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(   Unstoppable fungus wipes out third of world�s cocoa crop. France, Nestle, and Hershey�s surrender.   ( divider line
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2002-02-12 09:48:02 AM  
Damn. No more Choco-Fries.
2002-02-12 09:48:05 AM  
I'll bet you think twice now before drinking that big glass of chocolate milk every morning.
2002-02-12 09:48:10 AM  

ha hah ahh hah

2002-02-12 09:48:54 AM  
what about strawberry Quik?
2002-02-12 09:50:34 AM  
I got boobies. But they are manly boobies.
2002-02-12 09:52:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 09:53:37 AM  
Oh the Humanity!
2002-02-12 09:53:53 AM  
Can't type. must horde Snickers.
2002-02-12 09:54:08 AM  
There's a humungous Fungus among us.

Well there's always carob.....
2002-02-12 09:56:24 AM  
Mmmmmmm fungus. Where do you think white chocolate came from. FUNGUS!!!!
2002-02-12 09:59:34 AM  
Sinister what are you talking about? White chocolate comes from cocoa butter. And it tastes like arse.
2002-02-12 10:01:55 AM  
I know, but it does taste like shiat.
2002-02-12 10:02:03 AM  
The FBI warned us of an impending terrorist strike.

I think this is it.
2002-02-12 10:02:12 AM  
Site is farked.
2002-02-12 10:05:03 AM  

Long on America's most wanted list, the exquisite confection that European's call "white chocolate" is available from coast to coast with the Nestle (R) Superior Quality Alpine White (TM) with Almonds bar. Though popular in Europe for nearly seven decades, this delicacy had not been manufactured and distributed nationally here - until Alpine White's introduction in 1984.

White chocolate was first introduced in Switzerland in the years after World War I. It is more expensive to produce than its darker counterpart because it contains more of the expensive cocoa butter. And though it offers a subtle hint of chocolaty taste, this "chocolate" isn't really chocolate - at least by definition. According to FDA standards, real chocolate must contain chocolate liquor (the solid that results from finely grinding cacao bean nibs).
2002-02-12 10:05:33 AM  
Damn those nastys at the Butterscotch Brigade. World domination is within their grasp. Noooooooooooooooo.

I need help.
2002-02-12 10:07:44 AM  
I'm horribly addicted to Toblerone.
What will I do!
2002-02-12 10:08:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 10:09:27 AM  
Go buy a family pack of'll need it.
2002-02-12 10:09:58 AM  
First gas starts to go back up, now they tell me chocolate is next?
2002-02-12 10:10:07 AM  
fungi! the title should read 'unstoppable fungi'.
finally an article on plant pathology and it's flawed. darnit.
2002-02-12 10:12:04 AM  
Gee, wonder which US agency created this to target Cocaine-producing countries?

Oh, wait, we actually DON'T do this stuff...if we DID manage to wipe out illicit drugs, we wouldn't be able to spend oodles of cash on this "war on drugs".

Or something.
2002-02-12 10:13:46 AM  
Here's the scary part -- fungus adapts and takes out 1/3rd of [wheat/rice/soybean] crops...
2002-02-12 10:13:57 AM  
I adore white chocolate. Brown chocolate can go to hell. Yeah i'm a chocolate racist, but what are you gonna do about it.
2002-02-12 10:18:42 AM  
Maybe it's part of America's "War on Fatasses", to stop it at the source?

In any case, chocolate is not very good anyway. Maybe if the prices skyrocket so it's 20 dollars for a Hershey's bar, people will eat fruit and good things that we can grow in our own country, improve their health and help our economy. The 3rd world countries producing this chocolate can then slide back into obscurity.
2002-02-12 10:22:53 AM  

while it is always a concern that the fungus will mutate and start attacking alternate hosts, it shouldn't scare us. soooo much $ goes into research to protect these cash crops that they are pretty well protected. granted, wheat/rice/soy all have diseases which reduce yield, but research is making amazing strides towards eradicating them.
as a result of these diseases of cocoa, you can be assured that research funding will go way up and, with time, cocoa will thrive again.
2002-02-12 10:25:49 AM  
Wasn't "White Chocolate" the name of a pimp in a SNL sketch?
2002-02-12 10:29:14 AM  
Ah HA! Richard Simons is to blame!

I could see it now...he's in his super secret lab in an old cave.

"Fine! If the US government won't do anything about the rampant obesity that plagues this country, _I WILL_!"
2002-02-12 10:51:12 AM  
Yes....evil robot Richard Simmons
2002-02-12 10:54:49 AM  
FARK, FARK ,FARK!!!! I love chocolate, this does not bode well. Now Godiva can get even more farking outrageous on their goddamned candy.
2002-02-12 11:01:50 AM  
What is imported into the USA that is derived from COCOA LEAVES?


2002-02-12 11:06:59 AM  
In any case, chocolate is not very good anyway.


Oh my Dawg in heaven. Please take that back! If there is no more chocolate, then this is what I will be forced to do:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 11:10:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's me who is responsible....mwa ha ha
2002-02-12 11:11:44 AM  
Mabey this will cut down on the slavery related to the chocolate industry. Not that I care, I had to stop ingesting chocolate products last year as on of the chemicals was causeing a problem with my sanity.
2002-02-12 11:33:24 AM  
Personally, I like the effect chocolate has on my sanity and I don't think you people really want to see me if I am denied.

Maybe you do. Sickos.
2002-02-12 11:37:55 AM  
The same here Talix18.

Icecycle those same chemicals are what help me keep the little sanity I have left!

More chocolate for me!
2002-02-12 11:38:04 AM  
Unstoppable Fungus is right. Perhaps I should change my user name...BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!
2002-02-12 11:39:34 AM  
Note to self: read article first.

"...if scientists can't find a cure for diseases and pests that already destroy a third of the world's annual cocoa bean crop and are threatening to spread..."

So they're saying that current chocolate supply/pricing is based on two-thirds of the annual bean crop and the plant fungi are "threatening" to spread. Isn't the sun threatening to explode? No reason to believe it will happen this year.

2002-02-12 11:44:58 AM  
I think I'll go touristing in those areas and wear my fungus infected shoes.

tra la la... a world without chocolate, how interesting.

Since I don't eat sweets, it doesn't really matter to me.
2002-02-12 12:22:29 PM  
"One thing for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner."

Han Solo
2002-02-12 01:14:56 PM  
In other news Oprah Winfrey, terrorizes chicago in choclate withdraw act of mayhem......
2002-02-12 02:23:48 PM  
This reminds me of the movie I saw last night called "Evolution".
Funny movie and some bad ass looking 'shrooms in it.
2002-02-12 02:31:47 PM  
95% of the world loves chocolate and the other 5% are addicted... can you spell C-O-C-O-A F-U-T-U-R-E-S ?
2002-02-12 04:25:05 PM  
Mosanto and their killer GMO foods are to blame.
2002-02-12 04:27:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 04:40:18 PM  
What is imported into the USA that is derived from COCOA LEAVES?



Ummm... don't think so. Cocaine (and therefore crack) are derived from coca leaves (from the plant Erythroxylum Coca), not from cacao leaves (from the tree Theobroma Cacao)

So calm down. The DEA is not after your Snickers.
2002-02-12 05:00:39 PM  
I read it wrong.


or whatever. heh
2002-02-12 06:10:45 PM  
But on the other hand, I wouldn't put it past the DEA - imagine getting the munchies in a world without chocolate.
2002-02-12 07:48:45 PM  
The mixture in question was Vodka, hot coffee and unsweetened chocolate. It was a kind of an experiment as the chemical in chocolate has one atom difference from the caffeine molecule.

Basically made me crazy within two weeks.

Fun stuff and if I lived alone I would use it again, hell of a lot easier to write when you hear voices.
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