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2004-09-29 12:49:31 PM  
Fake. That's all I'm sayin.
2004-09-29 12:49:47 PM  
NSFW...the ol double edge sword when at work...
2004-09-29 12:50:14 PM  
Yay for cave-women!
2004-09-29 12:50:24 PM  
Dang almost first
But I gotta say I'd hit it.
2004-09-29 12:50:53 PM  
Would I'd club it be the proper phrase for this one?
2004-09-29 12:51:09 PM  
Might be worst implants ever!

>hates plastic!
2004-09-29 12:51:10 PM  
Yeah, fake ta-too-ta-tee-toes - that really enhances my cave-man like fantasy.
2004-09-29 12:51:19 PM  
Perhaps the effect would be improved if you put the cavewoman IN A CAVE.
2004-09-29 12:51:43 PM  
You know I'd say she's ugly or somthing and that I wouldnt hit it just to make myself sound superior, but anybody looking at my profile picture would know im nothing but a dirty dirty liar.
2004-09-29 12:51:44 PM  
Ringo Starr would hit it... with a club.
2004-09-29 12:52:00 PM  
Her nipples are cross eyed. She should get a refund.
2004-09-29 12:52:27 PM  
I'd hit those boobies with a club to break up the scar tissue. She's hot but the boobs are farked.
2004-09-29 12:52:29 PM  

I'd hit it !

[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-29 12:52:48 PM  
Hooray for boobies in general. Real, fake or imaginary.
2004-09-29 12:53:15 PM  
Her body looks like it hurts.
2004-09-29 12:54:29 PM  
I don't know. That crazy ass tatoo scares me a little.

That's a real negative on the hit it factor.

/still would hit it
2004-09-29 12:54:41 PM  
Holy crap. What the hell is wrong with her?

I'm not trying to increase the inflamatory rhetoric quota, but I wouldn't hit it, and I'll hit anything.
2004-09-29 12:55:38 PM  
She is hot, like hot like wasabi hot.... If she were to call me I might have to switch teams.
2004-09-29 12:55:52 PM  
I've met Masuimi a couple of times, and she was always very, very nice. Funniest part was, that for the most part I didn't really know who she was.

2004-09-29 12:57:24 PM  
2004-09-29 12:57:25 PM  
i haven't even seen the gallery and i'd hit it...
2004-09-29 12:57:48 PM  
Is is just me or are asian girls just not fap-worthy? farking anime nerds.
2004-09-29 12:57:54 PM  
something about her mouth i find kinda sexy. not sure what it is.
2004-09-29 12:58:32 PM  
Me likie the Masuimi!
2004-09-29 12:58:48 PM  
She is VERY attractive.. and is a Farker...
2004-09-29 12:59:18 PM  
Yeah, a Baldwin would hit it...

[image from too old to be available]

/Boobies should be soft, not hard boulders
2004-09-29 01:00:19 PM  
Why do I think she was WAY hotter without the plastic? Anyone have pix of that??
2004-09-29 01:00:28 PM  
carbonscoring, you've obviously never slept with an hot asian woman. I recommend trying it, and getting back to us.
2004-09-29 01:01:40 PM  

Can i smell your fingers?

2004-09-29 01:01:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Urg Hit! Hit many time!
2004-09-29 01:02:42 PM  
Bianca Beauchamp is hotter.

/Bianca and Masuimi did a shoot together
//Many kittens died that night
2004-09-29 01:03:16 PM  
I'd club it.

/and drag it back to my cave.
2004-09-29 01:03:35 PM  
Ambient is indeed a frood who knows where his towel is.
2004-09-29 01:03:44 PM  
I was never attracted to Asians until I banged one back in '86. Had a lot of 'em since then, in fact haven't had a white girl since '89.
/yellow fever
2004-09-29 01:04:09 PM  
Overrated, although she's one of fark's mascots. Oh well. I'm not saying she's not "nice," or even "pretty." I just don't see it.
2004-09-29 01:04:50 PM  
She will probobly pop in the thread in a after a while. I think the last time there was a link to some pics of her, she said that she wasnt asian. of course, I could be farked up. But I am pretty sure she mentioned it.

/would hit it
/like a cave man
2004-09-29 01:05:33 PM  
She is a Farker, and usually chimes into threads when she is featured - you will probably see her here soon.
2004-09-29 01:06:10 PM  
First off: Max is HAWT, and there is little I would not consider doing for the opportunity to bang her.

HOWEVER, knowing that will never happen, and in the clinical world of modeling, I have to say I've seen shots of her where her tits looked better.
2004-09-29 01:06:44 PM  
Here's her website.
2004-09-29 01:07:04 PM  
She's no Barbara Bach.
2004-09-29 01:07:09 PM  
That one of her kissing the other woman has the white hot intesity of 1,000 suns.

Would I hit it?

Like a F'in Whack-A-Mole game at the carnival!
2004-09-29 01:07:56 PM  
One of my employees told me yesterday that Masuimi Max has 4 nipples. Can anyone verify this for me. I Googled some pics, but could not find any evidence.
2004-09-29 01:08:59 PM  
I'm just stunned to hear that she's a Farker. I thought you were all just ugly nerds, every butt-faced one of you...
2004-09-29 01:09:23 PM  
SFW pic?
2004-09-29 01:10:34 PM  
She is not attractive enough for me.

I fight off a dozen women much hotter than every morning on my way to work. I am an astronaut. I used to make porn movies, but I quit because my huge penis was intimidating to the other male actors in the industry. And I am a secret agent man for the CIA. I won the Nobel prize for Medicine. Also, I am a billionaire.
2004-09-29 01:12:54 PM  
Not bad. I like 'em sleazy.

Now you may resume eating pizza rolls that mom heated up for you and play another farking videogame.
2004-09-29 01:13:18 PM  
Cavemen had dragon tats?

To the time machine!
2004-09-29 01:13:39 PM  
The Larch once gave a hand job to a manta ray. To THE LARCH!
2004-09-29 01:13:59 PM  
Is is just me or are asian girls just not fap-worthy? farking anime nerds.

man why you so crazy?
2004-09-29 01:14:38 PM  
Mind you, I think Masuimi is mega-hot. I didn't say she wasn't. She definitely gets my blood going.

She makes me feel kind of funny... like when I used to climb the rope in gym class.
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