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63604 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2004 at 9:58 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-17 07:19:29 PM  
cars and houses
2004-10-17 07:27:15 PM  
The author refers to PS2 and Xbox games as "cartridge games" and thus, is a moron.
2004-10-17 07:27:15 PM  
Save yourself the time of reading the article. It basically boils down to "Don't buy anything the minute it comes out unless you HAVE to have it." Nothing new here, folks.
2004-10-17 07:27:38 PM  
I agreed with all of them, except #7. New condoms? What the hell is wrong with buying new condoms?
2004-10-17 07:43:28 PM  
I just got a first edition, first printing, hardcover editon of Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle for $2.99. Absolute mint condition. Beats me why I mentioned this, but I'm tickled.
2004-10-17 07:46:54 PM  
i guess id have to say women?
2004-10-17 07:47:18 PM  
Never buy a new gun, always get it from that guy that lives in the van behind the AM-PM.
2004-10-17 07:48:16 PM  
Amen to hand tools.Houston has way too many Pawn shops to count and tools can be had cheap.I look for Craftsman or any maker with a lifetime guarantee.
2004-10-17 07:54:53 PM  
I have to disagree on the car one. I would much rather lose 10-15% or so on depreciation to know that my car has been maintained properly and driven properly over the course of its life.
2004-10-17 08:05:03 PM  
i have to disagree on the house one. i loved being able to pick out the carpet, tiling, accessories, etc. when i bought my new house. also, no nail holes, problem areas... why would anyone want to buy a used house over a new one?
2004-10-17 08:28:47 PM  
"Buy used, and youll pay half or less what the software cost new. Cartridge games like those for the Xbox and Sony PS2 that list for $50 new, for instance, can often be purchased used for $20 or less a year after release.

Because everyone wants to play games that are a year old.
If you go to EB or GameStop any decent usd game is still like 40 bucks and up. Ripoff. They'll give you like 5 bucks for your copy and then sell it for almost full price.
2004-10-17 08:29:36 PM  
Chelsea Clinton Is Carrot Top's Lost Twin

wow. just wow.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-17 09:29:38 PM  
crap this is a tough topic to make shiat up for.
2004-10-17 09:33:03 PM  
11. your first wedding ring
2004-10-17 09:33:40 PM  
12. call girl
2004-10-17 09:35:33 PM  
13. reality show plots
2004-10-17 10:02:20 PM  
If youre going to buy little kids toys second hand, for gods sake soak them in disinfectant.
2004-10-17 10:02:31 PM  
14. Red Sox World Series tix

/works better as 13
2004-10-17 10:05:03 PM  
If you're going to buy little kids second hand, they need to be disinfected, too.
2004-10-17 10:05:21 PM  
What's wrong with new call girls?
2004-10-17 10:05:35 PM  
Dog poop. (It's better to wait until it dries.)
2004-10-17 10:06:24 PM  
Santorum - My entrty is the same entry as the other thread
2004-10-17 10:06:53 PM  
14. whiskey
2004-10-17 10:07:03 PM  
Ancient artifacts
2004-10-17 10:07:27 PM  
16. Underwear
2004-10-17 10:08:44 PM  
78 RPM records.
2004-10-17 10:08:47 PM  
16. Just never buy anything ever and to hell with these farking lists.
2004-10-17 10:08:57 PM  
fiver5 - i bought my house eight years ago at $144,500.00. Its last appraisal pegged out at $320,000.00. Perhaps it is you who needs a visit from the clue factory...
2004-10-17 10:10:19 PM  
brancho -- I was thinking a man, myself. No woman wants to have to break one in. ;)
2004-10-17 10:10:46 PM  
17. Totalfark accounts
2004-10-17 10:11:09 PM  
Sounds like a cheap skate to me! out of all of those items I would never concider buying any of them used! Who wants a car with someone elses fart vapors in the seat????
2004-10-17 10:11:41 PM  
prostitutes - get one with experience.
2004-10-17 10:12:18 PM  
Chelsea Clinton Is Carrot Top's Lost Twin

i have to disagree on the house one. i loved being able to pick out the carpet, tiling, accessories, etc. when i bought my new house. also, no nail holes, problem areas... why would anyone want to buy a used house over a new one?

Well, here's a few reasons (applies to old houses not simply used houses):

1) Floods. Most new houses are in new developments. Hate to have to wait to find out if the developer got the drainage right. With an old house, you can check for signs of flooding.

2) Not a guinea pig for new materials.

3) Established nieghborhoods.

4) If you are a fan of hardwood and tile, you can save lots on an older house with them.

5) Trees. Someone else planted the twigs. They are now trees.

6) An old house has already settled all its going to.

Just a few. Of course there are disadvantages too
2004-10-17 10:15:43 PM  
20. wine
2004-10-17 10:16:01 PM  
Glad hookers wasn't on the list.
2004-10-17 10:16:39 PM  
The games one is bullshiat too. The only way to get used games for cheap is to run a used game store. The markup on used games is even more than the markup on new ones.

Now, if the world were sane, used games would be about $15 a pop (given that most stores will only give you $5, tops for them). But in reality, you're only saving like 20% on used games, and its really not worth it for online games since the server browser will be full of empty or cheater servers. For single-player games like RPGs or other such level-treadmill masturbation, old games are jim dandy tho.
2004-10-17 10:17:06 PM  
Personally never buy a kick in the nuts new. I always wait until it's been used a few times, that way it both costs less and there's less sting.
2004-10-17 10:19:41 PM  

/gotta wait a few million years
2004-10-17 10:20:22 PM  
People still buy software?
2004-10-17 10:21:08 PM  
Cars -

Hm, can you get a bumper-to-bumper-you-just-have-to-put-gas-in-it warranty on a used car? Hell, no.

Me and a friend bought our cars at the same time.
Mine is new, and gets serviced for free, no problems.
Hers has already had a couple of thousand dropped into it for repairs.
2004-10-17 10:22:07 PM  
21. Music, movies... media basically. P2P anyone?
2004-10-17 10:22:24 PM  
Toilet paper.
2004-10-17 10:22:25 PM  
The writer doesn't really know about books. First editions and reviewer releases of books actually go for quite a large amount if the author is popular. Mint first editions of Stephen King books are fairly up there in price. A first edition of Howard Stern's Private Parts also use to go for between $100-$150.

Hold on to them if they are first editions.
2004-10-17 10:24:55 PM  

Know before you speak. Yes, Used game markup is greater than new, but a game that is bought by a game store for $5 IS sold for about $15. You are definately one of those from "that side of the counter". You want to pay less for the used game you buy because it's used, but when you want to sell your games, you want more. You can't have it both ways. And if you're upset because game stores are making so much money, why don't you open your own damn store and STFU!!!

/rant, off!
2004-10-17 10:25:16 PM  
Links on Fark. I always wait until they are listed for the second time.
2004-10-17 10:25:18 PM  
1) Floods. Most new houses are in new developments. Hate to have to wait to find out if the developer got the drainage right. With an old house, you can check for signs of flooding.

OMFG, AMEN! Was living w/ my aunt and uncle this past year for college, and we had some nasty storms.... One of them filled up the 5 foot deep window well with water completely (in my uncle's PC room, non-the-less). So he's sitting there, and he hears the window crack. Doesn't think anything of it really, but glances over and sees water trickling in. Calls down to my aunt, because now he's realized what's going on. She comes down, and while they're trying to figure out what to do, she's standing in front of the window. All of a sudden BOOM! it blows out, throws her across the room, and managed to ruin most of the electronics (PC was saved) in the room, as well as carpet in that room, the family room, and my bedroom. Turns out the guy that built the house (and that lived there right before us) forgot to put tile in the window wells to keep the water from building up.
2004-10-17 10:26:49 PM  
2004-10-17 10:27:19 PM  
21. Music, movies... media basically. P2P anyone?

Is $15 too much for a CD you may enjoy for many years? Use P2P to find out what's out there. And when you find something you like, pay for it.
2004-10-17 10:27:22 PM  
These have lasers that will wear out

Lasers wear out? This is news to me.

/Survey says author is a moron.

Oh yeah, and there's nothing wrong with buying a used car as long as you do your research on reliability before hand (from multiple sources) and buy a one-owner (preferrably elderly owned) car.
2004-10-17 10:27:50 PM  
fark needs to implement a rule banning any links to msn articles...they all suck and are written by people who couldnt get a real journalist job. None of them do any real research and just make shiat up to fill up space on the web.
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