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10516 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2002 at 2:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-11 02:35:49 AM  
damn beans giving me gas...
2002-02-11 02:36:44 AM  
2002-02-11 02:37:04 AM  
Only one rational explanation, UFOs from outer space.
2002-02-11 02:39:37 AM  
Only one rational explanation, UFOs from outer space..

As opposed to UFOs from somewhere other than outer space...

2002-02-11 02:40:46 AM  
A car backfires and all the paranoid housewives pee their pants!
2002-02-11 02:42:57 AM  
UFO = Unidentified Flying Object, not necessarily a space ship.
2002-02-11 02:43:31 AM  
I blamed it on the dog, so no biggie.
2002-02-11 02:44:11 AM  
JMe Hey smarty person head, Unidentified Flying Object, nothing says that it has to be extraterrestrial. They can be super secret classified airplanes too!
2002-02-11 02:51:16 AM  
A while back I was in OK and seen all sorts of stuff falling out of the sky. Damn near choked on my ciggy watching it fall.

Come to find out later it was a farking Soviet satellite burning up in the atmosphere. Cool stuff.

Too bad there wasn't a Taco Bell contest for it too or I would try out the ball-bearing-in-the-sour-cream trick!
2002-02-11 02:51:57 AM  
Any nor'easters actually hear this?

and Do you think there will be a big cover up of the whole deal, if it was a classified craft or whatnot?
2002-02-11 02:52:02 AM  
Ah, it was just swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket something something.
2002-02-11 02:53:31 AM  
Uhh.. yea. Such terrific writing by the staff of myCFnow. This is basically a fluff piece. A lot of it seems to have just vanished.
2002-02-11 02:56:55 AM  
Thats just Ted Kennedy. He must have gotten drunk and found someones secret stash of microwave borritos.
2002-02-11 02:57:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

...that this is a job for Mulder and Scully. :p
2002-02-11 02:57:29 AM  
It was the dimensional doorway over New Jersy spitting out a mothman. obviously.
2002-02-11 03:01:59 AM  
Yiggs: Now, if you gentlemen would be so kind, I believe all the answers you are seeking are contained in the eye of this little device... I love MIB, can't wait for #2.
2002-02-11 03:14:45 AM  
This, if anything, should make france surrender
2002-02-11 03:38:46 AM  
screw the mysterious boom, did you check out that link to the leg-less cat?
now that's weird...and sad.
2002-02-11 03:43:24 AM  


Just trying to freak people out in Farkistan, did it work?
2002-02-11 03:48:45 AM  
Isn't this how War of the Worlds starts? Did anyone notice any explosions on the surface of mars? If it's a big black box that landed, we're screwed. =P
2002-02-11 04:01:34 AM  
ok, like i'm really going to believe that there is a 50 foot radar dish sticking out of my ass...
2002-02-11 04:15:28 AM  
"...guessed that a meteroite was to blame for the commotion"
... does anyone else here notice how those damn weathergoons do nothing but guess? how exactly are they different from weather shamans with flashy bleeping toys?
2002-02-11 04:26:18 AM  
When will they ever admit that it was just another Aurora testflight where the pilots forgot to turn on the sonic boom suppression until they were over the ocean?
2002-02-11 04:54:41 AM  
Actually Meek, meteorology is a very interesting and calculated science. YOU ARE WRONG.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 05:14:38 AM  
Here's the actual quote, "One astronomer guesses a meteoroid was likely the cause for all the commotion."

So.. since when do astronomers predict weather, exactly?
2002-02-11 05:54:57 AM  
Jova: I'll have you know that shamanism is aslo a very "interdsting" and calculated science. (Two toad heads plus four toad heads equals six toad heads) I bet they could probably predict the weather better... toad heads haven't lied to me before, which is more than i can say for pretty boys with nice hair.
2002-02-11 06:14:49 AM  
Ever try licking the toads? I recommend it, highly.
2002-02-11 06:37:19 AM  
I'm in Mass, I heard it. Freaky. I was really hoping it was Air Force One crashing with GWB onboard.
2002-02-11 06:47:20 AM  
No, they'll save that for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games.
2002-02-11 07:11:19 AM  
If meteorology is a science, then Phrenology must be making a come-back.

There's a 20% chance that f=ma, with thermodynamics 2nd law setting in later in the week.
2002-02-11 08:11:21 AM  
It's gotta be Jeebus.
2002-02-11 08:25:57 AM  
I didn't see or hear anything... :(
2002-02-11 08:32:11 AM  
"I didn't see or hear anything... "

It WAS Jeebus!!!
2002-02-11 08:40:03 AM  
I'm in VT. We didn't hear anything. maybe it was Jeebus
2002-02-11 08:54:00 AM  
I'm in southernmost NH, next to Mass Border, and I heard it. It vibrated my floors. Since I live 10 minutes from a Nuclear Power Plant, I didn't find this AMUSING at all.

WHOEVER POSTED THIS ONE: The tag you used for this post (AMUSING) was, in my opinion, ASANINE, and should have been something like WEIRD or something like that. What would be amusing is if this had happened a few days after your post, in YOUR neighborhood right above a nuclear power plant. You had witnessed it, and shiat your pants instantly. THAT would be AMUSING.
2002-02-11 09:35:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
DId anybody see this to the left of the page?
Bush, the 24-year-old daughter of Gov. Jeb Bush and niece of President George W. Bush.
2002-02-11 10:09:13 AM  
Sounds like a meteoroid exploding in the atmosphere as per Tunguska.
2002-02-11 10:16:52 AM  
Point taken, but the Tunguska explosion was hardly in the atmosphere...Check it out - this is a pic of trees 15 miles from the epicenter.
2002-02-11 10:22:00 AM  
d'oh...try again

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 11:16:30 AM  
Jeeze what a descriptive news story, one possibly written very quickly by the FBI and was forced out to really hide something bigger? hu hu hu?

...or not
2002-02-11 11:30:39 AM  
If it was in the Drew's neck of the woods. I would have stated a Still was the cause of the explosion.
2002-02-11 11:30:47 AM  
So it wasn't the Aurora spyplane on its whay back from taking photos of Osama??

yeah right! Who'd believe the government anyway?
2002-02-11 11:41:54 AM  
Ahh, no big deal.
SLAYER is just passing thru your town...
2002-02-11 11:54:12 AM  
It was a micro black hole entering the earth! The earth is doomed! It will be eaten from the inside out!

Quickly now! Look for the 10nm hole in the earth and we can get it out again!

Or something.
2002-02-11 11:56:53 AM  
Why is it when people can't explain something it has caused by either UFOs or Jesus? And why not UFOs flown by Sasquatch and built by Yeti engineers at Atlantas. I mean, there is just as much evidence of the later as the former so it really has just as much credibility.
2002-02-11 12:01:08 PM  
first sentance should of read:
Why is it when people can't explain something they say it is caused by either UFOs or Jesus?
2002-02-11 12:13:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 12:28:04 PM  
Are you people all dolts?A Sonic boom does not spread across 4 farking states! Whatever it is,it's freaky and most likely suppressed by the govt!
2002-02-11 01:02:07 PM  
Wherever/whatever it was, I do know this: it most likely the fault of the Clintons. Damn tree-hugging, draft-dodging, pot-smoking, tax-and-spend, liberals. There. That solve almost eveything, doesn't it...
2002-02-11 01:42:41 PM  
i blame society...
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