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2002-02-11 01:27:11 PM  
I like Garnett. He is actually one of a very few classy NBA players.

If you watched the All-star game during intros he was cool to the little kids there. Most just ignored them.
2002-02-11 01:27:31 PM  
...I'll be there...
2002-02-11 01:27:54 PM
2002-02-11 01:31:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 01:31:24 PM  
Who did the link????
2002-02-11 01:38:37 PM  
That is cool. A pro athelete that actually likes and respects his fans. Not to many of them, most are over paid little punks that only care about themselfs and thier own glory.
2002-02-11 01:42:08 PM  

The [image from too old to be available] tag is used correctly!
2002-02-11 01:44:39 PM  
In raspy Simpson's Otto-esque voice:

2002-02-11 01:48:08 PM  
It about time I getz minz YO!
2002-02-11 01:49:22 PM  
If I scream in front of my big screen, will you mail me a beer?
2002-02-11 01:55:02 PM  
$5 per Beer!!?!!?!!?!!?

What the hell? No wonder they have a hard time selling tickets to this crap.
2002-02-11 01:59:04 PM  
i'm going to camp out in front of the Target Center so i'm the first one to get a free beer
2002-02-11 01:59:13 PM  
Kyosuke: How else do they afford to pay these guys?

Like that cocaine commercial in the 80's....

They raise the price of beer,
So they can pay more salaries,
So those guys can buy more beer,
2002-02-11 02:00:22 PM  
my faith in the world is renewed.
2002-02-11 02:17:28 PM  
5 years ago i was at a party and low and behold, Kevin Garnett walks in with a few of his friends. This was back when Garnett just got recruted by the Wolves and he wasnt at the superstar statis he is now but he was still our #1 draft choice. He was cool as hell and knew how to party and I've been a fan of his ever since.

i agree with jobe.

in the NBA, Garnett is truly one of the few players worth respecting and watching.
2002-02-11 02:20:47 PM  
WNBA, take note
2002-02-11 02:35:11 PM  
I knew he was my favorite player for a reason. He has to be one of the most down to earth players in the NBA.
2002-02-11 02:36:49 PM  
yay for KG.
2002-02-11 02:45:41 PM  
Thank God he didn't give 50k to a stupid charity..
2002-02-11 03:35:23 PM  
Hooraw! I am his biggest fan. That means I get more beer than anyone else.

(BTW, What's a Kevin Garnett)
2002-02-11 03:44:28 PM  
First 10,000 fans ? Lucky Underage drinkers.

Okay kiddo, do you prefer the Bud or the Coca Co...

ARE YOU FARKED !!! Give me the Budweiser and a bib, WEEE !
2002-02-11 04:20:31 PM  
2002-02-11 04:38:05 PM  
Fatnsassy Thank God he didn't give 50k to a stupid charity..

Maybe he did give money to a charity. Not all famous people who donate money/time turn it into a press conference.

Not every penny of everyone's earnings has to go to some worthy cause. Sometimes people just like to spend money for the fun of it. And that seems to be the case here.
2002-02-11 04:52:23 PM  
I don't know, Silverlock, what does a Kevin Garnett?
2002-02-11 04:56:13 PM  

Damfino. Wouldn't care at all if it weren't for the free beer. Where do I get my 64 oz mug filled up?
2002-02-11 05:46:52 PM  
KG rules. And the T-wolves definately dont get enough love, or tv coverage.
2002-02-11 06:08:16 PM  
Way to go, KG! The rest of you NBA, NFL, and NHL players who make mega-salaries take note! Make it a trend!

Also, must agree with Thatguy--my sentiments exactly. THIS is what the "hero" tag is for...
2002-02-11 06:58:11 PM  
Kevin Garnett grew up about 15 minutes from my hometown. We saw him play in high school as a sophomore before he transfered to that prep school. He is a bad ass, and a class act.
2002-02-11 07:05:32 PM  
hmm, i submitted this several days ago with a funnier tagline. I was gyped out of my first submission! :)
2002-02-11 08:12:23 PM  
I remember back in 1993 - 1994.....Kevin Garnett went to Mauldin High School in Mauldin, S.C. He was this tall, lanky kid that everyone for miles around....just looking at him...that this kid was going to be a basketball star.

Was driving a Lexus in High School.........hmmmmmmmm.....

Anyway....I can say that I saw him before he were truely great....and a bazillionaire.

Crazy High Guy
2002-02-12 02:53:26 PM  
fark b00bies
2002-02-12 02:54:00 PM  
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