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(BeliefNet)   Dutch TV channel wants to label Anne Frank as greatest Dutch person ever. Anne Frank was never a Dutch citizen. No problem, we'll make her one   ( divider line
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2004-10-09 04:17:23 AM  
Surely they can find a Dutch person who accomplished more than.. um... hiding?
2004-10-09 04:18:42 AM  
Yep. Those wacky Dutch.
2004-10-09 04:19:59 AM  
There are certain threads where I can't post without fear of someone attacking me for the handle. This would be one of them.
2004-10-09 04:19:59 AM  
Umm yeah like whoever invented wooden shoes. Now THAT was a farking accomplishment.
2004-10-09 04:23:20 AM  
But, read this book. I had to for a History class (best professor I've ever had). Its fascinating and very informative.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-09 04:25:15 AM  
It's like the Republicans pretending that Arnold is a typical immigrant too. I wonder how many other immigrants are professional bodybuilders?
2004-10-09 04:27:07 AM  
I voted for Ahhhhnold.
2004-10-09 04:32:37 AM  
the dutch seem desperate for attention to me...
2004-10-09 04:34:18 AM  
What does it say for the Dutch if they must look outside their own country for "great" citizens?
2004-10-09 04:35:03 AM  
Surprised that this non-story makes fark. Rembrandt or Johan Cruyff stand a better change of being voted greatest Dutch person ever.
2004-10-09 04:35:31 AM  
Oh yeah, and who the hell is William of Orange? Somebody let us know.
2004-10-09 04:37:39 AM  
Anne Frank's posthumous LDS baptism:
2004-10-09 04:38:31 AM  
Extract from the famous diary....

[image from too old to be available]

/One please - smoking
2004-10-09 04:54:26 AM  
The dairy of anne frank is a fraud. A publishing house and her father edited the orginal to make it more sellable to the public. After editing it he even combined two different manuscripts and editied out the repitions to make the book most of us read in Jr High.
2004-10-09 04:58:03 AM  
The best thing Dutch people ever invented was the Dutchmaster ... one of the best blunt rolling cigars ever, praised by hip-hop artists near and far. Being a fellow boyscout, the Dutch oven was nice, but scorched the onions and potatoes on many occasions. But yet Schwarzenegger's name in "Predator" was "Dutch", so that is the best thing going for them. "You one ugly motherfarker."
2004-10-09 05:07:46 AM  
Anne is competing against such historic and current luminaries as the 17th century artists Rembrandt and Pieter Brueghel; William of Orange, the 16th century founder of the dynasty of Dutch monarchs; and a few 20th century sports greats

Go Joop!
2004-10-09 05:09:06 AM  
That's good and all if you don't agree that Anne Frank was the "greatest" "Dutch" person ever, but can we have a little respect for her? I don't mean respect for even appreciating what she did, just the way you'd respect someone who's dead and didn't really do anything bad in their lifetime. Like your grandma or something.
2004-10-09 05:12:23 AM  
The dairy of anne frank is a fraud.

I'll assume you meant "diary", but you seem to have the English skills of a starved African child. In any case...

*BZZZT*! Wrong, thanks for playing.
2004-10-09 05:18:22 AM  
If the diary was fake, why shouldn't her nacionality be fake too?
2004-10-09 05:24:22 AM  
An award for Anne Frank? That seems nice. Do you think the Germans would give her such an award?
2004-10-09 05:33:21 AM  
greatest dutch person ever?

Thank god they didn't say Tiesto. Or Armin. Or Ferry.
2004-10-09 05:38:50 AM  
It's sad what happened to her (and 6 million other jews), but greatest Dutch person ever? How about:

Christiaan Huygens: Invented the Pendulum clock, discovered Titan.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek: Invented the microscope, started the field of cellular biology.

If they want to give Anne Frank the award despite her not being Dutch, then how about the philosopher Rene Descartes, who lived in the Netherlands for over 20 years?
2004-10-09 05:39:38 AM  
I wonder if Anne Frank was - how shall I put this - hot?
2004-10-09 05:43:06 AM  
To modern liberal cultures, suffering is the greatest accomplishment.

If there're not a victim, don't expect accolades.
2004-10-09 05:44:02 AM  
2004-10-09 05:59:25 AM  
Andre Hazes.
2004-10-09 06:15:40 AM  
psyduck: ja! biertje?

Some Dutch TV channel has started this election for greates Dutchman/woman of all time. Similar shows have been very successful in the UK and Germany.

Anne Frank is on the shortlist of 200 nominees. The shortlist also included Van Leeuwenhoek, Huygens and, yes, DJ Tiesto. Unfortunately, Andre Hazes (see pic) was not on the shortlist.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-09 06:18:41 AM  
Oh... and Anne Frank's diary is definitely not a hoax. The version must people know IS edited, but this hardly affects the quality of the work. A full, scientific edition is available. And if you go to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam you can see the originals.
2004-10-09 06:22:45 AM  
I wonder if Anne Frank was - how shall I put this - hot?

[image from too old to be available]

As to hot or not, I'd bet that your answer would now be "not." Particularly since she probably looked more troll-like after spending so much time in the attic.
2004-10-09 06:25:51 AM  
My vote for biggest Dutch hero has to be the kid who stuck his fingers in the dyke. I don't know how he convinced the lesbian that this was a good idea, but he must have earned big points for that stunt.

/Homonym? What's that?
2004-10-09 06:30:48 AM  
Regardless what some of you may think, it seems some of you are seriously screwed up in your morals (was she hot?.. she was 15 you sick perv).

The article was if she should become a Dutch citizen.

I thought this line was interesting:

"Her legacy is Dutch, she wrote in Dutch, her diary was in Dutch,"

That combined with the fact that she lived there for 25 months during the war and was capured there, sort of speaks volumes on her eligibility.

What would it hurt to dake it happen if the Dutch people (and government) want it that way.

People in the USA are given honoury diplomas, etc (I agree not quite the same) just for playing sports, etc.. this is much more worthwhile IMO.
2004-10-09 06:45:18 AM  
Wow, this news is -old-
They failed in their attempt because of legal reasons btw.

"Oh yeah, and who the hell is William of Orange? Somebody let us know."

He was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish and is now considered to be the 'father' of the nation.

MY vote would go to Erasmus \m/ go humanism.

Oh, and what's up with the "kid who stuck his fingers in the dyke" story?
An American fairytale? (just curious)
2004-10-09 07:00:15 AM  
Oh, and what's up with the "kid who stuck his fingers i nthe dyke" story?"

The story

2004-10-09 07:48:40 AM  
I have one name for the Dutch government: Vincent van Gogh
2004-10-09 07:53:08 AM  
This is nothing new. Every country wanted to call Sufi poet Jalal-Al Din Rumi their citizen (Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, even Russia at one point)
2004-10-09 08:12:48 AM  
This is how the world has changed. Victims are now called heros... Is that the totality of how to be the greatest? Hide and write about your hiding place?

She was a victim, and if that makes her the greatest, then we have such low standards.

Makes me think of the 9-11 victims, all too often called heros. Just give them a shiatty situation and now they are a hero... Jezz...

Lance Armstrong is a hero.. UGH... Now ole one ball is our rolemodel? ugh...

The Chaplain of the NYFD is a hero.. ugh.. Just showed up to a big disaster and got crushed... end of story..

And so on and so on...

Doesn't mean they don't deserve respect for their lives, but it must have a reasonable limit.
2004-10-09 08:25:13 AM  
MN8 = troll
2004-10-09 08:26:36 AM  
xoran99, thx for the link! =)
2004-10-09 08:54:17 AM  
It's always my fondest thing to see some idiot who, instead of putting up any sort of opposing logical argument, responds with something lamebrained like

MN8 = troll

Please indulge us all. Explain how victim = hero.
2004-10-09 08:58:14 AM  
Well.... Anne Frank didn't really have a choice, did she? Or should have done a Rambo? Grab a semi-automatic gun, fight her way to Berlin and into the offices of Hitler and shoot him through the head. Right?
2004-10-09 09:14:06 AM  
If they have to give it to a Jew, why not Baruch Spinoza?
2004-10-09 09:18:40 AM  
Zyklon B. Goode

She was 13. If you think that she could be hot, please report to the nearest police station.
2004-10-09 09:18:59 AM  
they should have just made the contest "the greatest person to live in the netherlands for an extended period of time."

she kept a diary of her innermost thoughts and feelings, among them a wish to become Dutch.

Or they could have given her posthumous citicenship back in the 1940s
2004-10-09 09:25:53 AM  
"I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart."
- Anne Frank

True, maybe she was just a victim, but she's been an inspiration to millions of people.
She's also sort of an icon from a terrible period in Dutch history, that's still rather fresh in many people's minds.

(My two dubbeltjes...)
2004-10-09 09:36:36 AM  
Didn't know that quote Nederlass, but it is great. Heads of state should bolt that one on their desks.
2004-10-09 09:53:38 AM  
I nominate Maurice Gatsonides, inventor of this fine and wonderful device:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-09 10:31:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-09 11:13:16 AM  
this kinda smacks of teh Mormom practice of baptizing deda people as Mormons. Apparently, a whole bunch of famous people have been baptized as Mormoms: each dead US president, various historical figures said to include Hitler.....

They've even taken it upon themselves to baptize other religious groups as Mormons. You can imagine how well this goes over.

Every few years you hear about how the _____ Council of _____ (jews, 7 day adventits, lutherans, what-have-you) gets a story about how they're fed up with the Mormons doing that.
2004-10-09 11:22:26 AM  
I'm thinking that the people who hid Anne Frank, at personal risk to themselves, should be considered for this award.
2004-10-09 11:36:37 AM  
so we have Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, Rene Descartes, Huygens, and Anne Frank all as contenders for the greatest Dutch citizen of all time. That's lovely, it really is. As per the greatest living Dutch citizen I nominate myself. Why? Ask any man ;)
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