretty mouths, I'll give 'em that much.
2004-10-18 05:57:36 AM  
To my homophobic fellow farkers, remember, getting married does not automatically entail bone smuggling. As a matter of fact, when will conservatives realize that if gay marriage is anything like "traditional" marriage, you're in effect guaranteeing less gay sex. This is from a to b people! At any rate, I still wouldn't do it. I already have health insurance.
2004-10-18 05:59:28 AM  
Oops. Make that good health insurance.

/nobody read my post anyway
2004-10-18 06:00:08 AM  
(Fully aware the article was made up)

I wouldn't, but then again I live in an opressive Socialist state where they give me free healthcare so if I get ill in the forced labour camps, I can see a doctor.

The Party has ensured I don't have to go teh ghey. Thanks, Great Leader!
2004-10-18 06:51:47 AM  
I know my dog wants to marry me for more steak.

//Hey, at least it's a biatch.
2004-10-18 07:32:23 AM  
Wow, Bud Abbott is really fed up.
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