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(Some Guy)   Presidential Debate comment thread. Post your comments and observations. Ponder mysterious bulges. Count blinks and mumbles. Let the drinking begin   ( divider line
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6602 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2004 at 8:39 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-08 09:13:19 PM  
Said the President, "My opponent says that terrorists are streaming over the border into Iraq...and my opponent says that the War in Iraq is a distraction from the War on Terrorism. No wonder I was making faces."

(I paraphrase, but the President is magnificent)
2004-10-08 09:13:24 PM  
Bush: "Remember the last debate?"

Well, yeah. I'm suprised you brought that up.
2004-10-08 09:13:25 PM  
Kerry just rammed Bush with the mentioning of Iran's nuke program. Bush looks like an imbicile, and is about to have a nervous breakdown from the look of things.
2004-10-08 09:13:41 PM  
biatch slap to bush ha ha
2004-10-08 09:13:42 PM  
Git them terrists. Git 'em.
2004-10-08 09:13:46 PM  
I bet Bush isn't used to not having storms of applause follow his little speeches.
2004-10-08 09:13:46 PM  
ummm...W..there weren't any WMD's!
2004-10-08 09:13:48 PM  
fzumrk: Heh, didn't see yours. Great minds...
2004-10-08 09:13:48 PM  

hey robots, go read the transcript and find out what Kerry REALLY said about the "global test"
2004-10-08 09:13:49 PM  
Can we go one question without him trying to add something on to the end.
2004-10-08 09:13:50 PM  
talking right at the pres.... NIce!
2004-10-08 09:13:55 PM  
Ah, snap!
2004-10-08 09:13:57 PM  
Why should they be writing notes when they have staff to do that??
2004-10-08 09:13:58 PM  
Globat test.

The Bush campaign is so transparent it's funny.
2004-10-08 09:13:59 PM  
WMD? How could he have given something he didn't have.

Bush is looking a little upset.
2004-10-08 09:14:00 PM  
The real question is, does the last debate remember Poland?
2004-10-08 09:14:01 PM  
2004-10-08 09:14:07 PM  
WMD WMD WMD. This the best buzzword tonight.
2004-10-08 09:14:09 PM  
Wow, Bush just got owned and he giggled the whole time
2004-10-08 09:14:10 PM  
Jebus... Chimpy just said there were no WMDs and in the second question said he needed to go there to rid Saddam of WMD.
2004-10-08 09:14:13 PM  
I like this guys pocket protector.
2004-10-08 09:14:16 PM  
good point on the goal of the sanctions.

+1 kerry
2004-10-08 09:14:16 PM  
Oooh, they're getting pretty ticked at each other.
2004-10-08 09:14:20 PM  
Kerry is kicking ass.
2004-10-08 09:14:24 PM  
the look on bush's face then was brilliant
2004-10-08 09:14:25 PM  
The GWB tape loop... It's Deja Vu all over again!
2004-10-08 09:14:26 PM  
Kerry just KO'ed Bush. Kerry Wins the election.
2004-10-08 09:14:28 PM  
"The US... is preparing a new Iraq... government."

I'm not reading, I swear.
2004-10-08 09:14:35 PM  
"That was the objective."

Kerry +1
2004-10-08 09:14:37 PM  
Damn, they're BOTH balls-out attacking!

/wishes I made some popcorn
2004-10-08 09:14:46 PM  
"Sanctions were not working" ~G. W. Bush
"Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction." ~G. W. Bush

The level of cognitave dissonance here is astounding.
2004-10-08 09:14:47 PM  
Who else would give any number of body parts to have had Jerry Springer as the moderator?
2004-10-08 09:14:49 PM  
2004-10-08 09:12:01 PM whidbey [TotalFark]

Bush is such an arrogant fark. GO ahead. Vote for him. DOrks.

I'm an arrogant fark.

I'm voting for the Chimpster!

4 years of the chimp is better than being lead by the undead!
2004-10-08 09:14:51 PM  
Kerry: Fact, fact, quote from important person, fact.

Bush: WMD! BOO!
2004-10-08 09:14:55 PM  
kerry is really giving it to him
2004-10-08 09:14:56 PM  
Oh shiat. I just forgot about Poland for a moment.
2004-10-08 09:15:04 PM  
Any moment the the swords will be handed out

/cue the Vulcan fight music (da-da-da-da-da-DA-da-da-da)
2004-10-08 09:15:05 PM  
Haha, Mr. BALDY
2004-10-08 09:15:06 PM  
ABC = lying bullshiat artists.
I'm sure many of you have this week felt the stepped up Bush efforts to complain about our coverage.

And what about Dems, who have a MUCH more extensive history of election fraud, suddenly yapping about imaginary rep election manipulation, solely to divert attention from their OWN election tampering. Forget about mainstream media ever mentionng that.
2004-10-08 09:15:13 PM  
These threads skyrocket to the "top comments" page. How many more farkers are there now? There never were this many people commenting.

I just got my absentee ballot today. I'm already done voting. Hahahha!
2004-10-08 09:15:19 PM  
Poor Chimpy... things weren't supposed to go this far. He just wanted an easy job to hide out in for a few years. He wasn't supposed to have to use his brain!
2004-10-08 09:15:19 PM  
2004-10-08 09:15:24 PM  
"Weapons of Mass Destruction."

I'm drunk already!!!
2004-10-08 09:15:27 PM  
yeah, push 'em away john!
2004-10-08 09:15:28 PM  
Kerry is using Republican's statements to hang Bush god Bush looks like a deer in the headlights.
2004-10-08 09:15:35 PM  
Allies? Allies?! We don' need no steenkeeng allies!
2004-10-08 09:15:35 PM  
Did Kerry just cite the senator of Nebraska? Honestly, how much does Nebraska know?
2004-10-08 09:15:36 PM  
I really must get my FLAG PIN.
2004-10-08 09:15:42 PM  
Prove Bush lied! You guys haven't been able to because HE DIDN'T.

Kerry saw the same intelligence and voted as well. Who the hell are we kidding here???

Reach out to the allies! What a moron...what American in their right mind would EVER defend themselves after asking France, Russia and Germany???
2004-10-08 09:15:49 PM  
Bush is *laughing* at the list of his failures? WTF?
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