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(ncbuy)   New Zealand local baffled by mysterious bra fence   ( divider line
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6039 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Feb 2002 at 8:42 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-13 08:46:48 AM  
The tits are always bigger on the other side.
2002-02-13 08:47:46 AM  
Hemingway thinks some campers recently had a giant sex orgy and the naughty participants tied bras to the fence after getting their kicks.

I never get invited to anything cool anymore...*sigh*.
2002-02-13 08:49:06 AM  
Sheep wear bras?
2002-02-13 08:53:51 AM  
Sponsor....Victoria Secret and Trojan Condoms
2002-02-13 08:54:45 AM  
Too many New Zealand posts!!!!!

2002-02-13 08:55:41 AM  
Now if they could just find where all the missing socks go!
2002-02-13 08:57:32 AM  

However, Hemingway's not worried she's living next to kinky campers. She says her only worry with the bra-covered fence is that some of the larger cup sizes might catch the wind and blow the fence down.

2002-02-13 09:00:20 AM  
Where there's bras, there's boobies! Send a man out, they can't have got far.
2002-02-13 09:04:06 AM  
Total horse dung. Some schizo has proably been collecting them from the garbage for two years.
2002-02-13 09:22:31 AM  
"giant sex orgy..."
~ Not your run of the mill regular sex orgy - a GIANT sex orgy! Gotta love those Kiwis.
2002-02-13 09:24:15 AM  
My favorite part of this: The article is on Wireless.
2002-02-13 09:25:14 AM  
Kiwi feminists.
2002-02-13 09:25:39 AM  
in a related note. If you want to keep geeks working, use bras to fence them into their work area. They will find them to be impenetrable.
2002-02-13 09:28:08 AM  
I have to go to New Zealand where the Bras fly in the wind.

*making plane reservations*
2002-02-13 09:28:51 AM  
"titillating" - Heh heh
2002-02-13 09:33:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Kiwis wear bras?
2002-02-13 09:37:43 AM  
Campground orgies are the best!
2002-02-13 09:47:06 AM  
Check it out, a kiwi getting laid...note the lack of bra, that's on the fence outside.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-13 10:07:41 AM  
this apposed to the dildo fences of the playboy mansion?????

- no sex please im british
2002-02-13 10:14:27 AM  
Hemingway thinks some campers recently had a giant sex orgy

As opposed, of course, to the many non-sex orgy varieties.
2002-02-13 10:28:06 AM  
Big bunch of Athols.
2002-02-13 10:52:31 AM  
Fb- is the perp. how'd he get away?
2002-02-13 11:31:14 AM  
HAHAAA! HAH! hehe. uhhhhh. hmmmm...
2002-02-13 12:47:17 PM  
Overstock from Hogs 'n' Heifers.
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