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2002-02-13 06:42:49 PM  
2002-02-13 06:43:08 PM  
And your point is...?
2002-02-13 06:43:15 PM  
who the hell cares?
2002-02-13 06:43:50 PM  
His was about the only country music I could stand.
2002-02-13 06:44:16 PM  
Man, if this is real I am truly sad.
2002-02-13 06:44:19 PM  
Waylon Jennings rocked, you ignorant bastards.
2002-02-13 06:44:41 PM  
his intro song totally set the mood for the dukes of hazzard, without him, that show might've sunk.
2002-02-13 06:45:14 PM  
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2002-02-13 06:46:10 PM  
Hehehe... Wait... Who the hell is this guy? Not that I really care...
2002-02-13 06:46:41 PM  
I hate to be a jackass but...Do you think Willie is gonna cancel his show...his show that i have tickets to in Lake Tahoe for this weekend? Second time that outlaw will have canceled on me
2002-02-13 06:47:20 PM  
jenny wayland?
2002-02-13 06:47:48 PM  
It's a shame he only made it to 64. Then again, he should have died in that plane with Buddy Holly, so I guess he was pretty lucky to have had 40 extra years.
2002-02-13 06:48:09 PM  
I think I speak for all of us when I say
Who the hell is Waylon Jennings?
2002-02-13 06:48:16 PM  
Did you know that he was one of Buddy Holly's Crickets?

...too bad.
2002-02-13 06:48:41 PM  
Is Uncle Jessie still alive?
2002-02-13 06:49:12 PM  
Damn. Gonna miss that mo fo.
Don't worry Hartfrog, Willie won't cancel. New album, new tour. Have you heard the new songs yet?
2002-02-13 06:49:18 PM  
I hope he hasn't one of dem terrorists, or else Fb would be cheering in the streets.
2002-02-13 06:49:45 PM  
Wow, the ignorance on this board is amazing
2002-02-13 06:49:45 PM  
Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie.

He's rockin' with Buddy now.
2002-02-13 06:49:50 PM  
I care, god damnit. Waylon was the narrator on the Dukes, and sang the intro.

"someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never would"
2002-02-13 06:50:14 PM  
The question should be: Who was Waylon Jennings?
2002-02-13 06:50:22 PM  
2002-02-13 06:50:31 PM  
I predict that in the next few days, filters will transform the phrase "I have a computer" into "I'm a farking moron"
2002-02-13 06:51:02 PM  
2002-02-13 06:51:31 PM  
i don't really like the concept of altering posts. it just ain't right.
2002-02-13 06:51:39 PM  
hey finger my computer can kick the shiot out of your computer
2002-02-13 06:52:53 PM  

Waylon Jennings was the guy that would have died in the plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valenz if he hadn't given up his seat to another band member.
2002-02-13 06:53:07 PM  
Seriously. I am 25 years old, and most of his career predates me, but evven I know who the hell he is.

I swear people on fark are the biggest idiots on the planet.

Oh, and Waylon will be missed. He was pretty rockin'.
2002-02-13 06:54:18 PM  
Disasterbator : how nice of him
2002-02-13 06:55:23 PM  
Carne Voodoo: and, using simple math, his entire carrer predates my birth by almost ten years...
2002-02-13 06:56:22 PM  
He narrowly avoided death touring with Buddy Holly as he was supposed to be in Richie Valens' seat when the plane took off, but they switched just a few minutes before.
2002-02-13 06:56:31 PM  
Well if Willie cancels I'll understand. I almost think he should. Whats the name of his new album? Just got 3 new ones around christmas and not sure which is the latest.
2002-02-13 06:56:59 PM  
Goodnight, troubador....
2002-02-13 06:57:11 PM  
Just two good ole boys,
Never meaning no harm.
Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born.
Straightenin' the curves,
Flattenin' the hills.
Someday the mountain might get 'em but the law never will.
Makin' their wayyyyyy, the only way they know how.
Well, that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.
Just two good ole boys,
Wouldn't change if they could.
Fightin' the system like two modern day Robin Hoods. [Yee-haw]
2002-02-13 06:57:14 PM  
Read that wrong.. thought it said one of the Wayans brothers died. Phew! That was close!
2002-02-13 06:57:29 PM  
First off. Who is this?

Secondly, when I gain the knowledge of who this is, would you say I would:

A) Care Greatly
B) Not Give 2 Shiats
C) Other (Please provide other option)

Thirdly, was this person a member of Baltimora?

If not, please disregard all previous questions, as I am quite certain I don't care.
2002-02-13 06:58:51 PM  
Waylon has taken dumps that could whip most of our asses. He was just that hardcore.
2002-02-13 06:58:55 PM  
Pork jeesus' mom for me.
2002-02-13 06:59:22 PM  
Carne Voodoo: I think we may be around the peak of fark's age distribution. I'm about to hit 26 this month, but I watched the dukes like mad when I was a kid. Waylon was the perfect voice for the narration. In a way, he kinda made the show.

But these young whippersnappers never saw the Dukes. TNN was running them, briefly, but they stopped a couple of months ago.
2002-02-13 06:59:29 PM  
I think Willie's newest is 'Great Divide'. He does a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" which is pretty good (then again, most of what he does is pretty good)
2002-02-13 07:00:38 PM  

So long ol' parnder....
2002-02-13 07:01:26 PM  
A sad day in the entertainment world, the Wayana brothers have died...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:01:35 PM  
Willie was a mute guest on Lovelines last night. He may have been shocked into silence by the stupidity of the callers....
2002-02-13 07:03:36 PM  
I didn't remember who this was until I READ THE FARKING ARTICLE.

Do you people ever read before you comment?
2002-02-13 07:03:40 PM  
Anyone who doesn't know who Waylon Jennings was must be a moron or 13 years old.
2002-02-13 07:04:47 PM  
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2002-02-13 07:05:28 PM  
Phxtony: I'd trade a million of those no talent shiatstains for one Waylon Jennings. Show some respect, coont.
2002-02-13 07:05:56 PM  
People don't know who Waylon Jennings is? Am I getting old are are people getting dumber? No, really, I'm 31, gimmee an answer.
2002-02-13 07:06:08 PM  
Any American who doesn't at least recognize Waylon Jennings' name, much less his merit, is a farking asshole.
2002-02-13 07:06:48 PM  
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