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(IMDB)   Theme: What if the designers of Halle Berry's craptacular Catwoman costume botched other superhero costumes?   ( divider line 37
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13090 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2004 at 9:44 PM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-14 02:13:26 PM  
Oh please oh please oh please

(a girl can hope can't she?)
2004-10-14 03:59:14 PM  
2004-10-14 04:55:18 PM  
2004-10-14 05:30:10 PM  
2004-10-14 05:42:39 PM  
2004-10-14 06:51:26 PM  
2004-10-14 08:03:15 PM  
2004-10-14 08:05:45 PM  

for tha ladies...

/most painful GIS evar!!!
2004-10-14 09:02:16 PM  
2004-10-15 05:21:12 AM  

OK, so I took the assignment literally.
2004-10-15 01:12:27 PM  
2004-10-16 03:47:09 AM  

live action powerpuff girls ... ?
(please note: that woman (?) was not colorized by me, and here is the source pic for your amusement. thank you.)
2004-10-16 06:37:49 AM  
2004-10-16 05:31:37 PM  

Blatantly obvious
2004-10-16 06:05:04 PM  

2004-10-16 08:30:59 PM  

I've got so much nothing its ridiculous.
2004-10-16 08:41:29 PM  

Doc Ock out of dryer vent tubing, maybe?
2004-10-16 09:52:34 PM  
2004-10-16 10:15:36 PM  

2004-10-16 10:20:32 PM  
2004-10-16 10:21:10 PM  
2004-10-16 10:41:16 PM  
2004-10-16 10:51:38 PM  
2004-10-16 10:54:08 PM  

That's a glowstick, BTW.
2004-10-16 10:57:40 PM  
You guys know that I don't usually do this kind of NSFW kinda thing, but maybe if that monkey guy sees this he'll stop.

What if SportsbyBrooks botched one of their costumes?

I did say NSFW, right ?
2004-10-16 11:08:19 PM  
2004-10-16 11:35:37 PM  
Mmkay, this was something of a rushed job (so it's crappy), and my first ever Photoshop submission. And I feel a thin film of slime clinging to my psyche after using this image. But Bob help me, this was the first thing that popped into mind.

2004-10-16 11:47:06 PM  

2004-10-16 11:49:05 PM  

He flies like a moron...
2004-10-16 11:51:35 PM  

2004-10-17 12:30:01 AM  

Spiderman vs. Doctor Octopus
2004-10-17 12:30:56 AM  
2004-10-17 01:04:33 AM  
2004-10-17 01:15:49 AM  
Yes, Mattevil did make that pic.
However, he did it months ago. It was never submitted as a PS entry before, though, so It's A-OK here, as far as I know.

BTW, I know all this because we both are members at another message board, and I remember the thread he created it for. It was hilarious then, and it still is now.
2004-10-17 01:23:52 AM  
2004-10-17 02:32:25 AM  
2004-10-17 03:23:54 AM  
Skipped 65 non-voting comments in this thread
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