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(Reuters)   Clinic that has no flu vaccine gives out chicken soup and packs of tissues   ( divider line
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4643 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2004 at 11:29 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-14 08:21:33 AM  
those damn english bastards farked us.
2004-10-14 08:26:49 AM  
look to your northerly neighbours for your drugs. we have good ones up here
2004-10-14 08:30:09 AM  
Good. Chicken soup and tissues are more likely to actually protect you. Stop living in fear, it's not polio...
2004-10-14 08:40:05 AM  
I got a flu shot for the first time this week. I never had the flu until last December when I spent all of Xmas week in bed thinking I was going to die. I'm not doing that again. GWB might think he's not important enough to get a flu shot, but he's not flubby.
2004-10-14 08:42:24 AM  
You could still spend you Xmas in bed. The flu vaccine only protects against specific strains chosen by educated guess and computer models. If you catch a strain not in the vaccine, you still get sick....
2004-10-14 08:49:14 AM  
... yeah, I know, that's why I told them to give me 10ccs of the good shiat...

seriously though, my wife works in the heath care field and her office gets free flu shots every year, so this time I took her boss up on his annual offer and got one myself

I just couldn't bear the thought of another week in bed, denying TF my rapier wit ;)
2004-10-14 08:53:47 AM  
I'm all for chicken soup and tissues.

Oh, and good handwashing and Purell.
2004-10-14 09:54:35 AM  
At least Social Security won't be a problem anymore once all the old folks die off.
2004-10-14 10:06:32 AM  
Pollexabator: The strains in the influenza vaccine are based on those which have been most prevalent in the preceding flu season in Asia, since the virus migrates to the US from there. It is a matter of science and probability, much more than an educated guess.

Don't confuse "the flu" with influenza. Most viral respiratory illnesses during the winter months are mild in comparison to genuine influenza, which is a truely miserable experience.

The flu vaccine is the only effective means for preventing influenza and developing "herd immunity", protecting unvaccinated persons by preventing carriage in vaccinated persons. Even if you are infected, the vaccine significantly attenuates the severity of the illness. Last year during influenza season, 10% of reported deaths were due to influenza. Granted, most of these were elderly and infirm, but they still died from a largely preventable illness.

In medicine, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
2004-10-14 10:14:03 AM  
While we cannot cure your cancer we can provide you with this delicious T.V. Dinner and complimentary Guinness Towel.
2004-10-14 10:27:35 AM  
i think the moral of the story is:

if you don't absolutely NEEd a flu shot....don't get one.

wash your hands. get enough sleep. eat right. if you start feeling sick, take to bed, or as i do, drink a lot of green tea (doesn't work for everyone, but seems to work for me). stay away from sick people. if you're sick, stay away from healthy people.

it is not the end of the world if you catch the flu (well, sometimes it is, but for the majority of you, probably not). You will most likely live on to catch the flu again next year.
2004-10-14 10:42:51 AM  
I appreciate your response, but I still think the flu vaccine in this country is overhyped and ineffective. Using data on Asian avain flu is still unreliable in many cases. When I say "educated guess" I mean probability.

Influenzaviruses have single-stranded RNA genomes that are copied with RNA polymerase. Because RNA polymerase is error-prone, the mutation rate in influenzaviruses is very high. Predicting mutations is a difficult thing. This sort of genetic variability is fairly common among viruses--it's a major problem in vaccine development for a number of pathogens, including HIV.

Even if you are infected, the vaccine significantly attenuates the severity of the illness.

Only if the surface proteins are very similar. We're talking about a variety of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase forms...

Is data published each year indicating whether or not the strains chosen for the vaccine were on target for the majority of infections (serious question, my research skills ARE rusty)? I doubt this analysis would get any press anyway.

When the media gets their hands on this, the culture of fear takes over and you get long lines of people convinced they will die without the vaccination that may or may not help. I think it's irresponsible to portray the vaccine as a silver bullet...
2004-10-14 10:48:27 AM  
mysticcat, thanks for breaking it down for us...

BTW, re: your bio, I met Billy Joe Shaver a few months back after his show here in town. They don't make them like him anymore.
2004-10-14 11:21:33 AM  
Last year I got the flu vaccine for the first time since I was little. I thought I was going to die when I ended up catching it. So this year, no vaccine for me, I have more important things to spend the money on.
2004-10-14 11:34:58 AM  
my cubefarm workplace actually lines everyone up every year (voluntary, not mandatory) and innoculates us all at once, for free. the first time i went down to the meeting room (i do not believe in the flu shot, personally) to see it, it kind of creeped me out, i don't know why.
2004-10-14 11:35:03 AM  
Damn to hell, anything I can do to get the vaccine I will do. I can't afford to be out of work again. It seems as though the years I don't get the vaccine, I end up in the hospital. The years I do get the vaccine, life is good and I can make it through the year without wanting to wish for an end to my life.
2004-10-14 11:35:19 AM  
Well under the Bush plan you are just supposed to not get sick so the people who really need vaccinations can get them. And if you're poor, don't get sick.

It is just so easy. Bush Health Plan says - "Stay Healthy! (because we won't help you)
2004-10-14 11:35:40 AM  
thats great
2004-10-14 11:37:46 AM  
I'm shocked this didn't get the HERO tag. It seems everything else does these days.
2004-10-14 11:38:11 AM  
Sounds like that clinic is one step from giving Bush's Faith Based Initiative a try. It will be interesting to see how it works.

That said, I've never had a flu shot and I'm rather agnostic about them. I remember the big Swine Flu scare in the late 1970s when more people died from the vaccine than from the actual disease.
2004-10-14 11:39:01 AM  
lovelaura - look, I'm sorry it took us a while to respond your pathetic notions of independence and bring the colonials to their knees, we were busy. OK ?

/delusions of national adequacy
2004-10-14 11:39:28 AM  
I wind up getting the flu shot about every other year. For whatever reason; it's not available, it's a pain in the ass to get, what.ever. Anyway I can't say as I've experienced any difference shot versus no shot. Sometimes the shot gives me a cold and some years I don't get the flu. I think what we need is a DE EDUCATION program to teach people that not everyone needs the flu shot just because we happen to have it.
2004-10-14 11:43:40 AM  
I'm with the moonbats on the topic of flu vaccines. Never had the flu, never had a flu shot.


/33rd level Freemason, anyways
2004-10-14 11:44:01 AM  
HA! That's great! So clever! Are they going to give packets of tissues to people taking chemo? What about chicken soup to the elderly? That'll put a smile on their commpromised immune system faces!!
2004-10-14 11:45:20 AM  
drama queens...
2004-10-14 11:45:29 AM  
Dont give the UK any, just quarantine e'm.

/they created RAGE
2004-10-14 11:46:32 AM  
People like mysticcat and Pollexabator no doubt know more than me.
I used to be pissed because I had to take a mandatory flu shot. I bet most folks have never had the "true influenza"
Most folks get a BAD cold and think they have the flu.
I was a strong healthy man when I got the shiat for real. It put me in bed for 5 days and I could barely get up to piss. I spent the time in a delirium which, in all honesty, isn't that much different from an acid trip, only real, real sick.
It may only protect against one strain, but now I get my shot as soon as it's available.
2004-10-14 11:47:18 AM  
Lol, I just heard mention on a local radio station of the anthrax "Outbreak" 2 years ago(?). What care package do they plan on giving out when and if that happens again? A hazmat suit, clorox and q-tips? sounds good to me..........
2004-10-14 11:48:17 AM  
well, Pollexabator wins the big word prize of the day... holy shiat, dude.

But seriously, you can greatly reduce your risk to the flu just by using common sense. Not putting germy things in your mouth, keeping yourself and your home clean, getting proper rest and vitamins and all that really does help. Since we all know that there is a serious shortness of this vaccine, leave it for those who really need it. Who wants a needle stuck in their arm anyhow?
2004-10-14 11:48:40 AM  
Since when is it up to the government to provide health care??
2004-10-14 11:49:48 AM  
thank the maker for my superior immune system.

/doesn't take the flu shot
/doesn't get sick
2004-10-14 11:51:02 AM  
I will get my flu shot about 15 minutes. I am in the high risk category, but I think that for a normal healthy individual, every other year suffices. Influenza experiences antigenic shifts and drifts, but I believe that some cross protection is afforded from year to year, i.e. you may not be completely protected, but you probably will not get a full blown case if you were vaccinated for last year's strains, maybe just the sniffles.
2004-10-14 11:51:24 AM  
I think the Flu Shot is really mental. If you think you the shot helps you, then people should get it. Unfortunatley both the American and UK media seem to overhype the stupid thing...oh yeah...because the pharmaceutical companies fund media corporations.

I like the chicken soup idea a lot.

2004-10-14 11:51:25 AM  
i wouldn't say its up to the government to provide healthcare, but for a wealthy country like ours, it is the government's responsibility to make healthcare within reach for everyone.
2004-10-14 11:53:28 AM  
I'm gonna have to agree with pretty much all of Pollexabator's post. If you are elderly, a child, or have a pre-existing condition which contributes to a weakened immune system, by all means go out and get a flu shot. But I can't stand the fearmongering that goes along with the annual immunization roundup. I've never had the shot, and I've never had the flu (any longer than for a few hours or so anyway, and never any serious symptoms). Then there's my buddy, who never got it until he started being innoculated. Now he gets it like clockwork every year. He claims he just likes to "get it out of the way", and that's why he keeps getting the shot. "Plus, my dad's plan covers it". I know we are just to people, and as such are not nearly a large enough sample group to cull reasonably convincing data from, but anecdotal evidence is better than none.

I compare the flu vaccine blitz to all the blatant scaremongering that was done over West Nile virus this past summer, just so stores could sell more bug spray and mosquito coils than ever before.

It is the age of hyper-reactivity, where one single death can cause a completely irrational reaction.
2004-10-14 11:54:00 AM  
those damn english bastards farked us.


Dont give the UK any, just quarantine e'm.

What am I missing here? Although the English can be blamed for many things, I don't think influenza is one of them.
2004-10-14 11:55:31 AM  
"It's stupid anyway: all this maintanance business. The only reason they don't give this job to the service robots is they've got a better union than us."

-Arnold Rimmer's lack of enthusiasm for fixing the chicken soup nozzle on the vending machine
2004-10-14 11:55:33 AM  
Chicken soup and tissues for the FLU?</b? Sheeeeeit, that's like giving a children's aspirin for cancer. For a flu, you need a vomit trough, a toilet beside the rubber-sheeted bed for the constant squirts, and something to knock you the fark out for a couple weeks.
2004-10-14 11:56:21 AM  

/HTML impaired
2004-10-14 12:00:13 PM  
I laugh at people who think they have the flu for "a few hours" or when they have a cold/the sniffles or gut cramps/the runs. The flu FARKS YOU UP for at least a week. If it doesn't feel like you're dying, it's probably not the flu.
2004-10-14 12:01:19 PM  
honestly I think all this flu stuff is overrated... most people get the flu get a little sick, if your healthy enough. so I can understand that the elderly and young childeren get priority.. if you look at the numbers, most people are dying everyday from other sicknesses and car accedents and stuff.. but do we go around and panic that we all must get air bags and ration them out? not really.. I work in a call center with over 400 people, and we share desks,, so I'm at a high risk, had the flu 2 times in the past 6 years... im not that worried...
2004-10-14 12:02:06 PM  
binnster: Cut paste repeat
2004-10-14 12:03:00 PM  
The real solution to this influenza vaccine issue is the No Child Left Behind Act, which as we all know is a tremendous jobs creation program.
2004-10-14 12:03:42 PM  
My g/f came over with chicken soup and I wouldn't even let her in the room, made the twat leave it in the fridge. She would've given me sympathy head if I'd let her.
Any affliction that makes you forego food and sex is worth guarding against.
2004-10-14 12:04:22 PM  
Don't take their vaccines. It's poison.
2004-10-14 12:04:54 PM  
Sidney J. Mussburger,

"Night of the Living Dead"-styled hybrid about a deadly, incurable virus that spreads like wildfire through the United Kingdom over a month's time and turns its victims into dangerous monsters. By the end of that month the central character (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a coma and finds that most all of London has been deserted.

Aha! I was blind, but now I see...
2004-10-14 12:06:10 PM  
I've had the flu a couple times, and it sucked hardcore -- but I was never in any danger. There are other people whose lives could concievably be saved by the vaccine, so fine, they can have it. I'll just get sick, since I live in a god damned dorm.
2004-10-14 12:07:26 PM  
This is nothing. You should see what they give the guys fo herpes: some Tylenol and a butcher's knife.
2004-10-14 12:11:25 PM  
I want a flu shot now that they are so hard to find. It's the thrill of the hunt. Old people and kids will be trampled if necessary.
2004-10-14 12:11:39 PM  
I used to get the flu every year. Knocked me off my ass for a week each time. Now I get the shot and I haven't had the flu in 4 years. Plus, I live in Ontario, so it's free.
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