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(MSNBC)   Fossilized Dinosour Vomit Found: Bush Sr. denies responsibility   ( divider line
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1312 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2002 at 7:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-11 07:35:57 PM  
Wow. they found TWO batches of fossilized dino-puke? Remarkable.
2002-02-11 07:39:51 PM  
It was a hell of a kegger!
2002-02-11 07:42:59 PM  
raulphasour or or maybe herlicticus? Farkers want to Know!!
2002-02-11 07:47:46 PM  
Not one, but TWO similar links to a story I posted. BAH!!
2002-02-11 07:48:59 PM  
Me too, and my headline was funnier!!!

I think I'm gonna puke...
2002-02-11 07:52:26 PM  
Another /. rip off.
2002-02-11 08:08:10 PM  
now see, if you don't know what you're talking about, you shouldn't be able to write articles for major news sources. of course ichthyosaurs didn't look like dinosaurs, because they weren't dinosaurs. reptiles are cold blooded, and have different hip and ankle structures... i wouldn't biatch, but you know, if you're going to make a statement, you really should know what the hell you're talking about.
2002-02-11 08:50:13 PM  
Fruity: this isn't a /. ripoff, you dumbass. It's linked from the front page of MSNBC.
2002-02-11 09:49:29 PM  
"Fossilized Dinosour Vomit Found: Bush Sr. denies responsibility" HOw is this supposed to be a funny headline? Godamnit - FARK headlines continue to suck more and more each day...
2002-02-11 10:04:09 PM  
That is a funny headline...Wfrgms, learn your history...Bush Sr. puked in the premier of China (or some other east asian country's leader)'s lap several years ago...made all the papers.
2002-02-11 10:12:10 PM  
This is a funny headline...Astro, learn your history. Walker Bush yakked in the Japanese Prime Minister's lap...made all the papers
2002-02-11 10:16:22 PM  
My dinosour vomit is better than yoouuuuurs.
2002-02-12 10:19:39 AM  
Who knew they had McDonald's™ back in the Triassic Era?
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