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8122 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2002 at 4:19 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-10 04:21:35 PM  
I'm not either
2002-02-10 04:21:51 PM  
Its usually good to put a Satire tag on stuff like this, otherwise Farkers tend to take it seriously and it devloves into a flamewa... what am I saying? *grabs popcorn*
2002-02-10 04:21:56 PM  
because we all know how important pop culture is..........
2002-02-10 04:23:37 PM  
I'm not in touch with my feminine side either
2002-02-10 04:24:05 PM  
Wait... So America has culture now?

"...Naturally postmodernists believe we live in a postmodern society, where borders are blurred and nations are identified only by the trends they contribute to global society. While there are some exceptions to this, I have to agree that what I think of when I think of countries like China and Japan are Chinese food, sushi, tentacle rape and martial arts movies. America is the ultimate example of this. It absorbs these cultures, swallows them into its bloated girth, and regurgitates them onto the rest of the world; a soulless parrot god puking trends down the throat of Western Europe, shilling Big Macs in sub-Saharan Africa..."
2002-02-10 04:25:26 PM  
Bring the pain, Americans! You know you want to!
2002-02-10 04:26:46 PM  
I like Wild Cherry Pepsi and Snyder of Hanover sour dough pretzels.
Now tell me that doesn't exude coolness.
We haven't even gotten into the musical aspects yet...
2002-02-10 04:27:00 PM  
like, omg, does this mean he doesn't watch buffy? omg. lol.
2002-02-10 04:27:51 PM  
Our SELECTED President, not aware of Pop Culture, siat, this freak cannot even spell Pop Culture, unless there's an evil doer in there to pump up his profile.
2002-02-10 04:29:25 PM  
This is a good thing, right?
2002-02-10 04:30:16 PM  
When reporters on the campaign trail used words like "vegan" or "yenta," Bush had no idea what they were talking about

Damn them reporters with their pop quizzes. Keep it monosyllabic, folks.

"Um... aren't Wayne Newton and Siegfried & Roy vegans?"
2002-02-10 04:30:36 PM  

Creative bio.Have trouble thinking for yourself?

behind your mom... JUST LIKE WIL!
2002-02-10 04:31:05 PM  
dubya = does not know who or what leo dicrapio is

clinton = does not know what "is" is

any questions?
2002-02-10 04:31:16 PM  
Modern Humorist's "My First Presidentiary" is the best Bush-bashing I've ever seen.
2002-02-10 04:32:03 PM  
maybe I was ShamelessPlug. What's your point?
2002-02-10 04:33:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'm hip, I'm hip... now lets get jiggy with it
2002-02-10 04:33:34 PM  
What do you mean?
2002-02-10 04:33:44 PM  
ShamelessPlug, should it be more like yours?
"somethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwitt​yandinte r estingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethin​gwittyan dinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingso​methingw ittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinteres​tingsome thingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandi​nteresti ngsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwit​tyandint erestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsometh​ingwitty andinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinteresting​somethin gwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinter​estingso methingwittyandinterestingsomethingwittyandinteresting."
2002-02-10 04:35:55 PM  
I wish I was lucky enough to not know who Leonardo DiCaprio was.
2002-02-10 04:36:08 PM  
Deus - yes! that is a really funny book :)
2002-02-10 04:36:31 PM  
the man they had chosen was no more culturally 'with it' than Bob Dole

It seems Bob Dole knows who Britney Spears is, though.

Down, boy.
2002-02-10 04:36:37 PM  
At least I had a little creativity.Your just a uncreative troll.
2002-02-10 04:37:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
don't blame me, i voted for deebo
2002-02-10 04:37:28 PM  
Deal with it.
2002-02-10 04:37:39 PM  
Uhh.... Well....

I know you are but what am I?
2002-02-10 04:38:59 PM  
The president is obviously a man of limited capacities. I would rather he concentrate on evil doers than the latest issue of People magazine. But that's just me.
2002-02-10 04:40:11 PM  
Uh oh, it's TEH PROFILE WARS!!!11
2002-02-10 04:40:54 PM  
So big deal, Bush doesn't know DiCaprio. It's not important that he know DiCaprio, I'd rather him focus on Osama.
2002-02-10 04:42:48 PM  
Vegeta, Good point!
2002-02-10 04:42:48 PM  
Well call it what you will, after reading this it all seems to make sense.
2002-02-10 04:44:04 PM  
DiCaprio and Osama... DiCaprio and Osama. Hmmmm. OMG! DiCaprio is Osama!
2002-02-10 04:48:51 PM  
I don't think anybody outside of MTV is "in" with pop culture.
2002-02-10 04:50:50 PM  
If MTV is the Mecca of "Pop Culture," then we all deserve to burn in hell.
2002-02-10 04:51:45 PM  
My article.

My tag line.

No credit.

Where's the justice!

I wanna have double digits dammit.

At least in Canada the leader of our country knows that pepper spray is something you put on steak.
2002-02-10 04:52:16 PM  
"Bruni writes that Bush often lifted his pinkie to the corner of his mouth to mimic the Dr. Evil character in the Powers flicks."

That picture would be priceless!
2002-02-10 04:53:20 PM  
What the f ck is "yenta?"
2002-02-10 04:55:07 PM  
Though he wasn't familiar with DiCaprio's role in "Titanic," the highest-grossing film ever, Bush knew the "Austin Powers" movies inside out.

That's comparing apples to apples; both overrated movies appeal to the same stupid audience.

At any rate, this article was labelled wrong. He's not "out of touch" with pop culture. The moron is out of touch with intelligence in general.

I've been in a nightmare since November, 2000. I'm still waiting to wake up.

"Deal with it". You morons.
2002-02-10 04:55:18 PM  
MTV was great for the first few years.
2002-02-10 04:57:43 PM  
I think yenta is a kind of soup.
2002-02-10 05:01:14 PM  
2002-02-10 05:01:59 PM  
And our President needs to know what "Sex and the City" is because...
2002-02-10 05:02:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-10 05:05:50 PM  
How is this a complete and accurate view of pop culture? Did anyone ask him about Quentin Tarantino, AYBABTU, Boobies or Ensuing Hilarity? Now THAT'S pop culture. That's what makes us who we are. How about his views of French surrender? No one asked him about his views on the acting talent of Wil Wheaton. This is, by no means, a scientific look at the Prez's pop culture knowledge. Besides, what would he do with that knowledge? Go on "Beat The Geeks"? Yes, please spend less time being leader of the free world and watch "Friends." Pop culture sucks for the most part. I'd vote for Dubya in `04 if I found out he listened to Radiohead and thought "LOTR" kicked the shiat out of "Harry Potter." Or maybe if he's seen "In The Bedroom."
2002-02-10 05:06:45 PM  
In his defense, 99% of what passes for pop culture is crap anyways.
2002-02-10 05:12:11 PM  
Is anyone else slightly disturbed by the fact that our own President is out of it in regards to his own country? No, I don't think that it would be the best thing in the world for him to have the TRL lineup memorized - that would really do more harm than good - but being that "pop" is nothing more than a shortened form of popular, might it not be important that he know what people are inter...

Eh, I'm a democrat.
2002-02-10 05:17:17 PM  
Leonardo who?
2002-02-10 05:18:33 PM  
It could be worse. If you remember, his daddy didn't have a clue on how much a gallon of milk cost, and when they went to a grocery store, was amazed at the price scanner.
2002-02-10 05:20:30 PM  
well ignorance has its privelages
2002-02-10 05:21:04 PM  
Bush is now the coolest president of all time. "the details of my life are quite inconsequential." He's got my vote
2002-02-10 05:21:16 PM  
This actually just raised my opinion of George a couple notches.

Anyone who doesn't know about DiCaprio is cool in my book.
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