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(CNN)   Photo of boy holding his gun banned from school yearbook (with pic). Obviously will be holding his gun on prom night   ( divider line
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37955 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Oct 2004 at 8:59 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-13 09:36:39 AM  
So now the school board will have to pay thousands of dollars in order to defend themselves from his lawyer who is being payed by the NRA.

Do they? Serious question for those with the legal knowledge- but do they HAVE to fight this in court?

Couldn't they just back down completely before this EVER hits the courts? I dunno... like an official letterhead signed off on by any random lawyer representing the school board? ($200 at most, if that is even neccisary...)

They wouldn't even need to admit they are tools- just state that they are not going to contest the complaint and are reversing the decision "only due to outside pressure." They can make the problem go away, and still maintain their "zero-tolerance" attitute.

If the school is in the position to voluntarily choose to fight this shiat, and they do, they deserve every penny they loose...

If they're really getting forced into this, well... this is even dumber than I thought...
2004-10-13 09:37:03 AM  
Lamune_baba: It's completely assinine they won't let him use the photo in another section of the book...

From the first sentence of the article: "Blake Douglass can have the photo published in a ``community sports'' section, and a new photo - without the gun but featuring other elements of skeet and trap shooting - can appear in the seniors' section. . . ."

Just sayin'.
2004-10-13 09:37:11 AM  
You guys can make fun and joke all you want,but the same thing happend to my high school photo because I posed naked with the princepals wife.

Its easy for us to judge unitl we are the ones being discriminated against.

shame on you!
2004-10-13 09:38:56 AM  
This Liberal Zombie votes FOR the photo. If anyone else gets to use a prop in their photos (i.e. teddy bears, books, jewlery), this skeet-shooter should get to use his prop

My test for whether a prop is appropriate is this: Can you bring it in the school? I'm sure that he would not be able to walk down the hall with his shotgun, school sport or no.
2004-10-13 09:39:06 AM  
Soooooooooo glad I went to a private school. We made our own rules. As long as no-one got hurt, we were allowed to do almost anything.
2004-10-13 09:40:10 AM  
Soooooooooo glad I went to a private school. We made our own rules. As long as no-one got hurt, we were allowed to do almost anything.

Was it all girls? LMAO
2004-10-13 09:40:24 AM  
without the gun but featuring other elements of skeet and trap shooting

Yeah...holding a box of clays...why didn't he think of that...
2004-10-13 09:40:58 AM  
Thsi is pretty stupid. Here is a kid who has a (most people would think) cool hobby of skeet shooting, and the asshats in the school won't post a pic of him with his shotgun? It's not like he's posing hanging out of a speeding car firing at civilians.

/people can really be stupid sometimes.
2004-10-13 09:42:02 AM  
I read the article but didn't notice if the skeet thing was a school sponsored event. My school had a rifle team, and they posed with their guns. Granted this was a decade ago. But if it's a school sponsored club or team, then it's ludicrous they'd hide it from the yearbook. If it was his hobby with no ties to school, then the school should probably have some say as to the content.

Because, as people said, plenty of out of school hobbies include pot and/or drawing on passed out friends.
2004-10-13 09:42:32 AM  
Why shoot skeet anyway when there are so many animals in woods?
2004-10-13 09:43:53 AM  
Probably for his sake he shouldn't push to have the photo included in the yearbook...the school will turn around and call in the police to arrest him when he sets foot back on the school grounds for "possession" of a firearm.

Kids have been expelled/suspended for just DRAWING pictures of guns before, so a picture of him holding a gun must mean an immediate arrest on the grounds that he obviously would be covered with gun cooties which everyone knows is just one step away of coming to school with a gun to mow down the whole yearbook staff, principal, superintendent, and school board.

Once again, chaulk up a victory for "Zero Intelligence" lame-arse policies that only protect weak minds.
2004-10-13 09:44:18 AM  
Oxford shirt, navy vest, pale with red hair. Yup, he's a terrorist all right.
2004-10-13 09:44:31 AM  
I guess the theme that year was a 40 and a Blunt and yo baby mama shakin her tail feathuh
2004-10-13 09:44:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
GIS for skeet... Why, god, why?
2004-10-13 09:45:16 AM  
Come on people. WTF is wrong with the administration at that school? They used to teach shooting in school where I grew up. That is the problem with people now-a-days, they are all afraid of what they don't know or understand so they "ban" it. Get a farking life. The solution to gun issues lies in education. The more you know about guns the better you are and you can make an informed decision. So the kid likes to shoot skeet. That sport is probably keeping him on the straight and narrow, not partying etc, he has something to do, something he likes, why punish him for that? I can see if he was aiming the gun at the camera or something like that, but to ban a well taken and nice pose like that is just wrong and totally stupid, I hope he wins the court case so he can stick his picture up the principal's arse.......farking moron
2004-10-13 09:45:57 AM  
RAT at 9:07am Funnnie! I'll bet Clinton knows it, too.
2004-10-13 09:45:58 AM  
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that picture.
2004-10-13 09:47:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Maybe you want to rethink that yearbook decision...
2004-10-13 09:48:27 AM  
What's he supposed to use, man? Harsh language?

Seriously, it's one thing to be standing gangsta-style sporting a Mac 10 and acting all scary. It's another to be Wonderbread posing with a piece of sports equipment.

They should also ban baseball team photos. Sure, those bats seem harmless now, but in the hands of Joe Pesci...
2004-10-13 09:49:25 AM  
I am not a supporter of NRA, gun rights, or any such thing.

I'm pretty much a Liberal Pinko Commie.

... however this is totally [asinine]

Same here. Seriously I mean it's a traditional pose, but its not allowed. WTF
2004-10-13 09:51:12 AM  
I agree with LiberalZombie (but please don't tell anyone I agreed with a "liberal" okay?)

If the track stars get to pose with their trophies (and they do), and the football players get their pig skins... what the fark is the difference in this young man using his "disabled" firearm as a prop for his sport?

You can not be willing to do for ONE what you are not willing to do for all. Picking and choosing when you are going to apply policies and procedures in ANY setting will land you in a lawsuit.

Even if I am involved in a non-school-sanctioned sport, if I pose with my crochet hook and home crafted afghan am I outside of their policy?

If you only enforce policies when you feel like it, they become legally non-enforceable. They have to apply to everyone and in every similar situation.

/I want to live far away from people now. May I go?
2004-10-13 09:51:33 AM  
so ... let me get this straight ...


but the kid can't have his high-school picture taken reflecting his "sport" of choice in high-school?

somebody said it earlier in the thread ... bears repeating ... "political correctness sure gets old"
2004-10-13 09:52:19 AM  
Abortions for all!
2004-10-13 09:53:04 AM  
A.K.A. Just sayin'.

Damnit... I read that paragraph three times before I posted, and again when you quoted it back. Missed that damned "and" every single time...

Fark me, I'm an idiot, and this is even a BIGGER non-issue than I thought it was 10 minutes ago.

I'm gonna' go get another cup of coffee...
2004-10-13 09:54:12 AM  

Suck on that you red neck gun luvin retards.
2004-10-13 09:56:07 AM  
For all you liberal bashers coming out of the woodwork, get a grip. This kind of shiat isn't the work of the left. The ACLU was the first group on the kid's side. This is the work of the soccer mom mentality. Newsflash folks. Soccer moms don't vote democrat.
2004-10-13 09:57:15 AM  
Both sides are making it a matter of principle.
The kid is standing firm on the fact that it's a harmless activity that should be recognized as what it is, a hobbie. Of course the school is saying that in this day and age any photos that glorify gun use sends a poor message- that the school doesn't take the threat of kids and gun violence seriously.

Personally, I think the kid could take a similar picture that doesn't have a gun in it that gets the same point across. Don't ask me what, I haven't thought about it longer than that.

But, one thing that gets me, and maybe any of the teachers out there or students can let me know if it's changed. When I was in high school, at least once a month the local recruiter would come to school and set up shop during lunch hour and study hall lobbies. I understand that the trench coat mafia and the marines are night and day. But isn't joining a skeet club and the TCM night and day too? Maybe my point is a stretch, but isn't that hypocritical?

And lastly, just for the heck of it: If his hobby was paint ball and this picture was with a paint ball gun, would this be the same conflict?
2004-10-13 09:57:49 AM  
brugger1982 said,
that's not amusing, that's sad
wtf is wrong with that photo
just a little to senile and PC, there is no way a court will uphold that school board ruling, especially with an NRA lawyer

you are probably right, but he is still not getting his picture in the yearbook. The board will spare no expense (with taxpayer money of course) to defend their ruling in court no matter how long it takes (I'd say till the publishing deadline passes).

/Went to school in Salem NH
//NH had some common sense back in the 80's
/// Pussification of America continues
//// whats with all those damn '/' ?
2004-10-13 10:00:19 AM  
Look, I disagree with the school's initial decision on this issue. It's ridiculous. But let's keep the details straight here. There was a compromise:

The photo was not banned from the yearbook. They just moved it to a different section.

Read the farking article, people!
2004-10-13 10:01:11 AM  
My hunting gun....

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-13 10:03:11 AM  
As Jar Jar Binks-Laden, and others have said It's not like it's a glock or an AK. Who cares what it is; why are AKs and glocks so bad? He couldn't even own a real AK anyway, He's not 21. He should be able to pose in a pic with something bigger preferably belt fed. The high school where a friend of mine went let you put anything you wanted as the pic, heck some people submitted a sketch that looked like a 4th grader drew it. And one of the best things about that yearbook they let you take your own photo if you so choose. Not push you into paying big $$ and force you to get them taken by some pro, like my school did. This wasn't a small school either.

NH, when did you let your state taken over by sissies?

/live free or die
2004-10-13 10:03:20 AM  
Alexander the Great was ruler of Macedonia when he was 16.

We want to raise the driving age and protect them from pictures of guns.
2004-10-13 10:04:02 AM  
And here's the same young man at his 10th year reunion:
2004-10-13 10:04:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-13 10:05:38 AM  
OK, HERE'S the same young man at his 10th year reunion:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-13 10:08:05 AM  
FYI, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont are actually south of the Mason-Dixon line. How else do you explain the rednecks and NASCAR fans up there?
2004-10-13 10:08:12 AM  
Shot some skeet last night.

That picture would have been banned, without question.
2004-10-13 10:09:08 AM  

Caffeine all around. It is too early to be reading about all this politically correct bullshiat. I'm gonna go check out some photoshops. Get a few laughs. :)
2004-10-13 10:09:31 AM  
What's wrong with you yanks? No sense of humor?

PINE BUSH, N.Y. Oct. 13, 2004 A teen-age Civil War buff has been suspended from school and faces serious charges after his replica musket was found in his car trunk at school in the Orange County community of Pine Bush.

Joshua Phelps had been at a re-enactment with his Civil War costume, including a musket last week. He threw the uniform and equipment into his truck and forgot about it. Yesterday a security guard at the Pine Bush High School saw it and called police.

Phelps was sitting in study hall when the security guard told him to go to the assistant principal. When he was told they saw the rifle he wasn't concerned - thinking they would understand it's part of his costume.

But it didn't happen that way. Town of Crawford Police were called and Phelps was cuffed and charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

His mother, Valerie Michaels, is outraged, saying the school has blown this thing way out of proportion. She says also in the trunk was a costume, shoes, leather belt, powder keg, and a leather cartridge box.

Phelps used the costume when taking part of the re-enactment of the Battle of Chancellorville which was staged by the 124th New York State Volunteers. The re-enactors say they are models of the unit that came from Orange County and fought in the Civil war. High School students were recruited to take part in the re-enactors club. Phelps' mother questions why give the students fake guns and then arrest them.

Pine Bush School Superintendent RoseMarie Stark called the incident a student discipline matter and declined to comment further.
2004-10-13 10:11:02 AM  
I don't know how the rest of your high schools yearbook went, but we couldn't have props of any kind. Not even a hat. It was a bust shot, no exceptions. if you sent in a picture with anything else, they called you on it, but if you still said fark you, they gave you that gimpy "i missed picture day" fill in. Keep it simple...if you could have props, I would have shown up with my bong.
2004-10-13 10:11:59 AM  
OK, banning the picture is stupid, but taking the school to court over it? STUPIDER!

Kid, it's your senior year book photo. I know it seems like the biggest thing in the world right now, but a year from now you'll be in college, your mom will have your year book in a box in the attic or basement, and you won't see it again for 20 years.
2004-10-13 10:12:55 AM  

Londonderry! That's whre I went to high school!

That's TWO stories from that ONE town on Fark in the last year! The last one was at the beginning of this summer when all the graduating students trashed the school!
2004-10-13 10:13:13 AM  
Eat your pablum students, the NEA is here to save us all.
Sue the shiat of them kid.
2004-10-13 10:13:45 AM  
I says more to allow firearms to be seen in the proper light than to sweep them under the rug in some knee-jerk fashion. There is a 'right' way to consider guns.

Shooting is at its best a skill hobby, as this boy knows. Why deny him his identity. Senior pictures are about the individuals personality after all.

/Im not a gun advocate per say, Im more of a logic/reason/freedom advocate. This is unreasonable.
2004-10-13 10:13:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-13 10:14:05 AM  
A.K.A. "Look, I disagree with the school's initial decision on this issue. It's ridiculous. But let's keep the details straight here. There was a compromise:

The photo was not banned from the yearbook. They just moved it to a different section.

Read the farking article, people!"

My reply: Rosa Parks was offered a compromise also. This is all about standing up for freedoms that we are SUPPOSED to have in this country. Are we really ready to become so 'open minded' that we close our eyes to our own rights?

Rules are fantastic as long as those same rules apply to everyone. It is a picture. A photo. He did NOT bring a gun to school. He did not threaten anyone with a gun. A baseball bat can be a dangerous weapon. Are we going to keep the kid on the baseball team from posing with it, if he wants to? I'm guessing not.
2004-10-13 10:14:26 AM  
Holden, that is farkin funny!!!

ahh skeet, skeet, skeet skeet!!!!

/Let the kid have his rifle in his yearbook photo for crying out loud!!!
2004-10-13 10:18:06 AM  
How many people here actually read the article?

They are letting him put the photo in the community sports section just not in the seniors photo section.
They didn't ban the photo, they just didn't think it was appropriate for that one area.

Prick should be glad they let them do any custom photos, my school they used our school id photos and didn't tell us when they took the photos that that was their plan.
Some people ended up looking like a pack of wankers I'll tell you.
2004-10-13 10:18:14 AM  
Queen: Put out the Fire.
2004-10-13 10:19:10 AM  
The kid should have the picture if he wants it. However, there are too many larger issue with which to deal instead of seating the small stuff. A lawsuit would just refocus too many needed resources. Choose a better battle.
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