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(Some Guy)   Atlanta plays host to DragonCon 2002, and a Fark Fest August 30th   ( divider line
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2002-02-14 08:26:53 AM  
mommy can i sleep with you tonight? i'm scared.
2002-02-14 08:27:04 AM  
Dear God, DragonCon??????

I will make an appearance to talk to farkers....
But DragonCon???????????

Pretty danm lame.
2002-02-14 08:35:41 AM  
I had a buddy go to this last year and take, what a bunch of damn misfits! It looked like a geek orgy.
2002-02-14 08:36:42 AM  
So i'll see you around 2pm with your brand new fighters kit book? And a shiny new set of cobalt blue dice in a leather pouch.
2002-02-14 08:40:27 AM  
Dragon con or not its a fArk party in GA. I plan on being there~!
2002-02-14 09:00:19 AM  
Again, we need confirmed names, plus we need to know whether or not you'll be attending DragonCon. If not enough people want to go to DC, I'd be perfectly content with just getting some hotel rooms and partying for the hell of it. But, either way, let's get some names. :)
2002-02-14 09:05:30 AM  
i'll party the fark...but your mistaken...dragoncon is teh gay.
2002-02-14 09:10:38 AM  
Hey DragonCon farkin' rules! If you share rooms the hotel won't be more than 150 (3-4 people in a room). And that is in the Hyatt where it takes place. And it isn't just a geekfest. Every night someone throws a party and there is usually one on every floor so you can go room to room and get free beer. Of course tipping is appreciated. I was already going to DragonCon again so I'll see all you farkers too!
2002-02-14 09:18:40 AM  
before you discount the dragoncon experience entirely, take a look at some photos from this year and last year. not everybody shows up to meet james doohan and to play 36 hours of dungeons and dragons, and how often do you get to see a couple of brave women dressed only in latex(1 and 2)?
2002-02-14 09:23:02 AM  
shiat Grabbingsand, I was in the bar and all one gal was wearing was some carefully placed IDE cables and tape. Oh and if any of you read Sluggy Freelance, chances are Pete will be there too.
2002-02-14 09:23:34 AM  
damn. the latex links, they did not show up.
well, here... latex girl one:
[image from too old to be available]
latex girl two:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-14 09:26:27 AM  
Also everytime I go there seem to be these to Asian Porn Stars that sell autographed pictures.
2002-02-14 09:36:43 AM  
mmmmhhhhmmmm...geek orgy... :) now the SCA event Gulf Wars THAT will be a geek orgy, course I'm going to that one too. I may go to DragonCon. I haven't been to a D&D convention in years. Meeting fellow farkers would be a bonus.
2002-02-14 09:37:02 AM  
Asian Porn Stars? Oh hell yes.
2002-02-14 09:40:19 AM  
I don't think I will be going.
2002-02-14 10:17:43 AM  
I'll go to the fark party, but the only thing I'd want to see at Dragon*Con is Pete Abrams from Sluggy Freelance. He tends to show up every year.
2002-02-14 10:20:23 AM  
If the don't have hermaphroditic amputee midgets furries count me out.
2002-02-14 11:15:19 AM  
In case anyone is interested, here's a link to keep updated on Ed Kramer's lawsuit.

Ed's peril

What am I talking about? Here you go:

Child molestor

Ed has always been a weirdo IMO. I've never liked him and he's given chicks I know the creeps. Fark him and his Cha-ChingaCon.
2002-02-14 11:18:08 AM  
As long as we can party at the Hotel Claremont to see chubby stripper Blondie crush beercans between her breasts, I'm all for it.
2002-02-14 11:23:58 AM  
Dragon Queens ?
I'll pass unless Cliff Yablonski is gonna show up.
Then it might be fun.
2002-02-14 11:28:38 AM  
Sounds like a good plan...

Major hotel tip: Keep an eye on the Mariott Marquis(the other D*Con hotel). Last year they, along with all other Mariott hotels in GA, dropped their rates to $79 a night..much less than the rate D*Con quoted...and you can get to the Hyatt(right across the street) by tunnels without even having to go outside...there are several places nearby, but just in the hotel room works fer me..
2002-02-14 12:13:51 PM  
Hmmm. Fark party in ATL would be great, but DragonCon sounds like pure uncut rubbernecking joy! I can get that in the mall for free.
2002-02-14 01:00:49 PM  
FARK party in Georgia?? I'm there.
2002-02-14 01:48:00 PM  
I beg to differ: I was there, and the girl in picture number one was not dressed in latex: she was dressed in airbrushed spray paint(Glorious). I have attended the con for five years running now, and I ain't about to miss one yet. count me in for the FarkFest. That is, if I can draw myself away from the parade of exhibitionistic women that wander about the lobby as the fire marshall screams at us all.
2002-02-14 02:44:11 PM  
Schweeeet. Dragon*Con is one of the highlights of living in the Southeast, and now I'll get to party at the Con aand with some Farkers. Sweet deal. The Reverend will be amused. ;)
2002-02-14 02:56:56 PM  
Here is a picture of my personal favorite from the convention. Ex-army. Never caught her name: went out west to break into movies the weekend after the con.
[image from too old to be available]
and here is another of her, NSFW. Well, not QUITE safe.
the con is truly a hoot for people watching. Only time of the year I feel really comfortable, surrounded by thousands of people who are as geeky as I am.
2002-02-14 03:09:59 PM  
Well if Ed Kramer's still in jail, then it might be safe for you little farkers to go... Just don't try to fark any kiddies there, and cops won't beat the shiat out of you like poor old Ed.

That dude always gave me the creeps. 14yrs ago, all my friends warned me to stay the hell away from Ed... guess they were right. Dragon Con = all nite bong hits + D&D
2002-02-14 03:18:11 PM  
DragonCon is more than just a D&D convention. Where else can you see half (sometimes more) naked chicks making out with Klingons, Storm Troopers and guys dressed up like Conan. Add on top of it FREE beer if you know when and where. As I am fond of saying, DragonCon is a party with me and 20,000 of my closest friends.
2002-02-14 03:30:06 PM  
You guys forget, half the people who GO to sci-fi/fantasy cons will give you the creeps!

I've been going to DragonCon every year, so I should be there. Heres some pics from a few years ago:
2002-02-14 03:33:06 PM  
Ahhh a fark party in town, finaly.
I will be there!
Rember all it is not the con that is the highpoint, it is the hotells and alll the parties.
Count me in on both ideas.
2002-02-14 04:47:14 PM  
All sorts of whacky things happen in Atlanta. It's just a whacky place. GoatseCon 2002 is taking place there as well. Unpopular Commie Troll and Thepostaftermeisgay are the GoatseCon presidents.

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-14 04:48:45 PM  
LOL, it parsed The Boy of Jello (you all surely remember who he was) into Unpopular Commie Troll!!! LOL!!!

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-14 05:18:19 PM  
Hmmm... well I will most definitely be there, because well I am going to be at Dragon*Con anyhow (the three day long party alone is worth the price of admission)... and there is always something interesting... like the time they fished a naked and drunk Claudia Christian from the Hyatt swimming pool. And the poor people who criticise it as being a misfit gallery were paying more attention to the requisite parade of basement trolls and not paying attention to the more entertaining aspects of the Con itself. Because, if you cannot get laid at Dragon*Con, then you might as well give up trying!!!

But any how sign me up I will be there.
2002-02-14 06:21:43 PM  
FARK party in Atlanta?
I'm there!
(Actually, I'm already here.)
Write me and let me know what's going on, okay?
2002-02-14 08:01:01 PM  
I'm all over going to the party, but I work on weekends so DragonCon is right out. That Con is too big for me, anyway. I just want to play some D&D, watch some Dr. Who and geek for a weekend at Cons. I don't need to be frightened! :)

2002-02-14 08:01:50 PM  
I can't believe I saw a Blondie reference. She gave a friend of mine a bloody nose with her "slapping the breast in the face" trick.
2002-02-14 08:03:56 PM  
Blondie gave a friend of mine 2 black eyes when he went on his 21st birthday.

2002-02-14 08:36:01 PM  
what a pleasant reason to need facial reconstruction surgery... getting beaten up by boobies.
2002-02-14 10:34:44 PM  
No, Code_Archeologist, you're wrong. This is not what we would refer to as "an attractive stripper." Still, her shtick does bring the customers in...
2002-02-14 10:51:51 PM  
Blondie? Ahahahahaha. That chick did the breast slapping thing on my dad at his 30 years on the job party. She was so nasty that my mother didn't mind.

She works at the Clermont Lounge doesn't she?

Anyway, I'll hang at a FARK party, but I'm not doing the DragonCon thing.
2002-02-14 11:00:19 PM  
ick... bad boobies... I now just realized who you all were talking about... GAH!!!
2002-02-15 08:22:14 AM  
Guys, I've been going for years. Hell, I've run the photo staff up until last year. I get to see more boobies at DC than anyone. Scarab just sees the same old ones over and over. (ducking)
2002-02-15 08:37:57 AM  
2002-02-15 08:39:36 AM  
2002-02-15 08:40:41 AM  
2002-02-15 08:41:31 AM  
2002-02-15 08:42:05 AM  
Info On Blondie

From this site, here she is preforming her famous "crush the Pabst can" routine.
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

From a church of the Subgenius article:
Then the real show began. Legume was taken aside and treated to a
special show by a small black woman with a very large ass and Blondie.
Blondie is a stripper that has appeared on numerous shows such as "Jerry
Springer" and the like. She looks like tina turner on steroids. Her body is
like a beer keg on a couple of stumps. She is famous for crushing beer cans
with her breasts, and what a spectacle that was!

And finally, here is another article about her.
2002-02-15 09:13:23 AM  

Hey dude, I looked at your pics from DargaonCon and wanted to let you know that Robyn is currently at Piedmont Hospital waiting to have her baby's birth induced.
2002-02-15 10:36:26 AM  
Im down! I actually live about a half mile from the Con, in downtown Atlanta.
Should be a blast!
2002-02-15 07:04:35 PM  
Robyn rocks.... (oooooh, bad pun)

If you talk with her, tell her that Dawn and Wes said congradulations!
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