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(news&observer)   1 in 12 young adults in Baltimore has an untreated STD   ( divider line
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2946 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2002 at 1:35 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-14 01:36:32 PM  
make that 2 in 12.

2002-02-14 01:37:41 PM  
Another reason not to go to Baltimore.
2002-02-14 01:37:55 PM  
I get the feeling the catholic church has some twisted part in this...
2002-02-14 01:38:34 PM  
unlucky farkers
2002-02-14 01:38:44 PM  
Finger is apparently a moron
2002-02-14 01:38:51 PM  
Isn't it also the heroin capital of the U.S.?
2002-02-14 01:39:06 PM  
(politically incorrect)
VD!! It's what makes you sick!
(/politically incorrect)
2002-02-14 01:39:20 PM  
/me crosses Baltimore off of the Places to Visit list.
2002-02-14 01:39:21 PM  
::laughs::.........oh well shouldnt have had sex
2002-02-14 01:39:26 PM  
(fill in name of favorite farker)LAST SEEN IN BALTIMORE
2002-02-14 01:39:27 PM  
If I slap a band-aid on the sore is it considered treated?
2002-02-14 01:40:18 PM  
What's Detroit's tally?
2002-02-14 01:40:18 PM  
It must be all of the Barry White music they pump into the aquarium for the sharks...
2002-02-14 01:40:21 PM  
...and 1 out of 10 is a heroin addict.
2002-02-14 01:40:45 PM  
Well Meshman, Baltimore is the oldest diocees in North America.
2002-02-14 01:41:09 PM  
Where's the OBVIOUS tag?
2002-02-14 01:41:23 PM  
Baltimore's a hellhole (except for being John Waters' birthplace and home).
2002-02-14 01:42:38 PM  
damn!!!, I'll never f' one of those Baltiwhores
2002-02-14 01:42:44 PM  
Someone beat Finger with his computer. Thanks.
2002-02-14 01:43:10 PM  
Alarmingly, 12 out of 12 Baltimore young adults are Baltimoreans.
2002-02-14 01:43:15 PM  
so your saying the girl's in baltimore put out?
2002-02-14 01:43:41 PM  
2002-02-14 01:44:02 PM  
For how many of these cases is Ray Lewis responsible?
2002-02-14 01:44:04 PM  
The other 11 are already dead. Sinners repent!
2002-02-14 01:44:21 PM  
Charm City has the syph!
2002-02-14 01:44:33 PM  
What's so scary about off-road vehicles?
2002-02-14 01:44:34 PM  
Since the totally awesome hair metal band Kix is from Baltimore, this doesn't really surprise me.
2002-02-14 01:44:42 PM  
Take that, East St. Louis
2002-02-14 01:45:12 PM  
So... 11 out of 12 baltimore young adults wash thier hands?
2002-02-14 01:45:30 PM  
They're constructing a new sign - "Skank Ho Capital of the World"
2002-02-14 01:45:47 PM  
City of Skank!
2002-02-14 01:46:22 PM  
oh, i forgot that its baltimore- i should say "warsh thier hands in the wooter" ..hehe
2002-02-14 01:46:28 PM  
shouldnt this have the obvious tag?
2002-02-14 01:46:50 PM  
It's also the beehive hairdo capitol of the universe. These two things must somehow go together.
2002-02-14 01:46:55 PM  
so your saying I have a chance....
2002-02-14 01:46:59 PM  
So much for that Ravens defense
2002-02-14 01:47:57 PM  
2002-02-14 01:49:27 PM  
St.Alfonzo- no wonder, beehive hairdos are the number one cause of STDs and promiscuity in the US.

Right behind Bary White records.
2002-02-14 01:49:47 PM  
Ah - my work here is done.
2002-02-14 01:50:13 PM  
Does the word "SMIB" ring any bells?
2002-02-14 01:50:15 PM  
damn . . . and to think i was going to consider baltimore for my next move. i can cross that off now.
2002-02-14 01:50:56 PM  
farking A Dr. Benway, I beat both of you to it.

02-14-02 01:38:51 PM Deus
Isn't it also the heroin capital of the U.S.?

2002-02-14 01:50:59 PM  
Newest ad campaign in the greater Balgimore area:

[image from too old to be available]

The president of 1-800-FLOWERS is quoted as saying "I think we're on to a winner here!"

Fb- was unavailable for comment
2002-02-14 01:51:00 PM  
Finger: nice to see you change your line. have a terrible
2002-02-14 01:52:10 PM  
I knew there was a reason not to get laid in Baltimore
2002-02-14 01:52:11 PM  
For Ironbar:

Shhhh - Be very very quiet
It's woman season - I'm woman hunting
Every time I go woman hunting
It always seems to blow up in my face
I never really get the things I want
I'm not expecting a pity party or nothing
Any girl'd be nice every now and then
I'm a nice guy - I bathe
Sure I got blue arms - So what?
It doesn't make me a bad person
One example - Just last night I had it all ready
The girl that walked out on me on New years Eve
Well she came back last night
And she said, "I don't have to go home tonight."
I said, "All right."
So - I bought again a case of cold, cold Heiniken
And then - I had it in the van
A big bottle of Jack Daniels
Not the little one, the big one
And I always carry a stash, cause you never know
I had two left, two ludes, for the girl of my dreams
Now,again, she drinks my beer
She drinks my whiskey
She does my Qualudes
5 o'clock comes
"Oh I feel sick - I gotta go home now."
And she threw up all over the floor
I said, "Freeze, freeze - go outside and do that!"
I said, "The hell with this. I don't need this."
"I'll go to the geisha house where it's free."
So I said, "Quit, quit throwing up"
"Don't tell me no, tell me yeah yeah yeah"
Don't tell me no tell me yeah yeah yeah
And she threw up again
2002-02-14 01:52:25 PM  
Share a needle.
bang a whore,
welcome to
2002-02-14 01:54:06 PM  
1 in 12? that's nothing, at rutgers 1 out of 3 young women have stds....give new meaning to "fresh"men
2002-02-14 01:54:11 PM  
Baltimore -- The City that Bleeds.
(not mine)

Shawn Pickrell
2002-02-14 01:54:52 PM  
STD - Isn't that the stuff that you put in your engine oil?
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