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(Excite)   Coca-Cola releases new formula to fix your back pain   ( divider line
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8174 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2002 at 10:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-11 10:52:08 AM  
Okay, that is plain, fvcking nasty.
2002-02-11 10:52:50 AM  
nothing like a knife wound to cure a headache.
2002-02-11 10:53:03 AM  
And the best cure for a hangover is Jolt filled with crushed glass, beaten into an egg and cooked like an omelette.

Some people are too stupid to live.
2002-02-11 10:53:14 AM  
forget the cola, I'd rather have just plain coke.
2002-02-11 10:53:39 AM  
Ruin the stomach to fix the back? WTF?
2002-02-11 10:53:56 AM  
the potion helped draw out "bad" blood from her injury

It also drew out any food she ate. "Blaaaaaargh"
2002-02-11 10:54:09 AM  
I'm with Trunks on this one... but I still wouldn't sniff crushed cockroaches...
2002-02-11 10:54:17 AM  
In other news, Miss Cleo to present gold medal.

I thought they were going to say they put the Coke back in coca-cola. oh well
2002-02-11 10:54:36 AM  
That is just plain stupid. Why not just go back to using leeches?
2002-02-11 10:56:27 AM  
"Oh, your back hurts? That'll be two pints. Go on, lay your arm across this bowl."
2002-02-11 10:57:15 AM  
I'd rather die of pain.

Drinking crushed cockroaches. What a farking lunatic. How is this person? Farking Renfield?
2002-02-11 10:57:39 AM  
Can you say, salmonella?

I knew you could.
2002-02-11 10:58:28 AM  
and how exactaly does one think of putting cockroaches into coke?
2002-02-11 10:59:08 AM  
Worst. Fark. Day. Ever.
2002-02-11 11:01:00 AM  
silly Aussie girl, at least she got her name in the ....*ahem* "news"....*ahem*

even if she couldn't win a medal
2002-02-11 11:03:36 AM  
Obviously she hasn't found the right insect-soft drink combination that cures raging stupidity.
2002-02-11 11:04:09 AM  

Drew Curtis presents Shiat You Shouldn't Drink.
2002-02-11 11:04:17 AM  
-"Right! Is there anyone else who would rather be doing something other than marching up and down the square?"

-"Yes, sir, I'd rather be drinking cockroaches in cola."

-"Right! Off you go..."
2002-02-11 11:04:28 AM  
Maybe it was the healing crystals that did it and not the cockroaches
2002-02-11 11:04:33 AM  
sure, you're so busy throwing up you don't notice your back pain anymore.
2002-02-11 11:05:07 AM  

All right. Who thought of using crushed cockroaches to cure pain? What lead to this?
2002-02-11 11:06:16 AM  

It falls in line with the first people to try eating poison ivy to find out what it does. Somebody had to do it.
2002-02-11 11:06:45 AM  
We will see this on the TV show Fear Factor next week.
2002-02-11 11:07:09 AM  
I guess some people are so dumb that they can't tell the difference between food and not-food. Why would you even tell anyone about this? I guess if some Austrailian Olympain with a day job at Outback Steakhouse says that eating insects combined with voodoo draws the 'bad blood' out of ailing backs then we all have to believe her.
2002-02-11 11:08:34 AM  

What DIDN'T work to lead her to this?

Jesus farking Christ! What some people will do for attention!
2002-02-11 11:10:29 AM  
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally, now I'm glad I drink pepsi
2002-02-11 11:10:40 AM  
She should see what she does for an upset stomach...
cuts off her finger. hyuk hyuk.
2002-02-11 11:10:45 AM  
I believe this remedy works by causing you to puke your guts out until your stomach muscles are strengthened. This eases strain on your back.
2002-02-11 11:10:55 AM  

But was some guy having back pain and he lost a bet so he had to eat a cockroach? After his back felt better.

Was it some back woods dude who ate grubs and tried a cockroach after a day of back-breaking work?

RageX I think any Austrailian would rather eat a cockroach then eat at Outback or drink Fosters.
2002-02-11 11:13:41 AM  

This is something you might expect from the Japanese, but from an Australian???

Did she just decide all of the sudden "Oh, my back hurts, maybe I'll just crush some filthy bugs into this soft-drink and it will make me feel better".

Where did she get the idea from, or at least let me know the name of her physician,(So I can stay the hell away from him/her).
2002-02-11 11:14:47 AM  

SInce it's in Oz I would imagine they just thought, "Oi, mate. I wonder if 'is 'ere cockroach will cure me back ailments.....Crickey! Me back does feel better!"

Fosters...Australian for *blech!*
2002-02-11 11:19:57 AM  
Yeah, "new" formula, right, sure. More like the the real classic coke.
2002-02-11 11:20:28 AM  
Ummm.... yeah... that's nasty as hell.
2002-02-11 11:20:34 AM  
Pull my finger, gosh darnit!

Guuut guuut guut...Let's get 'em Flash!!
2002-02-11 11:20:47 AM  
Hmmmm, cockroach cluster cola.
2002-02-11 11:20:55 AM  
Folk wisdom, I suppose. Here are some of the lesser known gems:

- Lick a duck to change your luck.
- If your ears burn, put them out.
- Step on a crack, get kicked in the nuts.
- Any porker in a storm.
- Feed a cold, a gram of Rocephin for tuberculosis.
2002-02-11 11:25:13 AM  
Home Remedies for constipation:

Have your meals at fixed time.

Drink a glass of hot water half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before retiring at night.

Make a habit of answering calls of nature at fixed time every day.

Eat plantain or a thick slice of ripe papaya fruit before going to bed at night.

Mix castor oil with old tamarind pulp, prepare a paste and insert it into the opening of the anus. Bowels will move immediately.

Drink crushed cockroaches in cola. Swish in mouth for best effect.
2002-02-11 11:25:22 AM  
Hmm... Anyone remember the "New Coke"? (I think that was its name)
2002-02-11 11:25:40 AM  
Now class, let's refer to yesterday's link on Logical Fallacies. Please click to the page on
Coincidental Correlation(post hoc ergo propter hoc)
2002-02-11 11:26:04 AM  
Any chance she is just messing with the media and it was a joke?
2002-02-11 11:26:39 AM  
Digitaldevil, yeah but I bet it tastes pretty good after drinking bug-laced coke.
2002-02-11 11:32:08 AM  
Some people lick frogs to get high...Or take a pill made from dead horses...Or drink Fruitopia, which has a red color that comes from squashed bugs...What's the big deal?
2002-02-11 11:32:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 11:35:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

New marketing campaign for Coke?
2002-02-11 11:36:07 AM  
Placebo effect. Plain and simple.
For those of you who are plain and simple, it goes like this:

She BELIEVES it will help her. That belief allows her to shut off her pain and work through the injury.

There you go.
2002-02-11 11:38:42 AM  
Yet still no link to the photoshop contest results @ something awful.
Makes me want to cry.
2002-02-11 11:40:33 AM  
One time I ate a dog biscuit when I was bored at the vet's office.. tasted like shiat.. and very dry too..

The roaches might be more juicy..
2002-02-11 11:41:41 AM  
I think she has snorted too much coke.
2002-02-11 11:43:58 AM  
anyone have a pic of this Aussie?
2002-02-11 11:44:08 AM  
Zaago, I agree with your placebo theory.
It's a mind over matter thing. Placebo effects generally only last short term.
I had really bad sciatica for 7 months, and read this book called the Mindbody prescription by Dr. john Sarno. It fixed my problem completely.
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