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(MSNBC)   Jenny McCarthy is pregnant. Fb- is the father   ( ) divider line
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10602 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2002 at 2:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-14 02:56:11 PM  
I guess that means I don't have a chance with her anymore then. Too bad.
2002-02-14 02:56:52 PM  
2002-02-14 02:57:32 PM  
Jenny used to be super hot. I remember some of those playboy videos. These days shes just kinda.. hot lite. :-)
2002-02-14 02:57:58 PM  
another generous helping of talent added to the gene-pool!
2002-02-14 02:58:26 PM  
Does anyone know where Fb- is registered?

"Candlesticks always make a nice gift. You could find out where she's registered and maybe get a place setting".

Paraphrased Bull Durham. Please correct me if I misquoted.
2002-02-14 02:59:01 PM  
Since when has she been considered an actress?
2002-02-14 03:00:03 PM  
I saw her on Drew Carey last night. She looked chunky.

FYI - John Asher stars in Going to California - he's Insect Bob - don't know nuthin about him directing it.
2002-02-14 03:01:58 PM  
Finger: The computer at the public library doesn't count.

So fb-, how was she?
2002-02-14 03:02:12 PM  
Dan Ackroid is the anti-midas. Everything he touches, turns to shiat. Her husband is shiat. She need to be my babys mommma.
2002-02-14 03:03:51 PM  
Fb- is John Ahser?
2002-02-14 03:05:37 PM  
Jenny's acting credits, if you care:,+Jenny

John Mallory Asher's credits. This lists Insect Bob like Caboozy says. I guess it's the same guy.,+John+Mallory
2002-02-14 03:06:37 PM  
Just wait until that 2nd trimester. We may ALL have a shot at her.
2002-02-14 03:06:41 PM  
Dude, I heard she has herpes.
Any truth to that rumor?
2002-02-14 03:08:32 PM  
SLAYERSWINE: No, she's from Chicago not Baltimore.
2002-02-14 03:08:40 PM  
She probably got pregnant from a toilet seat in Baltimore
2002-02-14 03:09:13 PM  
I found an old picture of Fb paying homage to his last wife:

[image from too old to be available]

God I hope this works out for Fb and Jenny, God forbid their offsrping look like this
2002-02-14 03:12:43 PM  
Congrats Fb!!!!

So, if I may pry, are you gonna breast feed?
2002-02-14 03:15:33 PM  
who cares about Jenny McCarthy anymore?

Isn't she doing 1-800-collect ads or something else washed up ex-celebs usually do?
2002-02-14 03:15:36 PM  
think she'll do a spread in Playboy like that one lady from Party of Five? Let's hope not. Nekkid pregnant chicks = not hot.
2002-02-14 03:17:11 PM  
I thought she was great in:

2002-02-14 03:19:17 PM  
Fb- wishes he was the father on this one.
2002-02-14 03:20:33 PM  
First Cindy Margolis, now Jenny. Is there a "knock-up the Internet blond bimbos" campaign I don't know about?
2002-02-14 03:21:48 PM  
The King of Toast: Amen to that - nearly fell off my chair at that nipplage!
2002-02-14 03:23:23 PM  
King of toast... wouldn't make it past the mods, I'm afraid.

I found one with just enough nipple to be safe (hopefully)
google search give this site for some NSFW's
2002-02-14 03:24:50 PM  
That would explain that message from Satan on my answering machine this morning. He was complaining about being cold.
2002-02-14 03:26:47 PM  
no talent...'hot lite'...chunky...bimbo...pregnant...who cares!

She's hot as hell, I'd fark her.
2002-02-14 03:26:56 PM  
HOORAY !! Now Playboy can do that Pregnant Centerfold issue they always wanted to !

Oh yea I thought that Puckhead's picture might be NSFW, never saw me push the Page Down button so fast, hehe !
2002-02-14 03:29:00 PM  
She always seemed like she'd be a fun girl to date or hang out with. I mean, she had that show on MTV that was a complete flop but she acted how I think she really would off camera. I don't think of her as so much as a hot model, but more of a great looking girl with a personality.
2002-02-14 03:29:41 PM  
think she'll do a spread in Playboy like that one lady from Party of Five?

She already did a spread in Playboy. It's what made her famous.
2002-02-14 03:32:56 PM  
Congrats Fb- Any chance you can get her to do some porno's. I would also like her do a good titty fug with me.
2002-02-14 03:35:53 PM  
Funny and gorgeous. This sucks. Now I can't even hope she'll be in something new.
Chunky or not, she looked great on Drew Carey last night.
2002-02-14 03:36:05 PM  
(not so)Quick1...
unclejessie meant while prego.
2002-02-14 03:36:18 PM  
Puckhead so, your image gets past the mods, but a link clearly stating nsfw wouldn't? wtf is this nonsense?

Scarneck damn, you beat me to it. Seems I'm not the only one that remembers the second trimester thread after all. Wheeee!
2002-02-14 03:43:21 PM  
Is it just me or is "Fb- is the father" line getting very very old?
2002-02-14 03:48:40 PM  
Even if she gets divorced now, she's gonna have a kid. That makes her second-hand goods and she's gonna have the stretchmarks to remind you of it every day. Blech. Keep her. I'll ruin my own Playmate's loins, thank you.
2002-02-14 03:48:59 PM  
I got mad sperm. I don't think she's gonna marry me though. She just wants to be "fark buddies"
2002-02-14 03:59:47 PM  
Anything that keeps her annoying 'personality' off my TV is OK with me. Knock her up a second time, Fb-
2002-02-14 04:28:34 PM  
Pardon me for asking, but what is the origin of the "Fb- is the father" cliche?
2002-02-14 04:35:21 PM  
For the 5000th time (in the 5000th Fb- is the father thread...hint hint), the only thing Fb- has ever done anything even remotely sexual with is his hand.
2002-02-14 04:37:21 PM  
Hartfrog: It's not just you.

"France Surrenders" could really use a permanent break too. A few days ago, it was on what, 4-5 times?
2002-02-14 04:37:46 PM  
skank ho
2002-02-14 04:39:51 PM  
you know, I thought she looked a little bigger than usual on Drew Carey also - this would explain it. regardless, she is an incredibly beautiful woman with (what seems like) a real cool personality. anyone who can joke around and laugh at themselves like she does is all right. and her ass is soooooo f*cking hot.
2002-02-14 04:40:06 PM  
Fb-'s sperm is actually the whole U.S. Olympic swim team.
2002-02-14 04:41:16 PM  
Fb surrenders.
2002-02-14 04:43:34 PM  
WHO IS fb- ?????
2002-02-14 05:18:12 PM  
Read an Urban Legend somewhere when she was shopping for bikinis for a MTV Spring Break thing, she tried some on without underwear and the writer said "her Aunt Flo had been visiting"
2002-02-14 05:24:48 PM  
Whoever won the ebay auction to be a moderator must be really bored. My post was deleted for absolutely no reason. All I said was that the guy she is married to was on the "weird science" tv show.
2002-02-14 05:55:10 PM  
Happydude, I agree. Something's going on. There's at least one post where all references to the F (not Fb-)were deleted.
2002-02-14 06:15:18 PM  
Hmm, thought she had an STD of some sort
2002-02-14 06:34:48 PM  
Yeah, I heard she has a case of herpes.
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