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15041 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2002 at 6:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-14 06:37:03 PM  
finger can suck my cock
2002-02-14 06:39:04 PM  
Fruit flavoured air?
2002-02-14 06:39:19 PM  
Spaceballs comes to mind...
2002-02-14 06:40:16 PM  
Finger's computer has a built in refrigerator stocked with bottled water.
2002-02-14 06:40:17 PM  
Tried the stuff in Amsterdam.....worked wonders on a Hieneken hangover.
2002-02-14 06:40:54 PM  
You might get a discount if you enter "12345" in the Comments when ordering... something about an airlock
2002-02-14 06:41:10 PM  
I prefer Bottled Fire (TM), myself.
2002-02-14 06:41:18 PM  
I'm flabberghasted!
2002-02-14 06:41:25 PM  
The_marq you owe me a monitor dude....I wasn't expecting that ...... lmao
2002-02-14 06:42:02 PM  
2002-02-14 06:42:49 PM  
"After having an interest in this product for just over 5 mins... it became useless. In light of that i have a feeling that the only real use for this in this part of the world .. is when you are going in long journies in your car.. instead of winding down your window and freezing to death, pull over take a few breaths and you will be wide awake. But that is hardly worth the price.
Darren, Derry, Ireland - Jan '02"

At least the reviews are honest.
2002-02-14 06:43:28 PM  
thats bs
2002-02-14 06:43:42 PM  
throw one of these on the BBQ for shiats and giggles.
2002-02-14 06:45:23 PM  
What kind of yuppie wee-tard would buy such a product? I feel ripped off for paying $2 for water...oh wait...thats right...I'm po :(
2002-02-14 06:45:48 PM  
Might be worth the price, since I can never find a pick-me-up that works for me: not sugar, not caffeine, not energy drinks, and I don't want to use illegal drugs.

Besides, I'm sure I don't get enough oxygen as it is.
2002-02-14 06:47:52 PM  
[Miss Teschmacher is posing as the victim of a car wreck.]
I don't know why I thought of this, but can you guess what film this is from:

Sergeant: She's having trouble breathing sir. What do you suggest?
Major: Um, I suggest a vigorous chest massage, and if that doesn't work, uh, mouth-to-mouth.
Sergeant: [enthusiastically] Yes, sir!
[Bends to the task. The Major pulls him to his feet.]
Major: Sergeant, I wouldn't have one of my men do something I wouldn't be prepared to do myself.
Sergeant: [disappointed] Yeah, but sir!
2002-02-14 06:48:11 PM  
You'll have to talk to Finger about that, my comment was rooted solely in rage.
2002-02-14 06:49:25 PM  
Orange: Uhm, everyone knows that's from Superman. Nice try though.
2002-02-14 06:50:48 PM  
I had a friend who made quite a nice extra income selling cylinders of nitrous oxide that he stole from dentist offices.
2002-02-14 06:50:51 PM  
Big Orange: Superman: The Movie
2002-02-14 06:53:16 PM  

oh wait, that's one word. must the 356.8% oxygen concentrate i just inhaled to make sure all the coke got blown way up in my noodle...
2002-02-14 06:54:16 PM  
Canned Oxygen with fruit flavor? that's nothing- I can
ship you your very own cubic yard of LA smog- cut to
order! only available July,August, and September...
2002-02-14 06:54:36 PM  
02-13-02 06:50:31 PM Impaler
I predict that in the next few days, filters will transform the phrase "I have a computer" into "I'm a farking moron"

Just posting to remind us where we've been today and where we're still going... apparently for awhile to come.
2002-02-14 06:54:45 PM  
Anyone seen the play Gasping by Ben Elton? This reminded me of it strongly, without the bit where greedy yuppiesw suck up all the air into bottles and let everyone else die...
2002-02-14 06:57:46 PM  
MadCat221: I thought the same thing...
2002-02-14 06:58:35 PM  
Fruit flavored air? Big deal. I can produce all the methane flavored air you want.
2002-02-14 06:59:02 PM  
A company I used to work for had some oxygen breathers in the first aid locker. They never actually _locked_ the locker so one of my co-workers and I would sneak in and huff the O2 during breaks. It really does make you feel good and it improves alertness. However, you can probably get it cheaper from a medical supply store where it will come in a big green-painted canister instead of a little faggy brushed-aluminum one.

P.S. If anybody at that company died because we sucked up all the bottled oxygen, we're really, really sorry.
2002-02-14 06:59:59 PM  
Something weird about that girl's right ear.
2002-02-14 07:01:40 PM  
i have my own source for "flavored air", thank you.
2002-02-14 07:03:37 PM  
Big Orange: Brain Candy?

Can I have the room?

2002-02-14 07:05:02 PM  
Shipped in the UK only.... Leave it to the British to come up with something like this... Hey, England, they have this radical new thing called (get ready for this) Toothpaste! And it comes in its very own tube squeezie thing. You should check it out sometime. I will tell you about soap some other time.
2002-02-14 07:05:22 PM  
oxygen booths rock... i tried one at e3 last year and it gave me alot of energy... of coruse it was free then so yah
2002-02-14 07:07:30 PM  
Wouldn't these things be pretty flamible being pure oxygen and all...just a thought...

"ah...fresh air..I think I'll have a cigarette..."

hilarity ensues...?

2002-02-14 07:08:34 PM  
This is not so weird. There is now an Oxygen Bar on Telegraph ave in berkeley. farking weird!
2002-02-14 07:10:33 PM  
Bring on the nitrous bars.
2002-02-14 07:13:56 PM  
Sarin000, oxygen doesn't necessarily explode, it just consumes. So if you put fire right next to it, it would probably just get big, at best. If it's a lot of compressed oxygen, with a big flame, it might be an explosion, but it would take more than a can's worth and a match.
2002-02-14 07:14:26 PM

2002-02-14 07:15:01 PM  
Nice dildo.
2002-02-14 07:15:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-14 07:17:45 PM  
Only in Berkeley.... I don't recall the bay area having
that obnoxious of a smog problem... I do recall that many
people in the bay area were long on the green stuff ($)
and short on the grey matter.(witness the marin taliban)
2002-02-14 07:18:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Nuff Said.
2002-02-14 07:20:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-14 07:22:05 PM  
Anyone read the quotes at the bottom? This is a gem . . .

"This product is cool! It probably is a pyschological thing, but it works! It's guaranteed to make you instantly smile.... and giggle like a little schoolgirl! Only thing is 80 breaths isn't enough and it is quite pricey! Oh, and I have 20 speedboats with gorillas that drive them!"
Charlie, Warwickshire - Jan '02
2002-02-14 07:26:32 PM  
Love is like oxygen
You get too much you get too high
Not enough and you're gonna die
2002-02-14 07:27:02 PM  
it looks like a huge cock.
2002-02-14 07:31:19 PM  
fark! It's distorted... mode, please take down distorted image.

2002-02-14 07:33:13 PM  
I've got farts in a bag. gimme some money and you won't get one.
2002-02-14 07:38:54 PM  
fark. that is bull shiat.
2002-02-14 07:42:47 PM  

02-14-02 07:18:26 PM Phxtony :
Johnny_Gluebag_and_The_Sniffs: Wrong thread, dude.

hehe........what is going on with Fark ?!?!
2002-02-14 07:53:33 PM  
I have a brother-in-law who's an EMT, and he swears by the stuff as a morning after cure.

[image from too old to be available]
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