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(Aint-It-Cool-News)   Futurama is being cancelled. In the name of bender "Bite my shiny metal ass.. FOX."   ( divider line
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2002-02-12 01:20:50 PM  
2002-02-12 01:20:53 PM  
How the hell am I going to make fun of my sister now? (her last name is Bender).
2002-02-12 01:21:02 PM  
allow me to be the first to say: 'Futurama Sucked'

Thank you

2002-02-12 01:22:15 PM  
NOO! On the other hand, this basically means that there is no reason to watch television whatsoever, so I get more time. Which still isn't as good as Futurama. It's not official, though...
2002-02-12 01:23:27 PM  
What the hell would be wrong with the following line up:

All times Central:

7pm Simpsons
7:30 Futurama
8pm King of the Hill
8:30 Malcolm in the Middle.

I would tape that line up. Four of my favorite shows.

To Hades with Fox.
2002-02-12 01:24:53 PM  
Maybe if they put it in a time slot where it could actually be seen, instead of getting preempted by farking football every week, it would pick up a bigger audience?!

F$#&ing Fox pricks.
2002-02-12 01:25:13 PM  
"Awww crap"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 01:25:29 PM  
Hitmans7s: You forgot Family Guy.
2002-02-12 01:25:34 PM  
This is bullshiat!!!

They kept pre-empting Futurama for every little thing they could, and wouldn't put it where it belonged... following the Simpsons!!

First the Tick, now this! Fox blows.
2002-02-12 01:26:32 PM  
The Simpsons: Best.Show.Ever
Futurama: Worst.Show.Ever

From the same makers, it was hard to believe.
2002-02-12 01:26:49 PM  

great job fox, now i have only one show to watch sunday (Simpsons)
2002-02-12 01:27:06 PM  

Stupid Fox.
2002-02-12 01:27:28 PM  
Hmm, seeing as how The Simpsons will probably end next season, Family Guy is being canned with Futurama, and X-Files going bye-bye, why watch Fox? Morons.
2002-02-12 01:27:32 PM  
I bet that another network will pick it up and let it continue. Maybe even Cartoon Network. Futurama is probably one of the most mishandled shows in the history of television with its constant pre-emption by sports programming.
2002-02-12 01:27:39 PM  
Maybe it could switch slots with Simpsons, which, in case you hadn't noticed, took a turn for the sucky a few years back...
2002-02-12 01:28:11 PM  
Suck on Fox!
Vive La 80's Show!
2002-02-12 01:29:01 PM  

Family Guy > Simpsons > 0 > Futurama
2002-02-12 01:29:34 PM  
guess they're freeing up time for that '30s show. Remind to jump out a skyscraper window, myself.
2002-02-12 01:29:35 PM  
Abyssal Squid: Whoa, you say something other than "Brains..."

wil [TotalFark]
2002-02-12 01:31:57 PM  
Looking for the sliver lining, I see that nothing official has been released by FOX. Maybe they're "leaking" a story, to see how many people really do care about the show?

Hey, let me have my dreams.
2002-02-12 01:32:12 PM  
Hopefully they'll put Family Guy on Sundays so I can actually watch it. My wife gets the TV during "Friends"

Stupid Fox.
2002-02-12 01:32:43 PM  
bring back Hermans Head!!!
2002-02-12 01:33:49 PM  
Fox is a bunch of aassclown cokcmomma's. The only reasons to watch them are (in no particular order): That 70's Show, Family Guy, Simpsons, Malcom and Futurama. This from the same bunch of farking icehole bastage cokc gobblers that killed off Action--one of the best ever shows on television!!!!
2002-02-12 01:35:25 PM  
I love the Simpsons, it still makes me laugh after over a decade, but it's a shadow of it's former self, whilst Futurama is still relativley fresh. If Fox should pull the plug on anything it's that.
2002-02-12 01:35:26 PM  
Stewie is not pleased that his friends are leaving.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 01:35:35 PM  
Whoa. I am surprised you cats, presumably geeks, don't all LOVE Futurama...

I am saddened. I will need to consult my bong for further reasons to live.
2002-02-12 01:36:38 PM  
that show wasn't canceled a while back?
the only good thing about that show was it talked about beer over and over...made me thirsty
2002-02-12 01:37:11 PM  
Futurama, IMO, never lived up to the Simpsons. Expectations were set and not met. I'm mean really, how often do you quote Futurama compared to the Simpsons? Or for that matter, King of the Hill? That boy ain't right.
2002-02-12 01:38:17 PM  
Currently (not counting the duration of all the different series)..

Futurama > Simpsons > Family Guy > King of the Hill

Futurama was highly underrated. It had a slow first season, but is definitely the funniest animated show on right now. King of the Hill is almost in a different category entirely (too realistic), and Family Guy retreads the same lame plot structure every episode.
2002-02-12 01:38:42 PM  
Favorite line:
Fry "Do you have a bathroom?"
Bender: "A what room?"
F: "Bathroom"
B: "A Bathwhat?"
F: "Bathroom"
B: " A Whatroom?"
B: "A whatwhat?"

Makes me giggle like a biatch just typin it. I am sad now. :(
2002-02-12 01:40:41 PM  
May I suggest that we flood Fox with complaints... I have already voiced my complaint. You can send your email to where I sent mine (it is the only feedback email I could find on their web site);


I am personally sick of listening to Howie ramble in a postgame show for the NFL when Futurama is supposed to be on... How is Furutama supposed to get ratings when football is on instead (especially on the east coast)?

2002-02-12 01:40:50 PM  
Khan is also p!ssed off.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 01:41:14 PM  
I hope Matt G. (not gonna try and spell the name) doesn't take the money when FOX comes crawling back to him asking for another genius TV creation. He's done so much for that lameass network (the simpsons has been keeping people watching for HOW many seasons?) it sucks they just pull the plug on this.
2002-02-12 01:41:49 PM  
Family Guy, The Tick and now Futurama?

When will the madness end!
2002-02-12 01:42:10 PM  
They more or less stopped showing king of the hill in the U.K. after it cut most of the comedy in favour of crappy soap opera style drama.
2002-02-12 01:42:28 PM  
Come on....Aqua Hunger Food Force and Sealab 2021 are much better, right?
2002-02-12 01:43:22 PM  
I agree with Fantasma. I watched Futurama whenit first started. It made me laugh. But honestly, i didn't even know that they still aired that show. No big loss.
2002-02-12 01:43:46 PM  
from the "news" source quoted by aicn.

ATTENTION Webmasters of sites other than Futurama Fan Pages (News sites and the like...). Please do not cover this yet before we have some petition/mailing/... online in a few hours. Mail me if you want to cover this and I will keep you posted (webmasters only).
2002-02-12 01:44:11 PM  
Note to Family Guy fans: There is an on-line petition to save the show. All the fan sites have a pop-up window. Do a google search, and sign it.
2002-02-12 01:44:26 PM  
I remember when I used to get the show on at 10:30 on Tuesdays. It was a wicked line-up on Tuesday nights-- but ever since Fox stuck Futurama at 7:00, they've killed it.

They always have football at 4:00, which ALWAYS goes long and takes out Futurama and sometimes King of the Hill. Futurama has been SO much more funny than the Simpsons over the last while, and I hate the fact that they're cancelling it after farking it over themselves.

It's like Loria, the Expos owner. It's as if Fox wanted to torpedo the show from Day one. why not move one of their comedies off Sunday night and stick a rerun in the 7:00 slot?

I'm usually still eating dinner at 7:00 and when the show is actually on (Four times this season so far? Ugh.) I have to record it.

Along with Family Guy, Futurama is one of the few shows I enjoy watching. Why do they have to get rid of it? they kept the Simpsons WAY longer, and it got stale around season 7/8/9. Futurama hasn't even had a chance to get stale.

Pfft. When my channel didn't show SNL last Saturday, they showed three hours of Futurama, and I laughed ore than I ever did when watching the new OR old SNLs.

Why do they have to get rid of it? WHY?!?!?!?
2002-02-12 01:44:36 PM  
and where else will we be able to see lobster men riding sperm?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 01:44:58 PM  
Futurama would be perfect between Home Movies and Auqa Teen Hunger Force...Hello Cartoon Network are you listening?
2002-02-12 01:44:59 PM  
No guys no see this is great see cuz now, now people will have more insentive to watch PUBLIC BROADCASTING! Heck, maybe we should cancel EVERY decent show on the air!!!

2002-02-12 01:45:31 PM  
02-12-02 01:23:27 PM Hitman7s
What the hell would be wrong with the following line up:

All times Central:

7pm Simpsons
7:30 Futurama
8pm King of the Hill
8:30 Malcolm in the Middle.

I would tape that line up. Four of my favorite shows.

To Hades with Fox.

Therein lies the problem - you farkers are all taping the shows, which doesn't get counted in the Nielsens, which determines how much Fox can charge for advertising (assuming you actually bought the products that did advertise during the shows), which determines how much Fox will spend on its programming.

Call it the reverse boycott effect - you support the advertisers, they continue to buy ads, Fox continues to air the shows you like.

To paraphrase many, many others, whining on the comments section isn't going to get Fox's attention, or any other network's, for that matter. Fill some e-mail inboxes, and maybe someone who makes these kinds of decisions might just listen.
2002-02-12 01:47:13 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, should we be surprised by this move? Every show that Fox has ever had -- with the exception of X-Files and The Simpsions -- has been cancelled, no matter how good they were or weren't given the promotional consideration it deserved.

In Living Color? (Fox got greedy and tried to basically take over the show. It wasn't cancelled, Kenan just refused to work with them. )

The Critic? (Still one of the funniest cartoon shows I've ever seen. What's the web addy for the online shows again?)

The Tick? (Was aired on Wednesday and WON IT'S FRIGGIN' TIMESLOT! Or at least had a very kick ass showing. Uh...PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOW. So, what do they do? Put it back on Thursday against Friends and Survivor. Yeah. Smooth move assholes.)

That one show by the X-Files creator (Can't remember the name but was starting to get into it when it was canned after 2 episodes.)

Only further examples of how much I hate tv anymore -- the can all the good shows in favor of crappy shows like Temptation Island, Survivor, Friends, and other crap.

LONG LIVE THE HISTORY CHANNEL! AND CARTOON NETWORK! The only channels worth watching anymore.
2002-02-12 01:48:22 PM  
futurama totally sucked, just listening to it playing on tv in the other room was completely annoying. good riddance.
2002-02-12 01:48:35 PM  
Dammit... I loved that show!
2002-02-12 01:48:37 PM  
Jesus! Bring Futurama back you turds.
2002-02-12 01:49:22 PM  
fry: "oh no! what if the secret ingredient is people?"
leela: "no, they already have a soda like that. soylent soda."
fry: "really? how is it?"
leela: "eh. depends on the person."

compared to the last couple seasons of the simpsons, futurama is great. they'd better not take away "family guy," or i'll be forced to protest by whining and then taking a nap.
2002-02-12 01:49:37 PM  
Taping a show DOES count in Nielsons. They don't care when you watch it.
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