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(Yahoo)   Chinese engineers figure out how to wash an entire car with 0.3 liters of water   ( divider line
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22431 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Oct 2004 at 7:41 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-07 09:13:42 AM  
I you are in China, & you say "he doesn't have a chinaman's chance", is that redundant? Can't you just say "he didn't have his chance?
2004-10-07 09:13:54 AM  
albtraum, thank you so much for making me feel bad about myself!
2004-10-07 09:15:59 AM  
In China it's "he doesn't have a Mongolian's chance"...

/loses something in translation
2004-10-07 09:17:23 AM  
Jed Eckert: Well, who *is* on our side?
Col. Andy Tanner: 1.6 million screamin' Chinamen.
Darryl Bates: Well, last I heard, there were a billion screamin' Chinamen.
Col. Andy Tanner: There were. Until someone invented a mystery cleaning solution that damn near killed 'em all. But the up side is that it is now real easy to get a taxi in downtown Beijing.
2004-10-07 09:17:46 AM  
All that saved water is subsequently wasted during their fire drills.
2004-10-07 09:18:32 AM  

Tell me that again when everything on fark is only allowed to be posted once per thread. (Oops missed your post)

And leave my lack of father out of this.
2004-10-07 09:20:39 AM  
Tell me that again when everything on fark is only allowed to be posted once per thread.

Much is allowed, but not all is enlightening.

(all seriousness aside, redundant posts make Fark tiresome)
2004-10-07 09:21:13 AM  
Internet security Guard,

But with no more chinamen, who will pull my "now easy to get" taxi?
2004-10-07 09:23:25 AM  
Goddamn Mogorians!! You knock down my shiatty wall!! I pour hot shweet & sour chicken on you Mogorians!
2004-10-07 09:23:52 AM  
Tiresome indeed. see "your dog wants..."
2004-10-07 09:25:28 AM  
Anyone know the one about the chinaman who walks into a bar with a 1/3 litre of water... A negro man wagers that he can't wash his whole car with it... A rabi tells the negro he'll give him a loan in case he loses... A white kid in the United States comes up with some stupid punchlineless joke on Funny Shiit that joke is, but I can't remember the punch line!
2004-10-07 09:26:36 AM  
(all seriousness aside, redundant posts make Fark tiresome)

I'd debate that farkers are what makes fark tiresome.
2004-10-07 09:28:30 AM  
psyduck - Hmm.... gotta work that one out. I'm guessing there is a solution in either a Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
2004-10-07 09:31:55 AM  
"the car wash only uses a tiny amount of water"

"that's good"

"but it brings a terrible curse upon your finish"

"that's bad"

"but it comes with a free frogurt"

"that's good?"


/btw nice one about the fire drill, loveinaction
2004-10-07 09:42:22 AM  
"I dilute it with water..." = "waterles car wash"?

hmmmmm...logic is diluted I think.
2004-10-07 09:46:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd like to see them try this one.
2004-10-07 09:47:50 AM  
Step one... get a very, very little car... just guessing, never read the link
2004-10-07 09:53:09 AM  

Um... 2" isn't a measure of volume. You're kinda missing 2 more linear dimensions.

As for the car wash...
So a third a gallon of water... and 10 gallons of environment ripping solvent?!

/didn't rtfa
2004-10-07 09:56:26 AM  
They seem to enough water to drown all the girl babies. What's the problem?
2004-10-07 10:02:20 AM  
If the last word were trillion then China would have a population 200 times that of earth, no? It's 1.6 billion right?
2004-10-07 10:05:45 AM  
At the same time, China expects water shortages to go on worsening all the way until 2030, when the population peaks at 1.6 million.

I know it's been pointed out already that this should be billion, not million, but this is also an excellent example of why our media is so useless; journalists are so ignorant of the world that this slipped by proofcheckers, factcheckers, editors, and anyone else who looked at this.

Justin Case

I do believe that last word should be trillion.

Not to say that this problem is restricted to the media or anything...
2004-10-07 10:10:03 AM  
Yeah the luxury of using lots of water cheaply is good... hopefully that can continue if the world doesn't get too overpopulated...
2004-10-07 10:10:24 AM  
Chinese cars...​s.htm#3

/some strange cars....
2004-10-07 10:13:56 AM  
"Um... 2" isn't a measure of volume. You're kinda missing 2 more linear dimensions."

Well you can turn that into a volume... you just have to multiply the dimensions of the lawn by the depth of water...
2004-10-07 10:26:20 AM  
I just give the car a quick wipe after it stops raining. Job done.
2004-10-07 10:32:32 AM  
Dorsai Well put.
2004-10-07 10:48:56 AM  
At the same time, China expects water shortages to go on worsening all the way until 2030, when the population peaks at 1.6 million.

1.6 million - they must expect some sort of global plague, or war or something in the meantime. Maybe they expect Bush to win the election?

/any article can become political
2004-10-07 11:03:28 AM  
How can they possibly wash a car with that little water when they can't get a 1 gallon toilet to flush proberly?

Todd_In_Texas - you obviously aren't paying for sewer with a $14 water bill.
2004-10-07 11:20:04 AM  
Let's see if my math is correct.
There will be 1.6 BILLION people in China soon.
So when a Chinaman says he is "one in a million"
There are actually 1600 people EXACTLY like him.
/your dog wants RMB
2004-10-07 11:22:38 AM  
They should just use the blood of their people. The Chinese government seems to value that less the a 0.3 liters of water
2004-10-07 11:57:37 AM  
I have a friend, who is Chinese-American, who prefers to wash her car in the rain.

I just wish she'd tell me ahead of time so I can "help" her and enjoy the wet t-shirt show.
2004-10-07 12:32:13 PM  
According to my eco prof, the number one reason for increasing gas prices is that china and india are buying cars at a rate never seen before.

He also picks his nose.
2004-10-07 12:56:21 PM  
A third of a liter of water is nowhere near enough to get all the babes at my Bling-Bling carwash into a suitable state soakitude.
2004-10-07 02:11:55 PM  
Yo Todd Mofark

Your lawn kicks ass.
2004-10-07 04:37:25 PM  
yeah, less water.... but will women still look sexy doing this in a bikini?
2004-10-07 06:05:17 PM  
My kids always insist on "helping" me wash my car, which consists of spraying the hose the entire time I am working, I am pretty sure we use a bit more than 1/3 liter of water. More like 1/3 of a swimming pool full. Oh well. I try to make the excess at least hit part of my lawn.
2004-10-07 06:41:55 PM  

The parenthesis are intended as "A qualifying or amplifying word, phrase, or sentence inserted within written matter in such a way as to be independent of the surrounding grammatical structure."

The coined term, "waterless car wash", is such a phrase that meets this criteria you miserable wise-ass.
2004-10-07 08:48:24 PM  
drgruney: Next time that it rains, watch the news that night. You might be surprised to learn that precipitation can be measured in inches!
2004-10-08 01:55:09 AM  
In other news, China has cars now.
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