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4535 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2002 at 12:38 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-11 12:38:43 AM  
Why do idiots keep doing this?
2002-02-11 12:41:27 AM  

Self-answering question, I think.
2002-02-11 12:41:33 AM  
what about the idiots who didn't get caught?

they still have the plastic knife? OH NO!!
2002-02-11 12:43:41 AM  
Well Maybe you just can't buy quality home made plastic knives in Malaysia Mr. Smarty Pants!
2002-02-11 12:44:46 AM  
when will tards stop TRYING to get away with this crap.... what's the point they are making ??
2002-02-11 12:48:06 AM  
I clicked on the link, but then Dubya's cracked out neice caught my attention so I didn't bother reading the article.

More photoshop worthy than grass....
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 12:51:15 AM  
And for you grammar nazis, I know, I unspelled niece.
2002-02-11 12:54:54 AM  
he works on oil rigs and frequently travels to countries where his safety is in question

Huh. That may be, but this flight was going to Dallas.
2002-02-11 12:55:30 AM  
Don't they give you a plastc knife with the in-flight meal?
2002-02-11 12:57:37 AM  
Don't give the word "tard" a bad name. We already have to deal with a bad social stigma.
2002-02-11 12:58:01 AM  
Is the Knife scarry or the arrest?
2002-02-11 01:00:13 AM  
Sounds like a scary knife, surprisingly enough...
2002-02-11 01:02:08 AM  
Freakfoundation: Read the quote "It wasn't a plastic picnic knife, it was a wasn't a utensil, it was a weapon."

She said he works on oil rigs and frequently travels to countries where his safety is in question.

...countries like Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and other places that osama bin ladin has been seen? BWAHAHAHAHA.
2002-02-11 01:08:41 AM  
Please take these killers off the streets.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 01:34:36 AM  
At the next security check, he was detained for having a packet of cream cheese in one shoe.

And at the final check at the boarding gate, he was wrestled to the ground and security personnel retrieved a poppy-seed bagel from the man's briefs.

Vic Dickhead, president of Argenbreit Security, was quoted as saying "Damn, man! We didn't even thing to check for groceries when we had that contract. Good thing they kicked us the fark out of the airpr0t."
2002-02-11 02:16:38 AM  
*thinks to self*
Okay, I'll smuggle a weapon on board a plane.
*looks at boxcutter*
*looks at pocketknife*
*looks at spork from KFC*
2002-02-11 02:28:10 AM  
The only logic I can make out of this: he's in his 60s and has mind has gone feeble somewhat early. But if he is traveling all the time due to work, then this guy is probably just a grade-A moron.
2002-02-11 02:29:59 AM  
anyone ever wonder why it's called a "spork" and not a Foroon??

mmmm... must google search
2002-02-11 02:40:47 AM  
I'm glad I could rock your world like that VegasJ

2002-02-11 02:43:31 AM  
Yes, the terrorists will do the exact same thing as on Sept 11th. No one will be expecting it!
2002-02-11 07:02:21 AM  
"No! No! I said SPORK, dammit!"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 09:12:12 AM  
This is news from last week.
2002-02-11 09:17:59 AM  
I'd say he's a pretty big idiot. If anyone has any sort of thing that they need to transport, wouldn't check-in luggage work much better? I mean, if you stuffed a box full of silverware (yes, metal, not plastic!) into your suitcase, I doubt very much that the airlines would have a complaint. But carrying forks arrayed throughout your person and trying to walk through the security checkpoints is a recipe for disaster.
2002-02-11 10:48:16 AM  
Don't worry, guys. William Martin Powers isn't a middle eastern name. He couldn't possibly be up to evil.
2002-02-11 11:27:26 AM  
I bet that plastic knife would fit nicely in that asshole's eyeball and socket.
2002-02-11 11:49:14 AM  
Reminded me of something

New model CIA letter opener.

Old model, scroll halfway down page

The 'Cia letter opener' was a plastic knife made of aramid fiber (I think) and was a dandy think for us vets to have laying about one our desks.

Or, you can obtain ceramic bladed knives, which are much sharper.

Just one more reason to not fly anywhere.
2002-02-11 11:50:17 AM  
one our desks, two our desks, three . . .
2002-02-11 12:47:02 PM  
2002-02-11 12:49:43 PM  
I could have closed that tag, but i wanted to make the link easier to click. That was intentional. Really.
2002-02-11 03:51:38 PM  
"Man Found boarding plane with fists clenched... Airport evacuated"
2002-02-11 04:27:29 PM  
Everything may seem all well and good, but what I really wanna know is:

How did the man arrest a boarding plane, and
Why did he have a plastic knife?

It's my understanding that to make a proper arrest, you would need handcuffs, a sheet listing the offender's Miranda rights, a Squad Car, and what have you.

Something here just doesn't add up.

Representative for the Coalition of People Who Take Articles at Face Value and Don't Click on Them
(A Subsidiary of the Seek-Out Double-Meanings for Groans of Annoyance Movement.)
2002-02-12 12:06:58 AM  
Why go with a hadn made number? Just tape a 'CIA letter opener' style zytel plastic knife on the inner arm. 'Nuff said.
2002-02-12 12:07:12 AM  
hand. Ahem.
2002-02-18 10:27:15 AM  
test. This be fark test end test
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