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(Yahoo)   Dollywood to add 10 new rides in 2005. Tentative names include Space Mountains and the Mad Hatter's Double-D Cups   ( divider line
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5367 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2004 at 7:25 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-04 04:19:52 PM  
Excellent headline.
2004-10-04 04:23:16 PM  
Hey, isn't she reducing her ageing her breasts?

Poor gal, I dunno how old she is but she ain't a young gal any more and carrying around those funbags must be awful.
2004-10-04 04:45:59 PM  
Huh huh. It's funny 'cause her boobs are big.
2004-10-04 04:48:54 PM  
I can't wait to go spinning in Dolly's E cups.
2004-10-04 07:29:02 PM  
Dollywood getting new implants.

It's funny, because she has big boobs.
2004-10-04 07:30:33 PM  
I sure hope they're not getting rid of Blazing Fury! That was a holdover from Silver Dollar City!
2004-10-04 07:31:26 PM  
Just what the Gatlinberg area needs...more trashyness!
2004-10-04 07:32:26 PM  
2004-10-04 07:33:15 PM  
is she going to become one of the "rides"? i'd still hit it.
2004-10-04 07:33:54 PM  
Hey, the submitter made that up. No fair.
2004-10-04 07:35:53 PM  
The headline was great until I got past "Space Mouuntains" then after that it went downhill fast.
2004-10-04 07:36:57 PM  
Man, I've never been to Dollywood, but I did love Silver Dollar City. Crazy childhood memories.
2004-10-04 07:37:56 PM  
Am I the only one who hates the word "Dollywood"? It irritates me for some reason.
2004-10-04 07:38:13 PM  
2004-10-04 07:39:30 PM  
in other news..... dolly parton ACTUALLY has a theme park
2004-10-04 07:40:03 PM  
At least thinks like this don't happen there.

[image from too old to be available]

/Go Dolly!
//We love Dolly.
2004-10-04 07:40:20 PM  

I hate the word "Dollywood" too, and I even like Dolly Parton for more than her boobs.
2004-10-04 07:44:48 PM  
As he goes to caress her,
He sees them on the dresser...
The biggest parakeets in town!
2004-10-04 07:46:26 PM  
I, for one, have no idea what shes famous for, outside of her breasts.
2004-10-04 07:48:33 PM  
I don't care how old she is,I'd hit it.

Anyone remember "If You Had Wings"?
2004-10-04 07:50:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Whoa, master craftsmen? You won't find that at Six Flags.
2004-10-04 07:51:01 PM  
Islands in the stream...
2004-10-04 07:53:43 PM  
As long as I continue to forget Rhinestone ever existed - I will be able to appreciate this woman.
2004-10-04 07:54:40 PM  
I spent 2-3 years making commercials for Dolly Parton and Dollywood, it's actually a pretty fun place. She's jump in with the guys and make us laugh.

The first day I worked with her a shy guy was trying to put a microphone on her, he was literally shaking. She said "Go on boy, jump on in". We had to take a break everyone was laughing so hard.
2004-10-04 07:55:13 PM  
I was working at silver dollar city airbrushing t-shirts when she bought the place. She came through and we gave her a shirt that said "Dollywood or bust". She nearly split her sides laughing.

She's really quite the class act, and very petite, she's not even 5 feet tall, minus the wig.
2004-10-04 07:56:35 PM  
My wife and I took our little girl (age 2.5) to Dollywood this summer about 2 weeks after our trip to Disney Orlando. We thought it would be a huge letdown, but we all had a blast. My nostalgia for Silver Dollar City and obsession with wooden coasters meant I had a good time, and my daughter loved the County Fair section and the shows (Veggie Tales, not so much).
2004-10-04 07:56:58 PM  
"It's a boobs world,after all
It's a boobs world,after all
It's a boobs world,after all...
It's a big boobs world..."
2004-10-04 08:02:29 PM  
Never been to Dollywood, would love to though.
Love Dolly even though I dislike most country music.
Sweetest Gal I've ever had the pleasure to meet.
And MY GOD MAN!!! Those Tits are bigger than most people's heads (each one!)

I'm gay and I'd hit it!
2004-10-04 08:03:14 PM  
I'd hit it....just cuz.
2004-10-04 08:10:03 PM  
TheChaz: Hehe. I had the pleasure of dressing up as Dolly one halloween party with two huge balloons as my chest. My wife thought it was a scream. Yeah,good times.
2004-10-04 08:12:06 PM  
She's a country music artist that wrote the song " I Will Always Love You" that Whitney Houston later covered.
2004-10-04 08:14:06 PM  
2004-10-04 08:16:38 PM  
What about Twitty City?
2004-10-04 08:19:23 PM  
Just Ignorant: That link worked like a charm. Been a while since I heard that. Thanks!
2004-10-04 08:28:48 PM  
I've been to Pigeon Forge, and believe me...You don't want to go to Pigeon Forge.

/never again
2004-10-04 08:32:35 PM  
quite a titillating thread, actually
2004-10-04 08:34:02 PM  
Dolly is one of the funniest most talented people in all of show business. She is self effacing, and always funny and cheery, and always honest. Can play several instruments fantastically, and is a brilliant songwriter, and has a beautiful powerful singing voice.
2004-10-04 08:34:40 PM  
P.S. I wrote this headline. Glad some of you liked it. Sorry, some of you didn't.
2004-10-04 08:35:13 PM  
Not only was there Twitty City, but in Pigeon Forge there was also Archie Campbell's Hee-Haw Village! I took my girlfriend (from New Jersey) to Gatlinburg; now I'm going to hell...BTW, I also remember Silver Dollar City, when I was ten it seemed like the shiz-NITE!
2004-10-04 08:46:40 PM  
Did Twitty City have a huge afro in the middle of the park? That would have been perfect - as if a giant Conway Twitty sat beneath the earth, laughing in the dark as people played on his head.

What was the name of Jim Baker's amusement park???
2004-10-04 08:52:04 PM  
20-30 years ago, Pigeon Forge was a city made out of papier mache. It was literally the cheesiest piece of crap tourist trap in existence.

Last I was there, it was an outlet mall.

It's really amazing, you have this overdeveloped tourist shiathole, and then as you drive along, you hit the protected Smoky Mountains park and it's like going from Las Vegas to Yosimite in the space of 2 feet.
2004-10-04 08:52:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-04 08:56:34 PM  
I submitted this story with a far inferior headline.
2004-10-04 08:59:21 PM  
Dolly Parton has an awesome sense of humour - she's terrific.

/ Workin' 9 to 5...
2004-10-04 08:59:28 PM  
could someone please post the picture of thegirlthegirl ?

cause I want to express my sincerest desire to hit it.

2004-10-04 09:01:31 PM  
All I remember is we tried to get there, and the piece of crap US highways leading to it were all backed up miles away from the actual city (if it is a city; i didn't see it). We just went back to the Interstate and stayed the night in nashville.
2004-10-04 09:04:14 PM  
loved your holistic detective agency...
2004-10-04 09:05:47 PM  
Can't believe anyone on Fark could be upset at a large boobied entertainer who runs an amusement park.

Plus, Dolly is cool. Sure, Johnny Cash was cooler, but he's gone. When he was alive, he'd've hit it.

/Then there's EuroDollywood... That's in Alabama.
2004-10-04 09:09:23 PM  
She sure was a late bloomer!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-04 09:11:27 PM  
I just came back from Gatlinburg Friday. My favorite parts were the aquarium and seeing a black bear on the way up to a waterfall. We didn't go to Dollywood because we heard admission's $50. That area has the crappiest food on the planet! We did stay in a beautiful new log cabin right on the edge of the wildlife preserve for $70 each, there were 16 of us, that was dirt cheap. The drive would keep me from going again, 15 hours.
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