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(ncbuy)   Expert says no one will eat new blue french fries.   ( divider line
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4890 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Feb 2002 at 8:42 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-13 08:46:07 AM  
Well duh...
2002-02-13 08:46:18 AM  
As George Carlin sez:

[image from too old to be available]

Why is there no blue food? Don't tell me blueberries because they're PURPLE!
2002-02-13 08:47:49 AM  
Funny Stuff..Carlin
2002-02-13 08:50:02 AM  
Heinz executives are cashing in their stock options as we speak.
2002-02-13 08:51:54 AM  
has everyone forgotton about the cinnamon apple french fries? those are against nature. at least the blue ones taste like french fries, or at least i'm assuming.
2002-02-13 08:56:19 AM  
I wonder what they are going to look like after they have been "processed"...
2002-02-13 08:57:17 AM  
mmmmm I'm sure they would go great with that got awful green ketchup. Looks like I'm pouring baby shiat on my fries. Yuck......
2002-02-13 08:57:43 AM  
No blue food? Guess again. There is blue corn. I get blue 100% organic and natural tortilla chips.
2002-02-13 08:59:50 AM  
Heinz is the American poster-organization for complete, utter, and desperately hopeless consumer unawareness. They released GREEN ketchup! GREEN! And we all know that farking shiat is flying off the shelves right now, don't we? Kids like color, sure...but I'll be damned to buy any kid I know randomly colored food products. Once again, the food/play-doh lines draw nearer each other.

Oh yeah, one time I was told a brilliant food idea by my Sophmore English teacher. Reese's Peanut Butter AND JELLY do you tell someone in control of your future that they are an idiot?
2002-02-13 09:01:34 AM  
Here's a delicious grey food: brains!
2002-02-13 09:03:29 AM  
Hitchcock once threw a party for which all the food had
been colored blue.
2002-02-13 09:26:16 AM  
The purple ketchup was more disturbing than the green, I thought. I mean, tomatoes are green at at least one point in their existence (though never the color of that stuff). But the purple ketchup might look nice with blue fries.

Overall, the whole concept is still disturbing.
2002-02-13 09:33:42 AM  
Ah yes, Hitchcock, a barrel of laughs he was...
2002-02-13 09:34:12 AM  
Blue french fries? Sounds like a smurf went through the potato processing machine again...

Go team.
2002-02-13 09:35:43 AM  
I hear the next items on the drawing board are potato flavored fries! GENIUS!
2002-02-13 09:37:19 AM  
Yuck and yuck. Small children will be clamoring for it though. Like everyone is saying, it'll go great along with their purple and green looks entirely too much like paint ketchup.
2002-02-13 09:42:04 AM  
With two colors of ketchup and some mayo, you can draw your own French flag! And then surrender.
2002-02-13 09:42:06 AM  
If I eat too much Fruity Pebbles and my shiat comes out a beautiful rainbow color. Apparently, even as a child my body never processed dye (kool-aid, Flintstone's vitamins) very well. I can't imagine what these would do to me.
2002-02-13 09:50:49 AM  
Maybe if they put a pseudo-healthy spin on it, or something like that, they'd have a wider target demographic than just kids. There actually are blue potatoes:

[image from too old to be available]

Why not make them naturally blue instead of pumping more chemicals into our food?
2002-02-13 09:51:56 AM  
When I thought about it for a second, I answered my own question: 'Cause it's cheaper.
2002-02-13 10:07:03 AM  
Expert my ass. There's tons of blue food, granted it's not naturally occurring, but it's still popular. Blue apple sauce, blue yogurt, blue oatmeal, blue jello, not to mention anything at all that is "Berry Blue" flavored. Berry Blue BlowPops happen to be the greatest things ever in my opinion, and I know I'm not the only person who feels that way. This moron is forgetting one main point - these french fries are targeted at *children* and children will eat dam near anything - the weirder the better!!!
2002-02-13 10:13:17 AM  
Experts also have been discussing the possibility of fire being hot, of Satan being evil, and of ice being cold. Discussions are still in progress on these three ideas though.
2002-02-13 10:19:34 AM  
This may actually be a good thing. If we can condition a generation of children to think of french fries as weird, disgusting things, then perhaps they won't be so inclined to clog their arteries with them as adults (like me!).
2002-02-13 11:33:18 AM  
i'd prolly eat blue french fries.. i like the green ketchup.. it was hard to get used to it at first, but i've come to enjoy grossing ppl out with it.
2002-02-13 12:04:28 PM  
You people are no fun!

This will make lunchtime so much more exciting!
2002-02-13 12:17:18 PM  
Jacci: "Expert my ass. There's tons of blue food, granted it's not naturally occurring, but it's still popular."

Yeah, but every food you mention begins with the word 'blue'. You don't see people running around talking about their green spinach or their red strawberries...

2002-02-13 12:54:49 PM  
I do not like green eggs and ham.

Err blue eggs and ham.
2002-02-13 01:34:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Colored food is good... Colored food is good... Colored food is good...
2002-02-13 01:38:21 PM  
asthmagod- there are peanut butter & jelly cups, grape & strawberry jelly, not made by reeses tho, they're OK.

I don't mind eating a blue french fry as long as it tastes good, now only if they made french fries that looked like severed fingers.
2002-02-13 02:03:20 PM  
How about ketchup-colored fries, and french fry-colored ketchup? Oh, the insanity!

Ooh, or blue soylent green.
2002-02-13 02:58:18 PM  
The only blue food that's cool when I grew was the Boo Berry cereal. Where's it these days? It'll be cool if they re-release it on the far-fetched chance that blue fries become the rage.

But consider:

What color is a moldy tortilla chip in Mexican restaurants (if they get that far)? Blue.

What does blue make me think if I see it in foods that have been traditionally another color? Mold, mold, MOLD !!!

OK marketing guys, let's see your bullshiat spin on this ...
2002-02-13 04:13:29 PM  
The scariest thing aobut growing up is knowing that society will not permit me to be amused by such things as blue fries.
2002-02-13 05:57:16 PM  
Hey these would go good with the Hot dogs they use to have at my Junior High. The always had a slight blue tint to them.
2002-02-13 08:04:07 PM  
Yeah except the unfortunate homeless people who will get them at shelters when Heinz has to get rid of them.
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