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(CNN)   Enron chairman needs money, sells house to anonymous buyer for nearly triple the regular value   ( divider line
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2002-02-13 01:10:16 PM  
wonder who bought it?......
2002-02-13 01:11:17 PM  
Do you know the cost of a kilo of pink Peruvian, 5 high priced hookers, and a weekend hotel getaway can be pricey, even if you shop for it on that internet thingamajigee.
2002-02-13 01:12:04 PM  
Hmm... good ol' boys lending each other a helping hand? Who'd a thunk it?
2002-02-13 01:13:51 PM  
jabba the hut is collecting on his loans?
2002-02-13 01:14:06 PM  
I bet his lawyer bought the house. He knows all that money will be coming back to him soon enough.
2002-02-13 01:14:14 PM  
Did he sell it on eBay like I am selling all of the staplers?
2002-02-13 01:15:29 PM  
they buried their pets in the backyard? how about that guy who "committed suicide" when the shiat hit the fan? does he get a spot back there too?
2002-02-13 01:16:02 PM  
Let's have a poll-who bought it. What millionaire politician, who wants to keep his job, would help an ol' buddy so selflessly?

My guess is Spencer Abraham, sleazy Michigan businessman turned Republican politico and Bush's energy secretary.
2002-02-13 01:16:07 PM  
What kind of financial trouble are they in? They havent been fined or ordered to pay anyone any money. This is all just a publicity stunt to attract sympathy for the poor and destitute Lays.
2002-02-13 01:16:22 PM  
Even Tammy Faye Baker is laughing her ass off at these people.

They're so poor they can only afford Sevruga Caviar instead of Beluga Caviar. WAAAAAH!
2002-02-13 01:18:08 PM  
Bullshiat. He isn't broke.

He got out before the company went to shiat. He made millions by selling his companies stock before dicking his workers from selling theirs.

They had children baptized there. They held weddings there. They buried their pets in the back yard.

Maybe they will bury him in the back yard. Then again, that would be doing his pets an injustice and defile their graves.

Bury him in New Jersey. I hear the real estate there is prime.
2002-02-13 01:18:42 PM  
speacking of millions of dollars, now's the only time I play the lotto... $140 mil, baby!

if I win I want to buy a giant company, tell everyone in the world how great it is, and then screw them while me and my 10 closest friends get rich.

friends 7-10 are currently biddable positions, those guys haven't done anything for me lately. make me an offer... who knows? maybe #6 can be replaced too! it's all about the money!
2002-02-13 01:19:49 PM  
Great item on how Bush and Kenneth Lay are in bed big time.
click here
2002-02-13 01:20:10 PM  
what an ass this guy is. Financial difficulties! with three other homes sitting in Aspen....fark him
2002-02-13 01:20:14 PM  
The house was purchased by a Mr. Len Kay, of the Cayman Islands Offshore Holdings Company.
2002-02-13 01:20:14 PM  
if you correct my spelling, you are not on the list.
2002-02-13 01:23:35 PM  
First this jackass goes and focks up the stock market and now he focks up the real estate gig, too? Setting these types of precedents will give all the sleazy realtors justification for jacking up house prices!

Label him as a terrorist and ship him to Guantanamo.
2002-02-13 01:23:41 PM  
"They had children baptized there. They held weddings there. They buried their pets in the back yard."

So did Michael Corleone in Godfather Part 2.
2002-02-13 01:24:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This guy is just begging for a bullet in the head.
2002-02-13 01:26:21 PM  
Hrmm...I guess Gerorge & Barbara finally decided to get a real Houston address as opposed to the hotel penthouse that they used for a couple decades.

2002-02-13 01:26:24 PM  
Boomslang-if it looks like he's willing to talk, he will catch a bullet.
2002-02-13 01:26:59 PM  
I knew I paid too much for that freaking house....Damn!
2002-02-13 01:30:10 PM  
Welcome to Aspen, new homeowner!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-13 01:30:20 PM  
Rebrane: Post. of. the. Year.
2002-02-13 01:30:47 PM  
Tim Conway will most likely play this guy in any future movies:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-13 01:31:09 PM  
"Financial Struggle?"
I'd take his farking financial struggle any day of the week.
This piece of shiat owns three more properties in Aspen.
Someone please wake me when I am supposed to really feel sorry for this "farging icehole"
2002-02-13 01:32:19 PM  
Someone please go to aspen and rob, rape and pillage the old owners as well as new. Both groups are defective human beings and shouldn't be lucky enough to grace this rock of a planet.

Stupid meat-sacks.
2002-02-13 01:33:59 PM  
Yeah, Sburbncwby. Bush loves Enron so much he pulled out of the Kyoto treaty for them. Oh, wait a minute, what's that? Being in Kyoto would have been a boon for Enron's natural gas business? Wow, I guess he really screwed them over then, didn't he.

I knew Bush was responsible for this whole thing one way or another. ;)
2002-02-13 01:36:17 PM  
I can't believe this shiat, having finacial troubles, they still own 3 more houses in Aspen, probably a few in Houston, probably a big f'n boat in Galveston, probably a private jet at Houston Hobby airport. Somebody shoot him in the farkin head and put him out of his misery.
2002-02-13 01:36:20 PM  
Sburbancwby, I really hate Michael Moore, but the page provided lots of links to the story...


2002-02-13 01:40:15 PM  
Three more houses in *thirteen* houses in Galveston and his mansion outside Houston.

Yeah. Financial problems. Uh-huh. Poor guy is probably having Ramen noodles for bowls made of gold.
2002-02-13 01:41:12 PM  
I wonder how much his spot in hell is going for?
2002-02-13 01:42:02 PM  
[to Homer] Ahem. Ah, yes. Er, naturally I can't pay you much of a
reward because I'm strapped for cash.
[The ceiling caves in, spilling gold and jewels on him] As you can see,
this old place is falling apart...
2002-02-13 01:44:05 PM  
HugeAss: You're a complete idiot if you don't think Enron has received favors from both sides of the aisle since day one and probably already knows who the fall guys are going to be in this mess.

It's like that with all big industries. The government provides preferential treatment to the companies who are already making money and creates artificial barriers of entry for their would-be competitors so innovative people can't provide a better product or services for cheaper.

Look at the tech boom of the 90's - computer technology advanced quicker than the government could regulate it or otherwise stick their fingers in it - the result was a booming economy like we'd never seen before.
2002-02-13 01:44:17 PM  
Well.....They still have 12 properties in Houston... Yup, 12, so if they need anymore money, perhaps they can sell one of those......

Now, either Ken knew what some of the other exec's didn't know, or he is just stupidly flagrant with his money. Ex-CEO Jeffrey Skilling only has ONE measly house in Houston with a value of +$4mil.....Andrew Fastow owns two properties with a TOTAL of under $2mil.....
2002-02-13 01:45:53 PM  
how much money does the republican party have?.....enough to buy this guys hoouse it seems
2002-02-13 01:46:53 PM  
Looking for a deal on a house.. any leads?
2002-02-13 01:48:34 PM  
And the Lay's have FIVE properties in Galveston....worth a couple mil or so.
2002-02-13 01:48:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

caption: i'm getting away with it, neener neener nee ner

2002-02-13 01:50:42 PM  
Its nice to see liberals jealous of wealthy men.
2002-02-13 01:51:06 PM  
Whoa!!! Michael Moore has bad things to say about Business and Republicans. Holy crap stop the presses.

If he hates corporations so much why does his fat ass look like he has been supporting 2 or 3 McDonlads single handedly.
2002-02-13 01:51:48 PM  
Shockingelk I never said they didn't get favors from both parties. They, and most other businesses did. I'd be happy if the government just let them succeed or fail on their own. Both mainstream parties are fully of greedy hypocrites.

I never said anything about the govenment not playing nice with Enron (and others). I just pointed out that all government energy positions did not benefit Enron.
2002-02-13 01:52:55 PM  
I'm not jealous....just trying to act cool with my 'secret info' that I have gathered......
2002-02-13 01:54:14 PM  
"The Lays, who have three other Aspen properties for sale, paid $1.9 million in 1991 for the 3,015-square-foot house...The Lays have said they are struggling financially after the collapse of Houston-based Enron".

"Oooh, we're so hard done by, we have to sell one of our 4 houses in Aspen....its such a struggle!!!" FOAD, you worthless corporate assmonkies!
2002-02-13 01:55:16 PM  
I'm breaking out the world's smallest violin for that asshole.
2002-02-13 01:56:24 PM  
How much do you want to bet that the money from the 'anonymous donor' came from one of Lay's offshore bank accounts, and this is just a way for him to 'legally' get some of his money back.
2002-02-13 01:57:22 PM  
the local news said he owns 10+ homes in houston
2002-02-13 01:57:51 PM  
Cliffy's bio: I am Cliffy. I am well versed in useless things. Things that people cannot understand, things that people do not give a crap about. Things like old Television, Pro Wrestling, and stupid trivia. I am Physically 27 emotionally about 12. I am Cliffy. I am out....

You forgot to add "clueless redneck."
2002-02-13 01:59:56 PM  
HughJass: Well, OK, I did read your message as saying Bush is blameless, and indeed you dodn't say that. But I really don't see the use in siting a single, or even several instances where Enron didn't get everything they asked for ... indeed, they got a lot of what they asked for:

SF Chronicle 2/1/02 Cheney's energy recomendation reflects Enron's wish list

I keep posting this over and over everywhere, by a Nixon insider who says things look suspiciously familiar:
2002-02-13 02:03:23 PM  
ShoickingElk: If you can't spell or write any better than that, whay don't you at least run your posts through a Word spelling and grammar check. I mean like come on!
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